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  1. List of what you have for sale would be nice.
  2. Well Ray got those 85' cars from Ralph's estate years ago and yes they were the only ones made. Great Trains/ American Standard was in business for only like the mid 80's to the mid 90's. Crystal Lake, IL. is where they were located. Ray Shoop was working up the history on them. Back in that era everybody was using say 4' radius curves hence only the short cars and locos went into production. Great Trains also made some 1:32 scale 85' long passenger cars. Was a guy on eBay selling a set of like 8 last fall with full interiors. Only set I ever seen.
  3. No he called himself The_Other_Ray or N1Wc and yes! That's his video I was looking for...great find! Shave and a haircut...2 bits
  4. Lol...No as he passed away like 4 years ago.
  5. 32" was the long version Great Trains/ American Standard built. Here's the only pic's I could find but I know there's more out there.
  6. Boy not many..I'd say maybe 2 or 3 and Ray had some that were fabricated but never assembled.
  7. I seen those too! Glad you won them! Ray Shoop had the only 3' versions that Ralph Brown ever made. Joe, I didn't notice those F40's were the long ones?? I shoulda looked more closely as those are rare too!
  8. Dremel...Doh! I forgot about that and it is a favorite!! I'm the same as have burned a few up over the years. I bought a cheap one from Menards that was a variable speed thing...that thing would speed up on its own while using...what a piece of junk! Interesting how most folks are into the woodworking with well equipped shops. I always leaned towards the metal working with grinders, torches, welders and such. Then again working on heavy equipment all my life pushed me that direction.
  9. Well now that's cool! John, Not to get off topic here but I visited your website yesterday and Wow!! Nice layout and I do like the buildings all painted black!! And a scale tree house/ village!!!
  10. Rob, Hot air work station also called hot air re-work station...fancy heat gun are all they are. Small compact hand piece with variable temperature setting and fan speed. They have various sized "nozzles" and are basically used for desoldering components on printed circuit boards like surface mount chips and stuff....But I use mine mainly for shrink tubing. Here's the type I have...
  11. Ben, Those Hakko's are the best! Yes I do like my mini-lathe...comes in very handy! 7-1/2" gauge??!! You'e also a big railroader!
  12. Thought I'd start this thread to see what folks consider their favorite tools for working on trains. Say like list your favorite top 5. Here's mine in no particular order.... Hakko Soldering Station Hot Air Work Station Hot Glue Gun Wiha Screw & Nut Drivers Very Small 120V Vacuum Cleaner
  13. Ben, You are right! Less than a month later the command station kit arrived! I also ordered some of those bending jigs. I'll keep this thread up once I start building and testing with MTH PS3 decoders. Right now I have outdoor projects to work on. When weather gets hot & muggy the MERG building will begin!
  14. Great news and I'm sure you'll get the decoder dialed in! BTW....Nice looking layout you have there!
  15. I'm all for buying a few of these devices...mainly to experiment with battery powered PS3 loco's! The DCS Explorer as pictured appears to use the same case as the existing WiFi module....which would make sense. I opened my module up and measured the pc card excluding all the ports as that stuff can be moved for remote mounting and it measured 4-7/8" long x 3-3/4" wide x like say 1/2" tall...easily fit into about any large scale loco or piece of rolling stock...which is great! Battery powered DCS operational via wifi android device!! I was looking into the new Airwire Convrtr 60 card which is basically a radio receiver/ DCC Command Booster rated at 6 amps for $138.00 list. That should be able to communicate with a PS3 locomotive board via DCC but needs a Airwire Throttle to work the thing...for an additional $159.00...and no technology available for wifi capability...for an investment of $297 and another operating system to learn...not for me. Plus the wiring involved to switch from track power to battery power easily and DCS to DCC. I'd much rather use the DCS Explorer for $129.95 list price and stay with the same DCS operating system via wifi & android device! Just 1 switch needed to cut from track power to battery...and off you go! Yeah I'm sold!! Just have to wait patiently until this fall when the Explorer will probably ship