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  1. The website is continually updated with fixes and security updates, but there have a been a few today that are of particular interest: • Pinterest share link has been added • Two Factor Authentication is now available for added security • Users signing in through social services, such as Facebook, will no longer be required to validate their email address • When a location is specified for a Calendar Event, the address will be shown underneath the map. The map itself should also be more accurate now. • imgur embedded is now supported
  2. Also note, the double spacing issue when starting a new line has now been resolved.
  3. Signatures are now enabled again.
  4. As you can see we have a new look! We have upgraded to the next major release of forum software with many new enhancements in addition to the new appearance. This upgrade keeps us up-to-date with the latest technology, trends and security. Over the coming days and weeks there may be tweaks to the look and layout so bare with the changes. Also note you can select from different available website Themes at the bottom of the page. Hope everyone enjoys the new site! Webmaster
  5. The site has been experiencing intermittent downtimes over the last week or two. The hosting company has confirmed today they are experiencing a large DDoS attack that is affecting the network and are working to address the problem.
  6. Most current patches applied.
  7. Sorry I'm not sure what is being described here to understand the problem. If you mean forward Personal Message to your email I'm not sure why you would receive any messages as this functionality works fine. This sounds like with a PC configuration issue. Just highlight the messages, Copy and Paste them to Outlook, your email or a word document or something and save them that way.
  8. You can send private messages to other users or to any forum Moderator/Webmaster for assistance with any problems. To send a private message do the following: Step 1: Click the Mail Envelope icon at the top of the screen (make sure you are logged in first) Step 2: Click "Compose New" Step 3: Enter the first few letters of the Username of the person you want to send a message to "Web" for "Webmaster" and the users will appear below. Select the desired Username, enter a Message Subject and Enter in your Message. Step 4: When you are done, click the "Send Message" button -Webmaster
  9. To log-in to your account do the following steps: Step 1: Click "Sign In" Step 2: Enter your username and password and click the Sign In button (Use your Username NOT your email address) And that's it! When logged in you will see your username as show in Red: If you need assistance with logging in please send me a private message. Instructions on how to send a private message: http://www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/512-how-to-send-private-message/ -Webmaster
  10. If you have problems with website registration, password reset validation or logging in, please send an email to gscaletrainforum@gmail.com and we will help get your issues sorted out. Some people never receive their Registration confirmation and Password reset emails because they get caught up in their Internet Service Provider's spam filters. In these cases you will need to email us to help get the matter corrected. Please send your email from the email address you are registering. You can also send a Private Message if you are already a member, please see this link: http://www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/512-how-to-send-private-message/ -Webmaster
  11. The forum came on-line in Oct 2012 and was created by people who wanted there to be a friendly environment in which to share and discuss the hobby with others. The founders remain in the background as the forum is not about any one individual and all members are valued equally.
  12. Wanted to address two items that have raised questions with others in the past: First & Last Name display: When posts are made to a topic, users will only see other members "Location" posted under their registered Username. Other users cannot see your First and Last name even though yours is visible to you in your posts. What you see for other user's info is what other users see on yours. Warning Points: Until recently many users probably saw a "Warning Points: 0" listed under their Username, this warning system feature has now been disabled to avoid confusion/concern. If you do ever see that listed with number 0 there is no reason to be concerned it just means you have had no warnings issued. -Webmaster
  13. The new Teamspeak server is now setup and running at the updated IP address now posted in the original posting.