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  1. I have used these for 10+ years with Phoenix Sound installed in AristoCraft, Bachmann, USAT, LGB and AML https://www.revoelectronics.com/
  2. Wow, it shows G-scale Dash 9 will be released. 1:29 scale, CSX, BNSF,NS,UP AND SF........................Jim
  3. The Dallee Hi-Line is Polyphonic and will play more than one sound at a time and can be operated via DCC. You should go to youtube to find examples of these products. If you want good synchronized sound and control of loco features...........go MTH, call Ray.
  4. Do a search in this forum for "Modeling the Cornwall RR". You will find a section on how I removed logos and lettering from US trains ore cars and LGB bobber caboose.
  5. I have Dallee in my S-gauge and it is not bad. I have a lot of Phoenix and MTH. The Phoenix is the best sound you can get, the steam engine is great, really great when running real slow. In my none MTH locos I run Revo R/C with the Phoenix P8 board. They also have DCC boards. https://www.dallee.com/ http://www.phoenixsound.com/index.html
  6. Split jaw is the best. Still replacing other kinds after every winter. RLD is good but not as good as Ray Manley..........Get me any points Ray.
  7. It has been awhile but I think there are some interlocking tabs where the floor meet the rear wall. You will see them where the bubble is for part 65.................Jim http://www.aristocraftforum.com/exploded_parts/ART22000_FA-1_(NEW).pdf
  8. Already told Raymond to add the 3977 Challenger and 1067 Reading SD70 to my Bush 4141 order. The Challenger was a real welcomed surprise, passed up purchasing first version due to many bad design issues. .................Jim
  9. Maybe I could get one of these but twice the size.
  10. http://www.gardenmetalmodels.com/news.htm
  11. Cross over operation...........Fun stuff. https://photos.app.goo.gl/E82HbtKiwdvkxooj8
  12. You will only need a custom straight section to connect the two #6 switches.
  13. Or this double crossover?
  14. Things get posted way too late. I see there is no vendor list as of today. I will certainly go, but this year I will do the Friday show and maybe the Saturday. It was dead at last years Saturday, but did make some good buys, new MTH 1-gauge freight cars for $75 each. Late Saturday the vendors lower prices; I guess so there's less stuff to drag back home. I don't know what is worst, when it was so full years ago and it was difficult to push thru the crowd or now with no lines and quick and easy access to anything. I suggest you make a name tag so people from the forum can recognize you. See Ya there..................Jim
  15. Remember it well. Would have purchased the unpainted version..........

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