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  1. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    That's exactly right, Ray! That is the nice thing about how apps work across the mobile platforms. It's also nice how dynamic the app can can grow right along with the hardware advancements. And the $25 isn't that big a deal when it's for the hobby you invest so much time and effort into... I guess the real issue is I just want to run the wifi with my lashups right now!! LOL
  2. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    Hey Ray! Thank you so much for your reply! I'm sorry, I completely missed that detail... I was under the impression from other readings that the premium version added accessories and switches, etc. That is very reassuring but I wish I didn't need the $25 version to run my trains...oh well, at least now I know it can do it! Hopefully it will released soon. Thanks again, Ray!!
  3. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    Hey Rayman..I've been a long time viewer of your site and I want to thank you for the immense amount of info you provide. I has helped me in my layout endeavours many times! I'm a G and O scale guy and just today, I received my DCS WIFI module and got it installed. It's great and works but I hit a major road block (and I was actually anticipating this)... With the wifi and the app, you can't do lashups! All the lashup info that the handheld remote took care of is not available in the app. In all the online demos I saw, I always noticed only one loco was being used...never any double heading. I run all my locos in lashups so I am hoping to goodness this is a function that can be added! Mike Wolfe has been pushing this thing as "if the remote can do it, the app can do it"... and it can pretty much do everything but I think the inability to create lashups is a major oversight. If I have missed something and you CAN do this, somebody please let me know. What are your thoughts? Thank you!