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  1. Thanks for the post, Raymond... I, too find this fascinating. With all that's coming out with the ipad, iphone, android apps, the technology is moving so fast, it's almost too much to keep up with... Almost....
  2. Like New In box 10 Channel Box 55470 Train Engineer Receiver Transmitter w/Long Metal Antenna Manual available on Aristo Site $75 plus $10 Shipping Cash, Check, CC., Pay Pal scedarleaf@aol.com
  3. Hi Joe... email me concernng the decals you inquired about... scedarleaf@aol.com Thanks :)
  4. The Southwest Garden Railroad Show November 3&4 at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA http://www.swgrs.com/#/home
  5. Thanks so much for the Advertising Space.... http://1stclass.myla...tomDecalsx.html
  6. I have a new QSI Magnum decoder (#200 diesel sound) with a Gwire receiver... Reed switch included... $235.00 for both mailing included... Pay Pal, check or cash works.... email scedarleaf@aol.com (that's the pay pal account as well) Call if you'd like 928 778-3732
  7. Glad to be here as well... Thanks for the new place... :)
  8. Yer headed in the right direction, Jim.... It's a very simple hookup... Not to cause stress issues, but I wonder when the "generic" steam will be available...
  9. Wunnerful, a wunnerful, Mark..... Glad you got 'er running... Yes, the Kalamazoo tender is a bit tight, but should work right nicely for you... They're great runners as old as they are.
  10. I'll need to tidy the installation a bit first, Chuck.... Did that battery run time tests today and the 18.5 5600 mAh Li-ions ran for 6.5 hours.... That's quite good for the USA stuff... All on board lights worked as did the ditch lights.
  11. Just did an install in a USA GP-30 with the new diesel receiver. There have been issues with the PWC from the the REVOLUTION receiver and the main USA boards not operating the lighting properly.... ... I did a bit of an experiment and installed the receiver and battery in a battery car along with a 57091 PWC to Linear board designed for the trackside receiver. Just unplugged the track pickups, plugged in a plug to just one of the input plugs, installed the speaker in the fuel tank along with a RAM alternateing ditch light kit, fired it up and everything works quite nicely... Used a 4 pin connector between the battery car and loco. Red and black for power, green and yellow for speaker. All the lights work just fine with that hookup... For an extra few bucks, the PWC USA problem appears to be solved... Sound is more than adequate, Great bell on #2 button, Horn on #3 button could be be better if it could be manually controlled but it's still very nice in the grade crossing mode. Volume up and down works great with #7-#9 buttons. New "soft" buttons on the TX are a plus although I have had a couple stick if I pushed them off center. No big deal. First big test for run times tomorrow in 18.5 5600 mAh battery...... As ole' Mikey says.... I like it...
  12. I have 2 of them ordered which should be in my hands on October 22th... Like Ed, I think sound for 7 bucks is a good deal.... Wnen mine arrive, I'll see how quickly I can get a report posted...

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