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  1. Chuck

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    Hi Tony, Thanks for the compliments as I have done a lot of work converting various engines to DCS Far as climbing 2% grades and working close with MTH on products, I think you may have me confused with Raymond...but that's okay as he's like a brother to me!
  2. Chuck

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    Jim, Same here with 3977 and I'll add the 3985 as both look like they'll have the oil tender! For SD70's I'm ordering all 3 UP..that is 4141, 9096 & Spirit of the UP. I also ordered that EMD/ demonstrator in Cat paint as I spent years operating Caterpillar heavy equipment. To go along with the Spirit engine I'll buy all the boxcars and matching caboose!
  3. Chuck

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    Jerry, Yes! I want MTH to continue investing in new tooling...only way they'll do that is with strong sales.
  4. Chuck

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    I'm real happy with the new catalog! Put me down for 2 of the improved Challengers and 4 SD70's...for starts.
  5. Chuck

    McKeen car metal kit.

    Union Pacific came up with the McKeen idea... http://utahrails.net/up/up-motorcar-index.php
  6. Chuck

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    Judging by the cover it's gonna be expensive for me!
  7. Chuck

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    It will but the only function you'll have is direction. The TE will not access any of the MTH functions. Be just like operating a MTH loco under conventional DC track power. Infact there is quite a bit of proof that the TE is detrimental to the MTH DCS decoders.
  8. Chuck

    Rail Clamps

    Seems I read somewhere that Split Jaw is going out of business so you better load up.
  9. Chuck

    McKeen car metal kit.

    Wow...Yeah I'm not surprised about the TCA not getting their story straight. I've noticed dependencies before with the online "history". That's one of the reasons I never joined the TCA.
  10. Here's a bad speaker I recently removed from a brand new old stock MTH F7 from the 2010 catalog. The plating that is flaking off the outside of the magnet is bad news as the same is happening on the inside near the voice coil. That usually ends up shorting out the speaker then destroying the audio amp on the PS2 boards.
  11. Chuck

    McKeen car metal kit.

    Here's the Roberts' Line history... http://www.tcawestern.org/roberts.htm
  12. Chuck

    Accucraft GP40!!

    Haha! It's actually a 7-1/4" or 7-1/2" gauge GP40. I think that makes it a 1.5" or 1.6" to the foot scale model for $15,000.00 Here's the webpage https://www.accucraftestore.com/rideon-gp40 Interesting that Accucraft/ AML apparently dropped the 1:29 GP 60 but are making a huge GP40! Oh...here's the entire Accucraft ride-on offerings... https://www.accucraftestore.com/ride-on
  13. Chuck


    And Accucraft/ Aster seems to be "chugging" right along with their 1:32 live steam offerings.
  14. Well I've lost interest in 1:29 scale. Going back to what brought me into this G Gauge world to begin with and that was low cost MTH 1:32 back in about 2000. With only USA Trains making 1:29 and product dribbling out I've lost interest.
  15. Chuck

    McKeen car metal kit.

    Wow! You have a knack for coming up with the rare stuff!