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  1. Oops! Sorry Nick. These are blackberries from the neighbor's tree. I posted this on the OGR and just copied the pics from there.
  2. after dealing with the maple tree crap for the last month, here's my new issue from my neighbor's tree. A special issue from a special kind of neighbor.
  3. just as a note, and not meant to take away from your post... (BTW: I like your elevated RR for it's ease of maintenance) I had waffled over battery or live steam for a train to run in the winter months with snow on the rails. I never moved forward. I just don't run outside in the winter months. I am very content with track power. I can run several big consists as long as I desire. Flipping polarity isn't a big deal for me. Done at the start when engines get oriented in their consists. (PS3 engines don't need it.) I do like the freedom of battery. I think I'd go battery now if I was just getting started. Heck my new car is electric. I think the bigger issue is all the crap that falls on the rails over the months. If I had the money, I would have moved to a country side property with more area. I would dictate what trees are around my rails. Not the blackberry tree of my neighbor on the property line on now have! Off to go cut the overhanging branches again....
  4. I like that first train. Even has air hoses? and Fred. Very nice. I never ran a live steam engine. I thought about it though. Waffled between battery powered or live steam.
  5. Why in the world didn't MTH move forward with those features in the Hudson? It would have made a statement that MTH ruled G scale IMO. People would have bought it, even though they wanted 1/29 more.
  6. anybody here have the electric version?
  7. can't seem to get the video to work!
  8. Wow, sounds like a great deal that you got.
  9. I went looking for what curves it was rated for. I don't see it mentioned? T1 (fineartmodels.com)
  10. Did you post pics or video of this engine? I forget now. I'd like to see how well it looks. Glad it's running for you now. How well does it perform?
  11. BTW, great use of that explorer. I never learned much about it. I wanted a dedicated battery engine(s) that I would run in winter only to keep better use of my outdoor RR.

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