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  1. Chuck

    Stripping Paint

    And one of the reasons why I absolutely adore the USA Trains streamlined passenger cars. That is the body is an aluminum extrusion which makes it nice & heavy! And they produce most all the cars found in a passenger train with detailed interiors for each type of car. Like this RPO interior that could be heavily detailed if one wished!!
  2. Chuck

    Stripping Paint

    Over the years I've tried many different methods to strip both factory and aftermarket paint off various pieces of rolling stock. Lot of professional painters that I know of just paint over what's there but I feel stripping back down to bare plastic or metal results in a much finer finish...and details such as rivets or bolts aren't as prone to disappear under multiple coats of paint. I tried brake fluid, Pine-Sol, Purple Power, 90% Isoproplyl Alcohol, Goo Gone, Chemical paint strippers on metals etc. All with varying degrees of results. I've chemically burned the skin on my hands on more than one occasion and then there's the problem of disposing all the aforementioned products. So I've spent about all winter rigging up a blast cabinet. I started with a Harbor Freight floor standing model that's been modified. Also assembled a cabinet exhaust system that uses a ShopVac and cyclone dust collection system. I tried it out yesterday as it was about 60 degrees outside but humid with thunderstorms...still it was 90 degrees warmer than last month when it hit -30 below zero fahrenheit. I blasted the shell, end walls, doors and truck frames on a USA Trains RPO car. Took about 2 hours and that was with breaks for me as I don't like standing for prolonged periods. This was painted in PRR Tuscan brown & black. I'll paint into Union Pacific yellow & grey. I need one for my 15 car USA Trains UP passenger train and it seems that USA won't be producing these again. I really like this blasting setup! It's fast and when done just walk away and you're still clean...no stinky chemical smell. Oh and the blast media that I'm using soda by ARMEX. ARMEX owns the Arm & Hammer brand and the blast media is simply a larger coarser baking soda. Non-toxic water soluble...heck people eat this stuff! I have done lots of sandblasting over the years on heavy equipment using silica sand but that will warp thin metals and dissolve plastic. As seen here using "baking soda" is great! Not destructive at all!
  3. Chuck

    Need info. on Kern Valley RR. models

    Yes very nice cars...or so the pictures show! I do remember CMP advertising in Garden Railways several years ago...I always thought they were somehow in cahoots with Accucraft?? I remember they advertised 1:29 Amtrak Superliners and all sorts of other rolling stock. Somebody years ago posted they contacted CMP about those Superliners and were quoted something like $1,200.00 per car...maybe more??!!
  4. Just a heads up that Charles Ro Supply Co. has once again pushed back the FEF delivery date 8 months... Here's the actual edit..."PRE-ORDERS ACCEPTED-EXPECTED AVAILABILITY BY 09/16/2019"
  5. Chuck

    Slow running Lionel 4-4-2

    Hmm...more power! Do you try with the smoke turned off? I wire my layout with 12 gauge min. Dual MRC...which one? The old gold models were HO only and won't put out enough voltage/ current. I have a USA Trains Power 10 and it'll run my Lionel engines just fine in conventional. http://charlesro-com.3dcartstores.com/store_rtp10.html
  6. Chuck

    Slow running Lionel 4-4-2

    No...Lionel large scale locomotives use DC power only...it's stamped on the bottom cover of drive block. Try cleaning the drive wheels with a q-tip dipped in alcohol, lacquer thinner or some suitable solvent. And don't forget the backside of drive wheels where carbon power pickup brushes rub.
  7. I feel for you as I too have been recently been screwed by an unscrupulous auctioneer. End of November I won an online auction at Stout. I never received an invoice so I called them just after Christmas. I was told my item was sold to a floor bidder...after the online bidding ended. If I log into my Stout Auction account it shows I won said item.
  8. Accucraft also made a electric version of that Cab Forward.
  9. Chuck

    Milwaukee Skytop Lounge bash

    Coming along fine Jerry!
  10. Yoakum, Those ML kits are fantastic as I owned 3 of them myself...but I sold them Odd as just a month or so ago I was corresponding with Rob in the UK about some train projects and he mentioned that somebody ordered 3 ML kits...and I almost ordered 3 more! Which paint scheme are you doing...SP or D&RG??
  11. Chuck

    MTH 2019 One Gauge Catalog

    Great as I'll be ordering the 70-2133-1 U.P. George H.W. Bush SD70ACe 4141 for sure! This is the MTH O Gauge Premier version. REMINDER: Each MTH One Gauge diesel engine ships with floating pilots (as shown below to take very tight curves) and also Fixed pilots (that bolt direct to the frame for a more prototypical look).
  12. Chuck

    MTH 2019 One Gauge Catalog

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict the new catalog will have the SD70ACe and a updated Hudson with all metal drivers and smoking whistle. I hope MTH also shows some F7 ABA units decorated for the Union Pacific but that maybe a bit of a stretch as Mike Wolf stated last Fall that he was planning only 1 diesel and 1 steam engine per year. VO1000's would be nice too!!
  13. After digging thru some files I found a Lionel Atlantic instruction sheet dated 1988. Also it's kind of amazing that Aristo-Craft, Lionel, MDC & Ro/ USA Trains all started manufacturing within a few years of each other. Could also probably add Great Trains/ American Standard and others such as Roberts Lines into the mix?
  14. To wrap up I just presented what facts I could find. I really believe that Lionel beat Aristo-Craft to the punch with introducing 1:29 scale. If it took Lionel 2 years to engineer, design, cut tooling and bring to market the Atlantic then that pushes the actual date back into like 1987 if not earlier. Why Lionel switched to 1:32 scale for the GP7, 9 & 20 is beyond me. Where all the tooling for the old Lionel large scale line went is a mystery. Theory I came up with is in the early 90's Lionel moved production from Michigan to China. Lionel couldn't take the entire Mt. Clemens factory with them so they had a huge auction. I'd speculate that the large scale tooling was all sold and subsequently scrapped as none ever surfaced in the last say 15 - 20 years. The USA Trains ore hopper was/ is old Lionel tooling but those haven't been made for like 10 years now.