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  1. I picked up one of his cards and he is still doing train repairs..................Jim
  2. Yes, he was there.......Jim
  3. Same with me, no more room in my train barn. So now I concentrate on the small stuff like electronics which still costs a lot but takes up no room. These 6 P8's now give me 8 and I will trade 2 2K2's in on P8's for total of 10. This spring I will set up work bench on porch to do all these installs. I prefer the good outdoors lighting. The eye sight is not as good as it use to be. Then they go from the porch to the track for testing............Jim
  4. Joe, I was there Saturday and boy was it dismal. If you wanted to stand in line, you would not find one. I usually go Friday and Saturday but this year I could not. I heard Friday was not to bad. I remember the first one I attended on 2006, you could not move without stepping on some toes. I made some good buys, 15 to 25 % off. Besides what I showed above I got 6 Phoenix P8's. I have a bunch of engines that still need sound and REVOs.............Jim
  5. Picked up a few things including some Phoenix P8 sound boards.............Jim
  6. Stopped at the REVO booth at the 2017 ECLSTS at York. Even with the release of the USB device programmer they still do not have alternative engine sound files. I was told a few more months, just as I was told last year. Well at least my new MTH BB should soon be on its way and my first Protosound 3.0 upgrade was an embarrassing success.........Jim
  7. if they only put flanges on first and last axle wheels with blind wheels in middle i bet they can do 10 foot diameter. Of coarse they will not do that because it is not prototypical........Jim
  8. Raymond, Got a new project to keep me busy until the BigBoy arrival. Decided to do some S-scale. Ordered some MTH S-scale ore cars for my AF GN Challenger. Have an AF SD70ac coming today. My first train was an AF PA Comet passenger set back in 1956; still have it up in the attic; time to bring it down. ..................JIm
  9. I use stainless steel track but what I have read there is no such thing as solid copper. There is brass track with various amounts of copper. The higher the % of copper gives better conductivity. I do not believe that 120 feet should not be a problem as far as conductivity, stainless would be a problem. No matter what brass you use it will corrode over time and require cleaning.......Jim
  10. RLD has the new Revo products in stock including the USB programmer. Prices look good..........Jim
  11. REVO is back.........Jim http://www.revoelectronics.com/
  12. Still use old remotes for xmas layout in house because I like to use the record/replay feature. Hope we get it on WIFI version........Jim
  13. Upgraded TIU to 5.0 and hooked up WIFI DCS box this past weekend. Ran trains using an old ASUS 10 inch tablet, Samsung 7 inch tablet and Samsung smart phone. Was able to operate 4 trains simultaneously. Think I'm going to like it..........Jim
  14. Its a Schecter. There is also an Ovation further back in the corner........Jim
  15. 20161125_132222.mp4 2016 Christmas layout. Merry Christmas!..........Jim