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  1. izzy0855

    MTH automatic couplers and Aristo Revolution

    Jim, John Weaver from Phoenix was over here at the shop last year (in 2012) looking at our new RailLinx RTSC (Remote Trackside Switch Control). We can remotely switch any device (Trackside Switches, Couplers, Ditch-Lights, etc...) without a servo or solenoid through the RailLinx 900 TX using code regulated voltage, and I think that's where John came up with the idea for their coupler board? But, I think there's has to use a solenoid or server? More power to him!
  2. izzy0855

    Santa Fe E8

    Chris, I maybe interested? Give me a call on Monday. Rick Isard 319-366-7294
  3. izzy0855

    MTH automatic couplers and Aristo Revolution

    Kevin, On our New 10amp Throttle from RCS America, we will have a front and rear coupler output so you can remotely control from the RailLinx 900 latching from your locomotives couplers. Rick Isard
  4. izzy0855

    Black Friday Sale

    Save up to 25% off during our Black Friday Sale at Cordless Renovations. Rick Isard Proud Member of the Battery Mafia