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  1. Very nice! Printed as well I assume?
  2. Some progress photos for those interested! Obviously Swiss narrow gauge is quite a niche interest but the potential for 3d printing in the hobby is endless!
  3. I will caution you to really consider if 3D printing is something you want to get into. My experience was that It absolutely wasn't plug and play ready right out of the box. There are a lot of little parts and there is a lot of constant trouble shooting and fiddling that needs to be done and results will vary from day to day depending on temperature and even humidity. If you are willing to spend the time and frustration involved it really pays off though!! The main problem is the type of plastic you need to use for G scale vs the more user friendly plastic that would work indoors for HO stuff. I'll be honest that If I knew someone that could print for me I would rather have just gone that route, but again if you are willing to stick it out it's a game changer! If you do end up buying one I'll of course be happy to help you out with the questions that no doubt will come up.
  4. The main printer I use is a CR 10s Pro. (Sorry I lost my login information and had to change my identity haha.) Here is an example of one of the trucks I printed for the model.
  5. Just wanted to share some progress of a project I am working on with a friend. We are working on building Amtrak's P42 using 3D printing and laser cut metal. We are really trying to get into the details with this model including the production of a custom fan system which will run off a 5 volt motor in conjunction with a smoke unit. We are also toying around with the idea of using red and yellow LED's by the wheels to simulate sparks from the breaks. Take a look!

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