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  1. Chuck

    Milwaukee Skytop Lounge bash

    Coming along fine Jerry!
  2. Yoakum, Those ML kits are fantastic as I owned 3 of them myself...but I sold them Odd as just a month or so ago I was corresponding with Rob in the UK about some train projects and he mentioned that somebody ordered 3 ML kits...and I almost ordered 3 more! Which paint scheme are you doing...SP or D&RG??
  3. Chuck

    MTH 2019 One Gauge Catalog

    Great as I'll be ordering the 70-2133-1 U.P. George H.W. Bush SD70ACe 4141 for sure! This is the MTH O Gauge Premier version.
  4. Chuck

    MTH 2019 One Gauge Catalog

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict the new catalog will have the SD70ACe and a updated Hudson with all metal drivers and smoking whistle. I hope MTH also shows some F7 ABA units decorated for the Union Pacific but that maybe a bit of a stretch as Mike Wolf stated last Fall that he was planning only 1 diesel and 1 steam engine per year. VO1000's would be nice too!!
  5. After digging thru some files I found a Lionel Atlantic instruction sheet dated 1988. Also it's kind of amazing that Aristo-Craft, Lionel, MDC & Ro/ USA Trains all started manufacturing within a few years of each other. Could also probably add Great Trains/ American Standard and others such as Roberts Lines into the mix?
  6. To wrap up I just presented what facts I could find. I really believe that Lionel beat Aristo-Craft to the punch with introducing 1:29 scale. If it took Lionel 2 years to engineer, design, cut tooling and bring to market the Atlantic then that pushes the actual date back into like 1987 if not earlier. Why Lionel switched to 1:32 scale for the GP7, 9 & 20 is beyond me. Where all the tooling for the old Lionel large scale line went is a mystery. Theory I came up with is in the early 90's Lionel moved production from Michigan to China. Lionel couldn't take the entire Mt. Clemens factory with them so they had a huge auction. I'd speculate that the large scale tooling was all sold and subsequently scrapped as none ever surfaced in the last say 15 - 20 years. The USA Trains ore hopper was/ is old Lionel tooling but those haven't been made for like 10 years now.
  7. Now I'll start in with the boring calculations from the above drawings.. Overall engine length from rear tender buffer to front pilot beam is 38' 10-1/2". 38' x 12" = 456' + 10.5" = 466.5" / = 16.086" say 16-5/64 to 16-3/32". The Lionel Atlantic measures at roughly 16" as there is no rear tender buffer...close enough for me! Driver diameter is shown as 80" so that 80" / 29 = 2.75" well really 2.75862" but who's counting? I have extra driver tires and they measure 2.650" so they're .010" to small or .010 x 29 = .290" to small in the 1:1 world...eh they wore down 1/4".. Engine width is shown at 10' across the cylinders. 10' x 12" = 120" / 29 = 4.1379" ...I measure 4-1/8" or 4.1250" across the models cab back as it's the same width as running boards and cylinders. I could fudge it wider and make numbers spot on but close enough for me. The plans show an overall height from top of railhead to top of smokestack as 15'. Again 15' x 12" = 180" / 29 = 6.206" tall...say a hair under 6-1/4...close enough for me! Overall engine + tender length...Engine is 38' 10-1/2" and tender is shown as 29' 7"...that drawings shows a different tender but that's all I have to work with. Again engine is 38' x 12 = 456" = 10.5" = 466.5" / 16.086" Tender is 29' x 12" = 348" + 7" = 355" / 29 = 12.241" 16.081" + 12.241" = 28.322" or I'll round that up to 28-3/8" as tender to engine distance can change depending on our models drawbar length etc. Again I'd say the Lionel Atlantic is spot on for the 28-3/8" total length Here's the engine that I used for some of the measurements... My custom painted and lettered for the Union Pacific version... I have a few of the Atlantics as I do like them! They can be bought cheap and with some improvements can be a real puller!
  8. I forgot to mention in the above post that I discredit that TCA article as it states the NW2 was made by Aristo-Craft...when as we all know it's a USA Trains creation!! So when somebody says they're a TCA member I'm like yeah...so what??!! Speaking about USA Trains, they started production in 1988 with the 1:24 scale American Series under the name Ro Trains...Charles Ro definitely beats out Aristo-Craft trains as to whom manufactured first. I believe this to be a 1989 Ro catalog.. But onto Lionel... Here's my dealer sign... Here's the book that I'm using to determine the scale of the Lionel Large Scale 4-4-2 Atlantic... Here's the line drawings...
  9. Well really this will be more of a Lionel vs. Aristo-Craft. The general consensus in the large scale train world is that Aristo-Craft started the 1:29 scale movement. That is what Lewis Polk himself has stated many times. Here's an example of this history taken from Wikipedia... According to the TCA website about Aristo-Craft here Aristo-Craft History this line grabbed my attention... And this line... Whoa! Originally created for branding by Lionel??!! I have never in over half a century of being involved with model trains ever heard of that! In the late 90's there was an article published by I think Classic Toy Trains magazine that had an in depth interview with the Lionel design engineer that created the Atlantic and there was NO mention of Aristo-Craft. To really find out if Lionel was working with Aristo one would have to speak with the head of Lionel back then Richard Kughn. Personally I think Lewis Polk was disillusioned into thinking he was Joshua Lionel Cowen the creator of Lionel Trains. Reason I think this is Aristo-Craft was headquartered in Irvington, NJ. such as Lionel ...But that's for another story! Okay so Aristo-Craft Trains teamed with REA Inc./ Delton in 1988...Delton made 1:24 scale trains. So when did the first actual 1:29 scale trains emerge from Aristo?? The TCA article doesn't say. From what I can find seems the FA diesel was introduced first under the Aristo-Craft banner?? Anyway I have a 1989 Lionel Large Scale Toy Fair Catalog that lists the 0-4-0, 0-6-0 and the 4-4-2 Atlantic along with numerous rolling stock, track & building kits. All those items surely didn't appear in 1989...I'd think a few years before. Next I'll show that the Lionel Atlantic is a 1:29 scale piece.
  10. I came across this website a few years back that has 65 Christmas Music Channels all free without commercials! https://www.internet-radio.com/stations/christmas/
  11. Chuck

    Egg Liner run

    Jerry, Congrats on your 1,000 posts! Eggliners...Cute but great for skeet shooting!!
  12. FEF that had a shipping date of 11/17/2018 has been pushed back to 1/31/2019
  13. Chuck

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Nice video Jerry What you record with as it's nice & clear??!!