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  1. What's the best way to remove decals from trains without damaging paint.
  2. the locomotive I have is a Buchman climax that has a factory installed Dcc and soundtrax / tsurami sound. I have no other imformation than that. It was a gift from a friend.
  3. Thank you for the answer. Ol coot
  4. Can you run a dcc locomotive on a analog track?
  5. Would like the Pros and cons of each. I know nothing about steam locomotives. Who has the strongest running gears, ect. I only run DC . on a small 24 X12 foot track.
  6. Thank you, guess I might need to upgrade to a bigger supply at a later date. What supply would you suggest.
  7. Thanks for the come back, It is a 16 volt 56va powder supply. Model # art 5450. with a graft that reads up to 4 amps.Sorry I ain't smart enough to do pictures and don't have a smart phone. Heck I ain't hardly smart enough to work this confuser either.
  8. New on forum, I'm 78 and need to get a into the hobby again. I have had a layout in the past, old school analog G. Now I still have some old Aristo craft trains and freight cars and such. Looking to get into the hobby again. I have a Aristo craft 5054 powder supply that I used. Am thinking of going to DCC. And want to know if the powder supply will be large enough for a 2 train with sound/lights, I will only have @ 105 feet of track with a couple switches. Freight service only at this time.

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