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  1. hey thanks ray, as of now i'm looking into buying a FineArtsModel CRANE (Bucyrus-eire crane ) a bit over budget but i think i'll have fun with it
  2. hi guys , just needed to clarify guage classifications G 1/29 G 1/32 and One guage and does One guage run on normal / aristo,usa trains track? as of now i have aristo 1/29 and mth one guage (1/32scale) is there that much difference. i mean icould see a little difference between aristo and mth engines .does mth G count as one guage? thanks to any and all replies . Dino
  3. hello there chuck ,i was wondering if there was any chance of getting a copy of the instructions & templates .doing some other structural repairs as i had this out in the sun too long . what ever you have would be great (extra parts etc. .i could purchase from you or whatever. hope to here from you ,thankyou dino
  4. still looking for south bend signals , rrxings w/gates or not , bridges . apparently out of buiness now . i have seen some life like signals on e-bay ( g--scale ) but they are also few to be found apparently. thanks
  5. thanks for both suggestions , was thinking of making a carrier / loader just wish axles were free rolling like (USA trains hudson ) thanks again, dino
  6. hi guys any good suggestions , on carrying this model to layout , i don't want to break anything, i 1st was lifting up directly under both sets of drivers which can be akward placing on track i have also just carried by approximate middle of boiler just above middle of both sets of drivers .just dont want to break anything need some kind of carrier/loader any reccomendations do's or dont's on this its not that it's heavy just a little long and being articulated thanks
  7. hi guys ,playing with trains today w/dcs wifi app recently purchased a 2nd engine dash 8 (previously owned bigboy) updated all wifi tiu remote have previously purchased upgrade to app itself . so today i created lashup between both of these engines bigboy/dash8 . 1stly -couldnt active whisle (go around was go to 3rd screen switch to deisel ,fine that worked. 2ndly only smokes from trailing unit (deisel) dont no why. also noticed there is no second screen (sound control , just blank ,is this normal? any and all answers appreciated. thanks dino
  8. I previously posted ? in find vendors forum was directed here, so the ? is has anyone heard of south bend signal co. going out of business web site seems to be down and other usual vendors I only know of 2 rld & reindeer pass show out of stock or discontinued. appreciate any and all info I am mainly looking to get a few more x-ing signals, perhaps battery thanks again dino
  9. great building , I believe I purchased this from you maybe ? I was wondering about that lionel atlantic how do they and what they might pull saw a few (pennsys) for sale never saw them run also looks and sounds like you added ps 2 or 3 thanks again dino
  10. hello there been a while , was wondering what happened with south bend signal co. web site not available and no product at some of the usal venders rld, reindeer pass. anyone no of anyother carriers of these signals thanks
  11. that's a neat approach , is that a modified 20 ' curve between mainline #6's ,and is that a wye or another #6 ( top right back of photo) really need to watch more of your youtube on layout don't think I caught this thanks again
  12. hello, any body out there know the degree x-over needed between 4 # 6 switches I am in process of buying switches . I believe I have seen 19.5 degree 22.5 degree and 30 degree x-overs of course not all are easy to come by see a few 30's no 22.5's and one 19.5 on ebay thanks for any and all help and have a very merry christmas
  13. is there any listing out there hobby stores etc. where I can search for new / almost new got outbid more than once on ebay ,(sleeping) thanks dinoangelo
  14. hello there everyone, new to forum ang g guage trains , looking for best way to upgrade or improve smoke output on my Hudson. saw great video on youtube (gora,,,?) iforget but really has great smoke. I do remember reading he changed voltage supplied and changed some resistors (lower resistance?) I believe . what would be the best way to proceed , is there a better replacement smoke etc. thanks in advance for any and replies. dinoangelo

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