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  1. Hi there, Thank you for the feedback. So far to-date, the like feature has been intentionally left disabled. That feature does allow people to respond favorably to helpful posts, but the concern is it could also lead to folks in general to feel discouraged if they aren't getting likes on posts and thus be discouraged from even posting. So it leads to additional dynamics that we have felt has been best left alone (for now).
  2. Website has been having some issues last couple of days but believe we now have it sorted out and should hopefully not happen again.
  3. Wanted to share there have been a few short outages (few mins at a time) today related to hosting company. Please bare with any periods of downtime.
  4. Haven't been posting updates here but forum patch applied today and always done the day they are released for our security.
  5. A number of new Emoticons have been added to the menus along with additional text tools. Check them out Even large:
  6. We experienced issues related to an update problem on Monday that prevented anyone from posting. A restore was attempted but was incomplete and that caused problems into today 8/8/17. Another restore was requested and completed and all appears to be working. There may be some posts from 8/8 that were lost.
  7. Also note that at the bottom of the page there is "Theme" drop down that has other color schemes for the website available that you can also try.
  8. Thank you on the feedback. Will look into changing and will likely take manual coding changes.
  9. The website is continually updated with fixes and security updates, but there have a been a few today that are of particular interest: • Pinterest share link has been added • Two Factor Authentication is now available for added security • Users signing in through social services, such as Facebook, will no longer be required to validate their email address • When a location is specified for a Calendar Event, the address will be shown underneath the map. The map itself should also be more accurate now. • imgur embedded is now supported
  10. Also note, the double spacing issue when starting a new line has now been resolved.
  11. As you can see we have a new look! We have upgraded to the next major release of forum software with many new enhancements in addition to the new appearance. This upgrade keeps us up-to-date with the latest technology, trends and security. Over the coming days and weeks there may be tweaks to the look and layout so bare with the changes. Also note you can select from different available website Themes at the bottom of the page. Hope everyone enjoys the new site! Webmaster
  12. The site has been experiencing intermittent downtimes over the last week or two. The hosting company has confirmed today they are experiencing a large DDoS attack that is affecting the network and are working to address the problem.

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