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  1. bappu

    Show us your engines!!

    Here is my MTH Challenger 3977
  2. bappu

    MTH Challenger 3977

    MTH Challenger 3977
  3. Looking for G scale Aristocraft union pacific heavy weight observation car or MTH union pacific observation car. Or any brand G scale union pacific heavy weight observation Car. Bappu.
  4. bappu

    MY MTH Challenger 3977 - Thanks to Ray

    Thanks to everyone, Thanks for your warm welcome.
  5. Hello everyone, This is bappu live in Doha, Qatar, This is my 1st G scale locomotive MTH Challenger 3977. Thanks to Ray. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPmHMQvUg64
  6. bappu

    Challenger night run

    Thank you Mr.Jerry, I have checked its out of stock.
  7. bappu

    Challenger night run

    Excellent one, I too have the same MTH 3977 challenger but no smoke deflectors, Any idea where I can get the smoke deflectors .