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  1. From the album Joe Paonessa

    Here she is Bob.
  2. Got another USA tanker in. I have to swap to KDs right away to run with my other equipment. It's great that USA includes all the screws to convert their cars. Remove the trucks. Screw on the adapter/ spacers and add the KDs. They also have metal trucks that are weighed to track nicely pushed or pulled. They have bronze bushings inside that roll decent. Just remove the USA coupler and re-attach. I can't pass up a good deal on one. I missed some other cars that ended earlier that evening. Someone got a heck of a deal on their auto carriers. Maybe someday I will paint and decal some for Stauffer Chem. where my Dad worked. (I like the MTH tank cars overall. I just wish the trucks were metal or heavier.)
  3. I never really stared at these pictures. Now that I finally am, I'm surprised at the differences! 4 different in the series? I've only heard of 2, saying with or without skirts? Very interesting!!!
  4. I am left to run 1/29 scale cars which are taller (and bigger) than the engines are. I would prefer to buy 1/32 scale cars. I don't see any to buy!
  5. Yes! Well stated!
  6. Wow. I didn't know how many, if any of those tenders survived. I wonder if MTH will make some in G to go with their engines? They did make some versions in O scale. How cool would it be to own that real number plate too.
  7. Boy, at this rate, mine will take forever to get here!
  8. Well I messed up something as the number boards don't light. Being that they are regular bulbs I have a feeling there's something wrong with the sound set or how the board is flashed? Maybe I should have used different wires? As I was putting it together I felt a cab post snap off right near the end of assembly. I don't have the energy right now to take her apart again. I will later to add a smoke unit. I hate putting the Hudson's smoke units in diesels that don't need to smoke that much ! I just pulled my GS4 apart as the wick was burnt. I have many more to maintain and that wears on my patience. I had all winter and I waited until now so I deserve the pain. Seems like some batteries have finally died after over twelve years of service.
  9. Whoa, nice engines. Where in the world did you find a D&H Challenger?
  10. Why in the world did I strip this engine? What a job to get her back! See what happens when you borrow from Peter to pay Paul? I really should have taken a photo before I tore it apart. You should have seen how neat a job Chuck did on this!
  11. It's just a plain gloomy day today. I figured I could finally do some work that's piled up. So I'm finally restoring this USA GP30 that Chuck upgraded. I had a board set from a Hudson and finally had all the harnesses. So I spent the better part of today restoring the wiring that I had cut out. First I had to figure out what Chuck had for polarity on the LEDs he put in. Then, I had to match the original USA boards, Chucks upgrades, and the polarity of how the PS2 boards work. It's simple yet has my head spinning. I finally thought I was done and just remembered that I haven't re-installed a speaker and the electric couplers. So after about 24 or more wires, I still have six or so more to do. God I hope this works! Oh yeah, I skipped the smoke! (4 more wires) I don't know how Chuck has the patience and the talent to do such a neat and precise install??? I almost broke some of the cab pieces trying to get it back in place.
  12. I really like the Accucraft trucks. They roll so much better than anything else I have. The cars are good looking too. The scale length makes the car look more realistic. I wish MTH would consider making premier level G scale equipment that is scale.
  13. Thanks
  14. I was wondering how much bigger the USA cars are? Would they look good together? How well do they roll?