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  1. Sesame Street Loco

    Thanks I put a lot of detail in it and them weathered it to the max.
  2. Sesame Street Loco

    Well it was a mix of what I had on had. Mostly just flat black spray paint from Home Depot. After it was dry then a lot of silver dry brushed on. I put some decals on the water tanks and then buffed most of them off to give it that faded out look. It's the dry brushed on silver that really does make it look weathered.
  3. Loco Conversion

    Built from an old broken Aristo Sesame Street Loco I picked up for $40 bucks.
  4. Sesame Street Loco

    Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Sesame Street Loco

    Thanks, It was a fun project.
  6. Sesame Street Loco

    I bought a broken Aristo Sesame Street Loco at the ECLST Show for $40 bucks. I took some parts I had,chopped it up and put it all back together, this is the result. It's not any specific loco just a fun conversion. Thanks for looking,Bud