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  1. popstarkeith

    Train Robberies (from yard)?

    have met so many wonderful people with my outdoor trains run mine next to main highway and side road no problem with theft or vandalism people stop all the time to see triplexs -challengers-bigboys coupled to pull freight and passenger cars wont say if left out as that may invite unwanted guests p.s. they bring grandkids back to watch
  2. popstarkeith

    lgb f7 b unit sound

    looking for sound board for 80s lgb f7 little critters got in mine and it doesnt like moisture dont know if they are available or would be interested in complete b unit if resonable
  3. wanted bridgewerks two track controller mag 220-rm transformer in good usable condition
  4. popstarkeith

    mth railking one gauge wanted

    this is a big thank you to chuck and larry Sr for responding to my posting would not have found it without your help received triplex today exellent cannot say enough about these people shipping packaging was great thanks again
  5. popstarkeith

    mth railking one gauge wanted

    thanks for info didnt say new or used sorry you guys are great will check it out today
  6. wanted one gauge triplex if any one has one and wants to part with it please let me know prefer erie russian blue