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  1. Well.....??? They are beautiful shelf queens! Thanks for the info. I hate to keep bugging you off topic but why are they stuck on the shelf? Power pick-up problem? Stuttering? They look near mint and I love to see stuff run. I would think a decent sound board would help them run smoother unless it's sound only? I've always admired them.
  2. Trying to nail down all the angles on this modern GE cab is tuff. I will get it. It may take some extra time.
  3. Beautiful work! and I'm admiring the E's on the shelf above!
  4. I hate some of the stuff that goes on with modern tech. Seems like we are going towards automated smart houses. I can't wait to have someone in a foreign country turn on my lights, change the temp, and open doors from there! What printer did you get? Do you like it?
  5. I wish Mike W. (MTH) would have made this engine for us!
  6. I got several pieces cut and then noticed that they weren't right. The top of the cab is not drawn correctly. I probably should re-cut the sides while I'm fixing stuff. They should have been taller. I like having a model near to look at. I wish I had looked at it sooner!
  7. Thanks Grant! It's good to hear from you! I hope all is well.
  8. I started work on the cab. Lots of angles to do.
  9. I have 3 challengers and now a bigboy. I've never had that screw come out? One Challenger was of the first batch delivered. Interesting.
  10. Thank you for the kind response. I know you don't sell stuff as I have tried repeatedly, so I apologize. I may also have an unfair advantage at knowing just how much you are spending on this engine. At least, I could guess on the rest! I still would always offer to buy, what could be leftover. Sorry for the bother though.
  11. I'll buy it!!!
  12. Tom, I don't think it happened because there are no pictures!!
  13. I knew I had seen Gary's Dash 9 upgrades. I found them on Ray's pages at the bottom. Amazing work!! http://www.rayman4449.com/Aristocraft_Dash-9_E-8_SD45_Mods.htm#Dash-9_Lowering_Project
  14. I had to search for this build for inspiration on mine! I love it!!!
  15. Now it looks like 80% chance of rain, 80% of the week. So............ I'm back at it. It's just the layout stages so be kind. Soon I'll figure out where to go next! Lots of screens to make. & I hate making screens!