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  1. Follow up post. The USAT figures fit great in the MTH passenger cars for me. At least currently, there seems to be 2 sets of USAT people, a "regular" set which seems to be 1950's-ish, and another set that is specifically labeled 1920's. The heads of the people and the girth of the people (ie their butts) are larger for the 1920's people, but I found both sets fit in the seats, other than the 1920's figures that have a suitcase next to them. Overall I prefer the 1950's set which is the set Jerry posted in the pic above, and all of those fit in the MTH seats without mods for me. I wish USAT had a set of standing figures, especially for around the bar in the observation car., but doesn't seem like they have ever made something like that. Thanks again Jerry.
  2. just saw this thread. I vaguely knew of an imax with 4449 but had never seen the above preview. It appears it will be out this spring: https://www.stephenlow.com/project/train-time/#:~:text=Created for giant screens by,giant screen theaters Spring 2021.
  3. Thanks Jerry for this posting (in 2016) about people that fit in MTH cars. I'm new to g scale (2019) and had been trying to find figures that fit in MTH cars. On ebay when I search for 1/32 figures all this stuff from China or Hong Kong kept coming up and when I ordered them they didn't fit in the seats and were clearly not 1/32. I think they are 1/29 or maybe slightly bigger and were dishonestly marketed in separate auctions as either 1/25, 1/29 or 1/32 even though they are literally the same thing. Now that I know the USAT figures fit in the seats I'm going to order me some. Looks like there are some for sale on ebay. Thanks also for pointing out I should expect to have to sand a bit to get them to fit.
  4. I’m impatient to get mine (up yellow, bnsf), so I google around every few days to see any chatter. Didn’t hit any of them but did fine this second video on 41:
  5. Anybody thats got one yet care to share some videos?
  6. I see a posting on eBay for the NS one, so those must be shipping too.
  7. It’s interesting how they placed the motor vertically - it’s more like the VO1000 than the dash8.
  8. Has anyone tried "ELO" (Testors Easy Lift Off) to remove MTH decals? When I google around I find some other forums (0 gauge) for suggestions removing MTH decals and "tampo pad printed graphics".
  9. Thanks Chuck for your insights. I suspected a coating on top of the lettering, but wasn't sure. Since I don't want the hassle of repainting the car, sounds like if I can find a decal to place over it would be best. Good to know that MTH does a good job on the paint - I had suspected it based on my experiences, but good to know its hard to remove. When you repainted your car (after blasting it), what top coat finish did you use? Matte or semi-gloss? I'll checkout Stan Cedarleaf.
  10. Beginner question here. I got a good deal on the MTH M&M's flat car/trailer combo and I plan to repaint the trailer to Fedex. The first step I want to remove the M&M's logo from the flat car. I know I could repaint the whole thing, but I actually like the color and unlike most more accurately detailed freight cars, it only has the M&M's logo in the center. Is there a way to remove the M&M's logo without hosing the finish and paint around it? After I figure this one out I will ask on advice for repainting the trailer. Also any advice on where to get accurate one gauge scale decals to letter the flat car?
  11. Does anyone think someone will buy the existing tooling to keep making MTH one gauge stuff under a new brand? Or is everyone thinking best case scenario is parts and the app support only?
  12. Anyone have MTH flat cars they want to part with? Road names don’t really matter with the load I plan to put on but if I had a choice SF, UP or TTX would be top of the list. I care more that the top flat surface is the same color as the sides.
  13. I started my g scale adventure ~6 months ago and wanted to share it online. I'm envisioning a Facebook like interface where I can have a "frontpage" that describes my layout, my trains, my control system etc, and also has a place to post pics and videos and people can "follow/friend" me if they are interested in seeing and/or commenting. Basically I want to share my story and invite fun conversation; kinda like as if there was a local club. Has anyone seen such a thing for model trains? I've seen two extremes in either direction from this - on the one hand entire from-scratch websites devoted to sharing this information (like what Ray has), which is good for sharing the whole story but is too much work and on the other hand forums like this where its easy to show pics of specific items or ask specific questions, but harder to share a complete picture of what you have done and why. Assuming the answer to my question is no, has anyone created a Facebook page to do this?

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