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  1. #6 Switch - Removing power from frog (rayman4449.com)
  2. Someday, I'll have to get one up on the bench again and have a closer look. I saw an old post on Ray's site and followed it. I removed those switches. I never did any investigation on what they actually do.
  3. make or break statement told me you were thinking on and off??? on/on meant that it would throw for correct power routing. Not meant to be picky.
  4. I always thought the frog switch was a on-on version? not make or break on-off? I did not test this. The only engine that shows issues on these unpowered frogs is my USA dockside. Because it's the only one, I'd modify it before every switch I own.
  5. I disable (remove) those switches and my engines do fine. If you get a sticky switch, it can short out your track. Those wire power runs underneath is what rotted out on a few of mine. So adding power jumpers eliminates the need for them, under the switch to carry power.
  6. Some of mine are getting older. I ran short jumper wires to help the switches. If you use rail clamps like I do, you can use those clamps to attach the wire jumpers. I made mine pretty short as they connect to the closest power points. Someday, I should take one off and snap pictures of what I did. It's good practice when building layouts in any gauge, to help the switches power paths when they're required to carry larger amp loads. I like to run large consists with many engines drawing power from the rails. Some switches can't carry all those amps even when new.
  7. this ebay seller has parts listed all the time LGB 20490 21490 SERIES AMTRAK GENESIS DIESEL LOCO SILVER FRONT PANEL PART NEW! | eBay
  8. How are the lighting effects? Are there ground lights? Porch lights? etc.
  9. Nice video! I love the FRED!
  10. enginear joe

    Piko 2021

    Thanks for the link. Off to check it out.
  11. Wow, and extra axles? Go MTH. Very nice. It's only Railking level too. I wonder what could have been if for premier level models?
  12. I have a lot of trains yet I'm still jealous of this one! Great work. Looks like you're playing with ballast? It will make your trackwork look even better.
  13. Great to see this running. The sound has pretty distinct chuffs, I like it. I've built several diesels yet never a steamer. Don't like the idea of playing with the running gear. I considered making an Allegheny for a few minutes and never did. Got to know your limits..... Hope you're having fun!
  14. I got a used Aristo stainless pass car in years back. It arrived with a broken sideframe. Rather than complaining, I inspected it first. It was very brittle. I believe it matters where in the country things things run outside. In the Southwest, it gets real hot. I believe it cooks some plastics. I'm not sure about the Southeast doing it as much? I imagine hot is hot no matter where it's at.

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