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  1. Oh I know, I was just pulling your leg is all. But it may be a good match too on the other hand...
  2. How about you just hurry up and paint it?!? Also Amtrak doesn't use Silver, it uses Platinum Mist. No seriously that's what they call it lol.
  3. What about using these to help hinder the abuse boxes get from shipping companies? https://m.uline.com/h5/r/www.uline.com/Cls_10/Damage-Indicators
  4. Holy crap. And I live in CoMO... Hmmm.. Can you email me pics? It's my username @ Yahoo or Gmail .com
  5. Wonder if it's affordable, and hopefully have some modern stuff... I could really use some ACF Two bays.... Or a 50' 6" flat car... We need some more modern stuff... Bad. Anyway that's good news, I hope it does well for him.
  6. So I just saw an ad for MDC, but I'm not sure what it means... Heres the link to their website... Which is down at the moment... http://www.mdcparts.com
  7. Do you all know if any one has made this in G scale? https://www.pwrs.ca/announcements/view.php?ID=10310 I'd love to equip my small fleet of rolling stock with something similar...
  8. Ok thanks, still can't find the pin that retains the idler gear though... May have to find a nail thick enough...
  9. Hey all I don't really know how to ask for specific parts and I will try and add a picture of what I'd like to find. So in the photo I need 44, 45, and 46. Or if you know where I can find these parts that'd be helpful. Thanks for looking.
  10. What type of grease for the gears? I use LaBelle 107 in N and it works great for those small gears, but with G scale I know id need something thicker.
  11. Well it doesn't help that past O scale HO and the smaller gauges use radius when it comes to curves... O and G gauges use diameter... Which to some (including myself) can cause confusion, and LGB makes it worse by using R1, R2, etc. As for the Degrees that is the angle of a single section of curved track. So you can divide that number by 360 (or vice versa) to get how many sections you would need for a complete circle.
  12. That's so pretty! Just need to find the lounge car to save you some work! Oh I thought of another car, Transition Sleeper!

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