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  1. How about the USA Big Boy do they have any plans on re making that locomotive since 4014 is back in business? I yet have plans on getting one in the future do any of you guys have one for sale?
  2. Does anyone know where or who has UP’s E8 by Aristocraft that some one in here will like to sell?
  3. Tones

    Hop up Ur Aristocraft smoke units

    Now the question is how can you match the smoke to the revolutions using the proto sound 3?
  4. Issues with dash 9 motor blocks making noises. Anybody have some suggestions or feedbacks on what to do to fix the noises that come out of the motor blocks? Also looking for stainless steel wheels for the motor block of the dash 9’s.
  5. Tones

    Aristo-Craft Dash-9 Lowering

    I see that you sanded down all the bottom of the chassis specially the 2 groove line that run across from one end to the other end. Is there a reason why you sanded it all down? Also what tools did you use to sand it all down did you use a sander? I have 10 dash 9’s that I would like to start on these to lower them so they can look realistic.