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    Battery power

    It's not cheap to get started in battery power that's for sure but the cost per unit does come down once you have the common elements. The first CAB throttle and battery charger being commonly shared components. So I decided to do both battery and track in combination for the flexibility. I just converted a Bachman 3 Truck Shay to Airwire. I will do a USA NW2 and Bachman 2-4-2 next. Then leave a 4-6-0 and C19 track powered. We moved last year and the old layout was track powered with no problems. It was fine. My thought is the new layout will be two loops plus several switching areas so having a track powered train running and being able to independenly control the switching areas made some sense. It certainly simplifies matters. A lot of people look at this as being one way or the other. I think in my head at least the combination of the two makes sense.