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  1. Here are some pictures of my quarante project! I bought a 3D printer and have spent several months tweaking and making changes but I'm finally working on my first large scale model. I'm very excited about the ability to make literally any locomotive I want now!
  2. I am new to G scale and was wondering what options there are for sound using an analog layout. I have seen devices that can be put in a tender or boxcar, but are there options that can be installed inside the locomotive without too much difficulty? Specifically I am looking to bring sound to my LGB 23430.
  3. I recently acquired about 100 feet of very weathered track from a friend and started an outdoor layout for the first time. The track is all LGB 100% brass and had been sitting outside for quite a while and was in poor condition. After some considerable cleaning I now have largely smooth and trouble free operations except for a few bad sections. I measured in a few places around the track and despite being fed from only one location I have very little voltage drop around the layout. My current issues are mostly visible at night when the lights on the cars flicker in some spots and occasionally the locomotive will shudder in some sections. Should I consider soldering on some jumpers? if so What size wire should I use and what type of solder? or Should I consider running a main bus and feeders.If so what size wires should I used in this case? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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