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  1. Ray, what other roads of the SD70ACe shipped? They look great!
  2. I should have updated this post. The motors inside these K-line trucks are not weak. I had an issue long ago and forgot all about it. I did have to swap out all the gears which had cracked. These trucks are still running well with NWSL gears. I had a set of NWSL 2 axle trucks on a scratch build of mine. One worm kept slipping off and wrecking the pulling power of the engine. I finally replaced those trucks with a set of MTH ones.
  3. I'm putting decals on my build and noticed there's no front cab door! I tried to rush things along. See what I missed? Roses for the table? I forgot the whole table!
  4. I wonder, if I use DCS, could I feed two sensors to the electronics in the MTH sound card? or I was speaking of the Dallee electronics with two pickups I am confused? Doesn't take much !
  5. Steady, ..... Steady! As far as I know of, one MTH PS board can only take one input (tach). There are/were several special releases so that might not be true? Ray would know I bet.
  6. I saw an announcement that there's some Dash 9s getting re-released. Anybody have any more info?
  7. I got the decals from Circus City decals. They were thicker than what I got in the past from others. That made them much easier to work with!
  8. I did finally acquire decals for an older build
  9. Wow those cars look great! I love the finish too. Great work here. I follow as much as I can. I have made small molds with varying success. It's an investment I think to make molds as big as you are making. I'm always tight on cash. So I have to find ways to make stuff cheap. The molds that you make, probably pay for them self fast when creating multiple cars or engines. I have so much stuff, that I don't have room for more. I wished we had moved into a bigger property. I am blessed with what I already have. So I just dabble in smaller ways now. I had dreams of several different long trains built like an Army train for example.
  10. Well, definitely test it again after sitting. The problem is a classic one that the DC motor probably smoked itself and the damage won't go away now. Just like the real thing, a AC motor can be stalled without damage. A DC motor fries itself if worked too hard. Heat is a major enemy too. What exact motor did you use? The stock MTH Hudson motor?
  11. Beautiful work Sir! I always follow your builds. Just sometimes lurking in the shadows.
  12. I contacted Ray, who I purchased it from. There was no better part available or anything else he could do. I moved forward. It works better now than before. So what did I break? The whistle smoke tube was partially blocked. It smokes better out of the fill hole than the actual whistle. looks like you win! You're a real winner!

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