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  1. MTH confirmed the procedure is different in IOS vs. Android. I'm sure they are constained by the way lists work in the given OS. Bonus is i learned something new in IOS that may come in handy for other apps.
  2. I did go ahead and submit an inquiry to MTH asking if the differences in operation between IOS and Android are expected. I will update when I hear back.
  3. Guess I wasn't clear. I consider it resolved as I discovered you can drag engines from inactive to active. I don't have the app on any Android devices to compare but I am thinking it just works differently in the IOS version.
  4. Ray, Thanks for the help with the lash-up. There do not seem to be any up arrows with the IOS app. After clicking Edit there is a "hamburger" icon (3 horizontal lines) on the right side. You can grab an inactive engine by the hamburger icon and drag it up to active engines. Just clicking the hamburger icon didn't seem to do anything. Also my statement about the switches was wrong. The "straight" and "switched" icons just remain in the state you last left them. They are are not remembered for each switch as I thought.
  5. Update my TIU and remotes to 6.0 Updated app and purchased premium on my Iphone. Very nice to finally be able to control my switches from the app. Really couldn't use the app to run the layout last year without this. Nice addition that the app remembers the position of the switches. I am disappointed that I could not find a way to change the order of the switches. I was rushing a bit to get set up but my experience was it sorts them by output number no matter what order you enter them. It is confusing to have the app have a different order from my remotes. Tried a lash-up with my two dash-8's. Setup was a pleasant experience and everything worked as expected after setup. Once I did a shut down of the lash-up and did an engine read or refresh though the lash-up went to the inactive list and I could not figure out how to get it back active. I assume they have at least provided a way to get the lash-up back active but I could not figure it out in my short time playing last night. It is pretty easy to delete and recreate a lash-up but I hope there is a better way. I was disappointed when I went looking for documentation specific for the premium app functionality. While the documentation has been updated with some of the added functionality, I found nothing about lash-ups. The standard DCS documentation was not helpful as the app functions differently. Hopefully they will get this updated and it is very handy to have the link to the documentation right in the app.