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  1. Chuck

    Accucraft GP40!!

    Haha! It's actually a 7-1/4" or 7-1/2" gauge GP40. I think that makes it a 1.5" or 1.6" to the foot scale model for $15,000.00 Here's the webpage https://www.accucraftestore.com/rideon-gp40 Interesting that Accucraft/ AML apparently dropped the 1:29 GP 60 but are making a huge GP40! Oh...here's the entire Accucraft ride-on offerings... https://www.accucraftestore.com/ride-on
  2. Chuck


    And Accucraft/ Aster seems to be "chugging" right along with their 1:32 live steam offerings.
  3. Well I've lost interest in 1:29 scale. Going back to what brought me into this G Gauge world to begin with and that was low cost MTH 1:32 back in about 2000. With only USA Trains making 1:29 and product dribbling out I've lost interest.
  4. Chuck

    McKeen car metal kit.

    Wow! You have a knack for coming up with the rare stuff!
  5. Chuck

    Great Trains E-7 engine

    Yes Jerry looking good!
  6. Jerry..yes nice FEF! Now I did read somewhere that USA Trains does plan on making more Hudsons in the future.
  7. Heavyweight cars now show a shipping date of 8/16/2019 FEF shows 9/16/2019 Be honest with you I've lost interest in either.
  8. Chuck

    Great Trains Sales Brochure

    Great find Jerry! Be nice to find a long Superliner set! They did make the correct "long" version of the F40 as they showup for sale every once & awhile.
  9. Chuck

    New Project - SP GS-4 (1:29 scale)

    Well some of the cast in rivets are bad on these pieces. Looks like bubbles surfaced right at the rivet heads and made pinholes. I really didn't like that so after a bit of research I found that Tichy Train Group makes plastic rivets in all different diameters. So I ordered some in and shipping was fast...2 days! What else is there to do on such a nice spring day such as this?? Drill out and replace rivets! Here's what I'm replacing... Here's what I'm using... Tiny little bastards but once get a system down it goes along fairly fast. Most time consuming is drilling the holes and sanding down old rivet heads. Oh, I ground grooves in these tweezers with a tiny diamond burr in my Dremel...keeps rivets from becoming little projectiles. I dip the ends in Gorilla super glue...that glue is great as I put some on a scrap piece of plastic and it takes like 10 minutes for it to setup.. Kinda remind me of that button candy that used to eat as kids. So far I've replaced close to 200 rivets...just on the tender Empty sprues..each holds 12 rivets.
  10. Chuck

    New Project - SP GS-4 (1:29 scale)

    After doing some work on the shells, mainly fixing some broken details and surface imperfections with Bondo & filler putty I primed them. My primer of choice is cheap old Harbor Freight self etching primer named Iron Armor. It goes on really nice and smooth with the adjustable fan nozzle. In the past I've tried Rust Oleum and DupliColor self etching primer with bad results...thick heavy spray pattern that doesn't like to smooth out...and they cost more than the $5 a can Harbor Freight stuff...and it's USA made! You be the judge...Iron Armor
  11. Chuck

    Neat Website

    Ran across this place the other day while "Googling" Mainly live steam but there are other items. https://www.ministeam.com/index.html
  12. Chuck

    New Project - SP GS-4 (1:29 scale)

    Finally get back to work on this engine...it's only been like 20 months.. There was many coats of paint on it so I decided to blast it all off and start over. After stripping a lot of things caught my attention like paint stripes are cast in and woodgrain on the interiors. This isn't an original, Its a copy. I'll bet anything that it's a copy of a Buddy Rickard build. In a video I have about him he says a helper has been casting parts for him. Bet the helper cast this loco and improved on some things. Like these pilot stripes being cast in. The mold was taken from a finished engine.
  13. Chuck

    1:32 MTH SD70ACe's Are Coming!!

    Well that new video was enough for me to pre-order the UP 4141 & 9096 thru my favorite dealer! Once the new catalog comes out I may order more!
  14. Chuck

    Train Robberies (from yard)?

    Guy I knew that lived about 15 miles west of Chicago had his big Bridgewerks Magnum 4000 4 track power supply that cost over $2,000.00 stolen out of his backyard while his trains were running! He stepped into his house for a few minutes leaving the trains unoccupied and when he came back it was gone! Back around 2008 on MLS there was a topic about thieves in various areas of the country that was stealing peoples track out of backyards and selling for scrap.