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  1. Now that is a nice video. Thanks for posting. Actually I listened while studying your layout. Well done !
  2. Hi Mark, ( Suspect that this be your first name :-) ) I live in St Albert, a suburb to Edmonton. Should you be in the area please do let me know. We could meet up for a bite to eat and I could pick your brain on trains! Direct email: gavingraham55@gmail.com. No snow yet however South Alberta and the North has been blasted. Here in Central AB, we are hovering just below freezing on a regular basis.
  3. I'm getting a clear message that it is not worth the risk to store any electronics outside. Thermal stress no matter how large the temperature ranges can have an impact. Sooo, I will bring them in and tomorrow I will trot down to the local gun store and get some dessicant ! Many thanks for the great advice here guys. g
  4. Thanks guys, excellent thoughts. I am moving next year so have some of my train equipment in cold storage. I will reorganize and bring the loco's inside for the winter. g
  5. Hi all, I currently have some of my MTH Locomotives in storage that is not heated. Here in Alberta temperatures can plunge as low as -30C or better. My question is if the electronics can be damaged at these low temperatures? Condensation can be a concern however the Locomotives are in their original cartons with dessicant. Your feedback on this would be appreciated. Regards, g
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