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  1. Its a Tight lock coupler that Amtrak uses on nearly all of its equipment.
  2. Ok so I have decided to body mount the front coupler, and I have looked around for a couple days now and can't find any AAR Type H couplers. Do you guys know if there are scale couplers available? Besides Kadee those are type E. Also I am looking for a new plow, it doesn't have to be a LGB part, but definitely should look like the plow on a P42.
  3. Yeah Ive been following him for years. Just picked up the manual for the P42. $10 for a tiny little information box I couldn't find on the internet... D'OH.
  4. I may have to do that. They have some shock absorbers I need for that KCS GP38-2 I bought a while back. The mirrors may work, I have a set on the 38.
  5. So I bought a LGB Amtrak P42 in Ph. Vb recently, that was a little banged up, to begin with, for just under $300 (great price right?) Well suffice to say, the seller did an absolute p. Poor job of packaging it and well things are worse than what it was listed. Nor has the Seller responded to my message about it. Oh well. This was still a score. So, I was wondering if there is a way to look for parts for it, ebay is a tad lacking in that department at the moment. Basically the plow is in shambles, the rear pilot and couplers were ripped off, but the pilot is intact enough for me to body mount it. It could use a new Sinclair antenna and horn, so I may go aftermarket for that. Mirrors are gone. Those shouldn't be too hard to make on my own. It may need a new Buhler motor. I hate to say it but it definitely needs new traction tires (ew.) So if you know anywhere to get parts let me know whether it be aftermarket or original. I do want to body mount the couplers and fill in the pilots so even the plow could be after market. A few good things about it, So, it's DCC equipped, with a QSI Titan Q2 board. Sounds okay but kind of a pain to program. Indexed CVs are above my pay grade. All the lights work, they're blueish white, so I can live with it. The side frames are intact! (This honestly worried me.) The paint isn't horrible either, this is the worst spot honestly. Ok so I know I sounded pretty negative there for a moment. Don't get me wrong, I was super excited when it came in! Have been watching sites for years to snag one. Now I just need a couple Amfleets and Horizon coaches to go with it. Now I can do this shot. Minus S scale.
  6. Oh I know, I was just pulling your leg is all. But it may be a good match too on the other hand...
  7. How about you just hurry up and paint it?!? Also Amtrak doesn't use Silver, it uses Platinum Mist. No seriously that's what they call it lol.
  8. What about using these to help hinder the abuse boxes get from shipping companies? https://m.uline.com/h5/r/www.uline.com/Cls_10/Damage-Indicators
  9. Holy crap. And I live in CoMO... Hmmm.. Can you email me pics? It's my username @ Yahoo or Gmail .com
  10. Wonder if it's affordable, and hopefully have some modern stuff... I could really use some ACF Two bays.... Or a 50' 6" flat car... We need some more modern stuff... Bad. Anyway that's good news, I hope it does well for him.
  11. So I just saw an ad for MDC, but I'm not sure what it means... Heres the link to their website... Which is down at the moment... http://www.mdcparts.com
  12. Do you all know if any one has made this in G scale? https://www.pwrs.ca/announcements/view.php?ID=10310 I'd love to equip my small fleet of rolling stock with something similar...

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