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  1. Milwaukee Road Skytop Lounge

    Well now a new development may make this doable. That is just might 3D print the whole car out in 1:29 scale but first I need to relocate about 90 miles northwest, setup shop, buy a bigger 3D printer and then have a go at it Easy way to make the back half is to 3D print it in clear plastic then mask off the windows and paint.
  2. UP Turbine Tender Build

    Well for 3 of those 4 years there was no steam operating and all available hands were fixing the 844 boiler fiasco. If you have proof of them being worked on please share it as I'm sure the TO crowd would enjoy hearing about it! Pictures would be a plus Seems a few years ago Ed himself commented at the Rocky Mountain RR Show?? something about those water tenders are junk and they were looking into making new ones in the near future.
  3. P8180115.JPG

    I like your setting being the woods! Especially like the mooses and bear!
  4. UP Turbine Tender Build

    Here's the actual posting from 1/24/13 about the condition of the UP's water tenders and auxiliary water tanks from the contractor courtesy See the problem is where the sides are riveted to the huge cast frame underneath is the actual bottom of the tanks.
  5. UP Turbine Tender Build

    Cosmetics only on the outer wrapper. The UP insulated the sides of the old steam tenders then applied an outer wrapper. The original riveted tank underneath is in bad shape on both esp. where it's fastened to the frame as those rivets are 12" long...hundreds of them are used and they're rusting out. And that's from the contractor that rebuilt them 10 years ago when they pulled the old heating coils out for a bit more capacity and cleaned up the ends and top.
  6. UP Turbine Tender Build

    The GTE tenders (Gas Turbine Electrics) were indeed all acquired from "retired" steam locomotives. Here's the history about them and it get's a bit complicated... Over the last few years I have read that those old GTE tenders that the UP Steam Program is using are in bad condition and are in need of replacement. Seems they're rusted out severely where the tank joins that big pedestal frame.
  7. 4-8-4 1:29 Brass

    Yoakam..Superb job on your scratchbuilt loco's! As stated above most all manufacturers use a nickel plated brass alloy for drivers, wheels etc. I even seen nickel plated brass used for connecting & main rods. MTH gearboxes use a bronze spur gear driven by a steel worm and they're bulletproof. I had a AML/ Accucraft K4 that had a very rough finish on the backside of the drive wheel tires. The power pickup brushes were wearing rather fast so I removed the drive wheels, chucked into my lathe and cut the backside to smooth them up and then polish them. Well Accucraft claimed "stainless steel drivers"...ha ha ha as once I started cutting it was a layer of nickel, then copper and then brass/ bronze. I have a Lionel Atlantic with 1,000 scale miles on it...aluminum drive wheel tires with no wear...and it weighs over 10 pounds.
  8. Upgrading an AML K4

    That is great! So how fast can you tear it down and put back together?? All those tiny screws and bolts then touchup painting...but the end results are fabulous!
  9. Goodbye QSI

    Oh I agree! Before QSI solutions there was Sounds Like Trains or something like that...Seems was like 3 or 4 different companies trying to be the US QSI distributor and they all failed. I thought this last attempt QSI Solution was owned by American Hobby Distributors?? or something that was owned by Tony Parasi of Tony's Train Exchange and they're no lightweights! So problem has to be with QSI itself...period.
  10. Goodbye QSI

    But wait there's more!! QSI announced on 9/5/2017 that the Titan decoder is officially dead...and now today I see most all dealers have pulled QSI from their websites. Here's the QSI Yahoo Group posting from 9/5... LOL..YOU BETCHA' BITCH
  11. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Looking great! Marker/ classification lights would be off for just a regular scheduled train. White or clear would mean an extra train. Green means 2 or more sections following and red for going backwards or end of train. Like the NYC 20th Century Limited or the Pennsy's Broadway Limited would run at least 3 sections or 3 trains. Tower operators could watch and see what classification lights were lit so they'd know which section was going by. Towards the end of the steam era they'd just use flags instead of lights as train lengths dwindled down to just a few additional sections. Myself I like green markers...even though not prototypical they add a little color to an otherwise drab front end.
  12. TTX-car

    Very nice!
  13. Moving a SP SD-9

    I found this a rather interesting watch
  14. Years ago I installed a USA Trains smoke unit into a Milwaukee Road bay window caboose. It was a challenge as had to use a buck converter to power the thing then use voltage dropping resistors on the fan motor so smoke wasn't shooting out the stack like a steam engine...but the end result was nice! The other day I tried the newer USA Trains center cupola caboose's factory installed smoke unit out and I'm not impressed. Seems the electronics weren't thought out very well. The thing will run for a bit then shutdown for a few minutes...then come back on again. I took it apart and what happens is the voltage regulator gets hot and shuts down...on the bench this happens all the way down to like 12 volts. I thought maybe because I operate in a command environment the track voltage was too high...but no...bad design. I even tried different smoke unit electronic boards that I've removed from USA T locomotives and they all exhibit the same behavior. So on the list for "improvement" is the smoke unit electronics...I'll have to swap in a Buck Converter circuit...just like my bay window caboose has.