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  1. i can't seem to edit my original post so I will post updated prices here. 5SR 175.00 plus shipping Magnum 220-RM 450.00 plus shipping.
  2. Alright Joe since you posted first about the Challenger I will let you make your decision by this evening. Mike
  3. Hi everyone, I am putting up for sale my 2 MTH engines. The Hudson was purchased used. I sent it to Ray and he fixed it up and it has basically sat ever since. The challenger was bought off eBay used this past Christmas and was a gift. Both engines are in great condition and run. On the Hudson the railing separated from one of the hooks as you will see in the photos. I am selling these because I just do not have the space to run them that I anticipated having. I am open to offers as well. I will accept money order or PayPal and buyer pays for shipping. 400.00 for the Hudson 525.00 for the Challenger SOLD Thanks for looking. Mike
  4. Hi all, I am selling off my two Bridgewerks power supplies. The items were only pulled out and used during Christmas time. The 5SR has a few wear marks but otherwise works perfectly. I am asking 275.00 plus shipping. The Magnum 220-RM is basically new. I was never able to setup my Mth engines so this pretty much sat. It's a beautiful and powerful supply and works perfectly. I am asking 685.00 plus shipping. i prefer PayPal but will accept a money order if that is easier. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. Thanks for looking Mike
  5. Man this is fantastic news! Do the matching cars need to be preordered as well or will they for sure be produced and available when released? Any chance they will release any solid black unlettered gs4's?
  6. I haven't posted in a bit but I'm still holding out hope for new steam to come along. Make the 611 or atleast bring back the Hudson and gs 4/2's. The 1225 pere Marquette would be awesome as well.
  7. Congrats on the new engine. It looks and sounds great. Great to see these still being able to be found in good working order. Still holding out hope of finding myself one. Any idea what your planning on pulling?
  8. This is it huh? Man I really thought they were gonna bring back more than just the big boy. Maybe even do the 611. Any chance of a fall catalog?
  9. Really looking forward to see what will be offered, and how soon they will be able to have the product available.
  10. That is most definitely some kind of special. lol
  11. A few months back i was searching for anybody who might still have engines in stock and there was a store in tx who claimed to have a new one. I was quoted 1100 for it which now seems like a bargain if it is sealed in box like they said. I am sure there are still some out there in little shops just waiting to be bought but it most definitely is a treasure hunt. Sure would be nice if some Daylights would pop up.
  12. When the 2015 catalog is released can we expect not to see any physical product until 2017? Or will things hopefully speed up?
  13. Heres a look at their new catalogs. The first one is 5 mb and second is 170 mb http://www.piko.de/KAT_PDF/99715_G_Neuheiten_2015.pdf http://www.piko.de/KAT_PDF/99705_G_Katalog_2015.pdf Interesting that they added photo steps on how to put in decoders and sound. That is pretty helpful for beginners. The electric couplers are an interesting idea as well.

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