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  1. Hello everyone. I'm looking to source some foam core board that i can use to scratch build some structures for my garden rr. I've used some in the past (forgot where I bought it) that worked well but it was expensive and only came in small sheets. I'm considering using the board that is used for outdoor signs and am wondering if any of you have experience with it or have other suggestions. Thanks.
  2. IT WORKED, I used a variable power supply and when I set the voltage to 100% (which is 16v) all works consistently. If I lower it down to around 12v, they act erratically as before. Problem solved, THANK YOU for the help!!
  3. If I bypass the controller( ART unit) I have no way of working the switches. I’m probably better off getting a 16v 2amp ps.
  4. Ok here’s the complication: the Aristo controller ART-5475 which I’m using with the Train Engineer only handles 5 to 16 volts. If I feed it 18 won’t it burn up?
  5. It’s labeled 12volt but the back says 13.75 volt. It’s dc. I have the Crest 10amp 18 volt ps that powers the track. I’ll connect the switches to that and see how they work. I thought it was too much power but guess not.
  6. That's a good thought, my power supply is 13.75 volts and 1.75 amps so maybe that's the issue. any suggestions on a reasonably priced ps? THANKS!!
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so thanks for letting me join! I'm laying out my elevated G Scale track and I'm having a heck of a time getting my LGB 12150 switches to work consistently. Sometimes they go, sometimes they don't. I'm using a 12 volt power supply with an Aristo Train engineer system. I know they're getting power because like I said, they sometimes work. I am using them to switch on each button push and like I said, they're not consistent. Any ideas? Thanks.

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