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  1. I was surprised that you bid on those, in a way. They look so short next to your engines. I know you will fix that. Maybe it will be easier with these cars to help make molds? I didn't know if it would be better to start from scratch? I was shocked that the engines on the auction looked longer than the ones I see for sale elsewhere. I couldn't bid on anything. I'm still wondering about the superliners being built on another post here on this forum.
  2. My girl bought me a dremel for Christmas a few years ago when she noticed I kept looking at them. I wore it out as I used it everyday. Well, the switch failed. I repaired it and it failed again. So I bought myself a Milwaukee tool version and I love it. I had some mini routers for formica over the years and that makes me think of my dremel tool as a carpentry tool. Anyways, that is my favorite that now I can't do without. Soldering iron is a staple that is always right in front of my on my bench. I don't even think of it as a tool because I have used one for my whole life. So... #1 is a soldering iron. #2 rotary tool #3 good files. All kinds like mini, hobby, rasps, etc. I have used them for so long, I use them like some use a knife, sandpaper, or a grinder. I just prefer the control using my hands. If you have made as many counter tops as I have, you understand me. #4 automatic wire strippers. Fast and easy to use #5 accurate test meter ( a cheap free one that isn't accurate is worthless)
  3. I can't believe I missed the auction for the F40PHs. One sold for $150! It appeared that they were longer models than the ones that are still available. I'm broke so I just watched the last part of the auction go by.
  4. No, I don't, but maybe MTH might? Maybe call Midge directly if you can't get Ray? She probably won't answer either. Leave a detailed message there. I imagine Ray is extra busy with the new app and DCS release.
  5. I look forward to seeing what people put as their favorite tools. I really grab anything that I have. I wish I had more modeling tools. I use my carpentry tools because that is what I have.
  6. I'm going to throw out a guess that you may need to add more weight down the road. The Hudson I had didn't pull all that much. I had planned to add more weight myself. But I do wish you luck. This is a very interesting build to follow. How those four drivers react to outside layouts will be interesting. Seeing your layout will be much more level than mine, you maybe fine.
  7. I wonder if the meter is showing where the voltage drops on the layout slightly (current goes up)? It seems like it is touchy to that?
  8. Looks great, again. Hey, If it's not too late can I buy a Hudson from you?
  9. I just stumbled across this layout. Very impressive. Watch the end to see how it was constructed.
  10. I got an email that said they are finally coming for York week.
  11. Looks great outside in the sunlight. Are you making a video?
  12. Yeah. $385 + actual shipping.
  13. Well the price was if you bought 2. Hmmm, I'll have to run it by my CFA of the RR.
  14. I just waited years for a catalog engine that was in the '13 catalog. Take a look at how long the Santa Fe F7s just took to arrive. Posted September 5, 2016 ยท Report post Not too long ago I sent a mail to Kristin at MTH asking if she knew about the arrival of the Santa Fe F7s. To my surprise, she said they were en route and should arrive at MTH on September 5th. Today. Any takers on a bet the consignment was handled by Hanjin Shipping? Jens
  15. OK 8-40BW #507 OD scale miles =609.5 crono=70:26 8-40CW #839 OD scale miles =437.6 crono = 59:17 smoke units work on both engines. Don't confuse the "release" date with the delivery date. Catalog dates don't mean how old the engines are. These engines weren't around in '01. They are some of the oldest though. Because they have steel gears, they are still running strong and reliable pullers. I might just keep them! They are my go to engines pulling freight around the layout.