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  1. Here is my MTH Challenger 3977
  2. bappu

    MTH Challenger 3977

    MTH Challenger 3977
  3. Looking for G scale Aristocraft union pacific heavy weight observation car or MTH union pacific observation car. Or any brand G scale union pacific heavy weight observation Car. Bappu.
  4. Thanks to everyone, Thanks for your warm welcome.
  5. Hello everyone, This is bappu live in Doha, Qatar, This is my 1st G scale locomotive MTH Challenger 3977. Thanks to Ray. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPmHMQvUg64
  6. Thank you Mr.Jerry, I have checked its out of stock.
  7. Excellent one, I too have the same MTH 3977 challenger but no smoke deflectors, Any idea where I can get the smoke deflectors .

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