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  1. USA Trains Hudson Repair/Modification/Maintenance Questions

    This Letter is mostly for Ray: A film crew from a local TV station filmed my railroad yesterday. We decided to use the USA Trains Hudson that Ray modified for me last year. He added Protosound 3, Protosmoke, and a better speaker. The Hudson was a great choice. Everybody present was amazed with its wonderful sound. But they were especially impressed with the heavy realistic smoke it created. Ray, your Hudson was the star of the show! Here is a link to the clip: Thanks again Ray.
  2. MTH - Big Boy (One Gauge) - Photos

    Great video Joe- taken on a great day, of a great layout with a great engine! Love the white flowering tree too! a couple of questions- The smoke stacks are covered with a grey rounded roof open at the back I have never seen this roof on a Big Boy. Is this a scratch-built addition? Did any of the original prototypes have this roof? And what function did it serve? thanks for sharing, John
  3. How do I pick a controller?

    Hi Doug: I'm sure you'll get many different answers to your question. My own recommendation would be to try the Railboss remote controlled controller for trackside use. It is VERY user friendly, easy to learn and use, and is not expensive. It is available for track power or battery power. You can read about it and purchase it here:
  4. MTH DCS Wifi & App - Support / Feedback / Issue reporting

    There was a MTH wifi premium app update this morning. It updated automatically on my android. The More/Settings page says that this version is now called v2.0.0 Build 37. I wonder what it fixed?
  5. MTH DCS Wifi & App - Support / Feedback / Issue reporting

    Thanks Ray. The Advanced Features sound like things we won't be using very much. By the way, the kids (me included) love the microphone feature on the hand-held remote. I don't see this feature in premium. Is it there? Do you think we could use the device's microphone with the Protocast feature to behave like the remote's microphone? (Once I stopped a little kid who's curious hand was stretched out from derailing my engine by yelling on the microphone "Don't touch me!")
  6. MTH DCS Wifi & App - Support / Feedback / Issue reporting

    Thanks Ray for relating your experiences. One wonders when seeing something odd if it is unique to his particular system or if everybody else is seeing the same thing. On the "More" tab page, in "Advanced Features" there are four things: Record/Playback Import/Export Recover Engines System Settings Please correct me if I'm wrong or explain the things I don't understand, but this is how I interpret these: Record/Playback is for recording and playing back a running session. I'm pretty sure this is what it does. Import/Export- I have no idea what this is. I don't remember this on the hand held remote. What is this! Recover Engines- I don't remember this on the remote either. Sounds useful, but what does it do? Is it possibly for making unresponsive inactive engines active again? System Settings- Hide E-stop button, Max Engine Speed Lock, TIU settings. self-explanatory. No doubts here.
  7. MTH DCS Wifi & App - Support / Feedback / Issue reporting

    I have three android devices with premium version all on one account. Yesterday evening I tested a lash-up with a F-3 Diesel in front and a Hudson in rear and used my Samsung phone which was the 2ond device for which I purchased the premium version. Creating the lash-up was easy, and every feature on the engine page worked perfectly-even the whistle (actually a horn in this lash-up since the lead engine is a diesel). However, with the lash-up active, neither the 2ond page (features) nor the 3rd page (settings) would appear when I touched their page icons on the engine page. The screen went blank on those two pages. Does this mean that these pages are locked out? I read your comments Ray on this issue and saw that you have reported it to MTH. Was I seeing the same thing you saw? Has it been fixed? Will the fix require an update to the premium version? This evening I will test the first device to see if it also blocks those pages. thanks in advance.
  8. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    (Ray-To finish off this topic, I'll post my last observation here, but I'll use the error reporting page for future error reporting) A friend of mine had the same payment problem as Ray and I did. He said he turned off his phone and rebooted it and the app payment issue got fixed. So I did that to my phone and tablet and they both allowed easy payment after rebooting. Perhaps that was just a coincidence since you attribute the cause and the fix to MTH and Google. Did you reboot your phone and tablet Ray? If you rebooted yours, then perhaps rebooting is necessary for the fix to work. We might suggest rebooting to anyone who is having problems.
  9. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    Damn! (excuse my French) Just when I thought the big updates were going so well and smoothly. At the very end of the process this fatal glitch shows up. It is serious on two fronts. One, because there will be a lot of unhappy people who have been waiting a long time for the premium. And two, because MTH won't be able to sell the premium and get paid until it is fixed. I guess we'll just have to tread water until help arrives. Thanks Ray for telling MTH. Stay on top of them!
  10. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    When I turned my android on there was a notification that an MTH app update was available, so I clicked on it and it installed. Then I opened the app and in "More", under App Settings/APP VERSION it says I now have v2.0.0, build 36. That is the premium version. So far, so good. But when I go to "More/+Upgrade, and touch "Purchase" I get a message that says: "Error - Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. Google Play- OK" Now I'm stuck, because when I touch "OK", it says to sign in again. But I think I am signed in already! Is this where you got stuck too Ray? Do you think we now have an inactivated premium version on our smart devices, where activation depends on payment? Do you think there is a glitch preventing payment? I haven't tested v2.0.0 on the track yet. I'll do that next.
  11. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    Thanks Ray! They've released this news: M.T.H. Premium Smart Phone App - Now Available For Download On Google Play And The Apple App Store April 18, 2017 – M.T.H. Electric Trains has published its smartphone and tablet Premium App for controlling a DCS layout wirelessly to the Apple App Store and Google Play stores. As of 10:00 AM, Tuesday, April 18, the apps have not propagated through the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Keep checking the respective stores for the app's appearance throughout the day. The long-awaited Premium version of the App is the third "level" of the DCS App that allows users to gain full access of their DCS controlled layout via wifi control from their Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. Owners of the existing app will need to update the app (if auto-update is not enabled on their devices) to gain access to the Premium level. Once updated (the new version is 2.0), users should proceed to the More section of the App and click on Upgrade. From there, the Premium version is just an in-app purchase away from loading onto your smart device. Pricing for the Premium version is just $24.99 ($19.99 for Standard App owners). In addition to full control over DCS functions, the Premium App brings new features not available via the traditional DCS Remote/TIU configuration. These new features include control over select Lionel Legacy® locomotive features via an easy and intuitive interface that enhances operation of Legacy products. Users will be able to access all the popular Legacy features and build Legacy and TMCC® lashups with just a few taps. Legacy operation has never been so easy. Premium users will also gain access to other popular DCS functions including Record and Playback, Lashup Creation and AIU Accessory Interface Control. At last, users will be able to control their layout's switches and accessories from the ease and convenience of their smartphones and tablets. Using the Premium version's Import/Export function, power users can import those accessory and switch configurations into their smart device. For users with dozens of switches and accessories, this easy import process eliminates the need to re-key all those items back into their smart device. Best of all, the import process takes just seconds. The app communicate with a separately sold DCS Wi-Fi Interface Unit or WIU. Any Android tablet or phone and Apple iPhone or iPad will bring the DCS Digital Command System to life in a way never thought possible when first paired with a DCS remote control. Any of these smart devices can run the new apps. The Premium App requires an update to the DCS Track Interface Unit (TIU) software. The new DCS software, version 6.00 is available as a free download from the M.T.H. Website. The DCS 6.0 software must be loaded into the TIU and Remote with the latest DCS Loader program (Version 5.0). Like the new DCS software, the DCS Loader Program is a free download from the M.T.H. website. Click HERE To Download DCS 5.0 Consumer Loader Software Click HERE To Download DCS 6.0 Software Click HERE To Go To Google Play Click HERE To Go To iTunes Lionel, Legacy, TMCC are registered trademarks of Lionel LLC.
  12. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    I updated the TIU and remote to DCS 6.0. It was easy and uneventful. Having the newer TIU Rev-L makes it easier because you can power it up for the update with just the USB cable and without a power pack. The remote update requires two hands and a very strong finger- one hand for the mouse and one for pushing the power button. I remember from the 5.0 update that you must hold the button down for almost five minutes and my finger got sore. So this time, in my left hand, I pushed the button with the eraser end of a pencil and held the mouse in my right hand. Use a pencil! I just tested both the updated remote and the Standard version android Wifi app with engine on track. Everything worked normally- no glitches, problems or improvements. The noticeable improvements should become apparent with the Premium version of the Wifi app which is still unavailable as of this morning. p.s. Note to MTH: MTH needs to do a better job reviewing, testing and fixing their broken and improperly routed website links, especially when they are announcing important new product updates. They should do that today!
  13. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    NOTE: The link (above) MTH says will take you to the DCS 6.0 download page does not take you there directly. I finally found the download page here:
  14. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    From New DCS 6.0 Software Available For Download Click HERE to Download DCS 6.0 Software YOU MUST USE THE DCS 5.0 CONSUMER LOADER TO INSTALL DCS 6.0 SOFTWARE INTO YOUR TIU AND REMOTE. Click HERE To Download DCS 5.0 Consumer Loader Software April 17, 2017 - The latest version of the software used in the DCS system is now available for download. The download is FREE and includes new DCS Hardware Software (Version 6.00) that allows the TIU to control Lionel Legacy locomotive features when the TIU is paired with the DCS WIU WiFi Interface Unit. Both the DCS Remote and TIU Track Interface Unit should be updated with the new software however, once updated the Remote will NOT have Legacy function control. Legacy control is only available when DCS is controlled via the DCS Premium App. The new DCS Software allows the user to control the TIU from the DCS iOS and Android Premium App available from the Google Play and Apple iTunes online stores. App control of DCS also requires the separately sold DCS Wi-Fi Interface Unit (WIU). The new DCS Consumer Loader Program (Version 5.0) must be used to reprogram the TIU. Older versions of the DCS Loader Program are incapable of making some firmware changes to the TIU that allow the TIU to interface with the Wi-Fi Interface Unit.
  15. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    Ahh! Now I understand. I keep the original antenna, but remove it and attach it to the high outside end of the adapter cable. I had been thinking of using just a cable by itself like the old Crest Train Engineer had on its trackside receiver. Thanks Ray