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  1. I really like smoke on my layout in buildings and trains. I've often thought about installing smoke units into passenger cars such as diners and fill with say like bread baking or bacon scents. And maybe install into the observation cars and pipe smoke out around the coupler to have it look like steam escaping. Years ago when I subscribed to Garden Railways the back of magazine had the column "Scribblings on a workshop wall" written by the late Peter Jones. He always wrote about having small fires and smoke on his outdoor railway. I always thought that was a great unique idea. Here's a tribute to him... https://grw.trains.com/news/product-news/2012/04/a-tribute-to-peter-jones I installed a modified USA smoke unit into a older build Lionel wood train station and powering it via a buck convertor along with some old AC/DC power supply. I have a resistor mounted on fan motor to slow it down as want the smoke to kinda "float" out of the chimney instead of shooting out like a steam engine. Interior has Led's Think I'll order me in some Pine scent smoke fluid.
  2. Another quick video as changed soundfile and tried out smoke unit.
  3. Chuck

    MTH Closing In 2021

    In a recent interview with Andy Edleman VP Marketing MTH he stated that a new company formed by Mike Wolf CEO MTH and Dave Krebiehl will continue on with the MTH DCS system. New website and name to be announced in early 2021. Both Mike & Dave's name are on the DCS Patent. Also announced is that a new company to handle MTH parts is being headed by Mike Wolf, Ryan Eisemann and Mark Sheff?? New website and name to be announced in early 2021. Mike will continue producing high turnover replacement parts and don't be surprised to see a few pieces of rolling stock every year...although that may be in regards to standard gauge only. So to me it sounds like is Mike is just "down sizing" a bit.
  4. Incase somebody missed the email that went out Wednesday evening... Black Friday
  5. Few days ago I was looking thru the G Scale Buy, Sell, Trade, Auction FB site and seen a reply posted by Jens Bang. That name rang a bell as he has one of the truly spectacular humongous G Gauge layouts up in the Pacific NorthWest. He used to post on MLS quite profusely during the "golden age" of G back in the early to mid 2000's. His curves were measured in degrees rather than feet. Anyways I searched his Snake River Railroad and see that he's posting videos on You Tube!! This one is epic!!
  6. I found this video on You Tube and it's really something! Chicago trains and such starting in 1969. Shows early Penn Central running heavyweights with black engines. Early Amtrak rainbow trains with GN Big Sky Blue paint and BN Cascade Green "hockey stick" paint. The Medusa Concrete Barge heading down the Chicago River. The EMD SDP40F's, Pre Metra engines in the blue RTA paint. The Crandall cab C&NW E8's. Early and late IC electrics. The EMD LaGrange Plant open house with the GM FT diesels that beat steam...and DDA40X 6936 when it was brand spanking new...now sits in Cheyenne rotting away as hasn't been on the road for 10 years. All that in 23 and a half minutes!
  7. Brian, Thanks as I do try to keep it all neat and clean. You know I've thought about making a few of those for behind the USA Big Boy Few weeks ago a pair of Aristo 3 axle Commonwealth tender trucks that would work for those tenders sold for like $150 on Ebay
  8. Well that sucks about the trucks but not surprising. Your molds look great for the housings! Other model train builders have commented about using Boston Gear for the gearing needs. They have quite an assortment in stock. https://www.bostongear.com/products/open-gearing/stock-gears/worm-gears
  9. Finishing up as all lights are wired, USA Trains smoke unit installed and interior completed. Wiring along with MTH PS32 board and weights installed. Forward lights.. Reverse...the red lights don't show up very well... Interior...I really like the soft glow on incandescent bulbs when it comes to interior and number board lights.
  10. Wow that is great news. To paraphrase the late Lewis Polk "Large articulated steam engines will never sell". Odd as USA made 2 production runs of the Big Boy and seems to me the first run was 150 units...that was in a catalog or GR ad they ran. Say at least 100 in 2nd run means at least 200 - 300 of those behemoths out there. MTH has made hundreds of both Big Boys and Challengers.
  11. Yes looking good! You and Rob really did a nice job on those! That closeup of the nose shows how great of a model that really is
  12. Over the years I've used various brands of self etching primers with mixed results. I think the worse I ever tried was the Rustoleum and Duplicolor brands. Both were dark green, shot out the can like a firehose and took forever to dry...ugh! So I started using the Harbor Freight brand. Cheap at $6 per spray can, nice easy to use adjustable spray nozzle and sprayed a nice fine pattern. Downside is it sprayed so fine that even full wet heavy coats were thin. Probably why price is so low it's mainly solvents with a little pigment thrown in. Stuff did dry fairly fast but I wasn't ever really satisfied with it. Here's a pic of the grey self etching primer can... It was okay but then this happened a few weeks back when priming a MTH PA1 fuel tank that was made out of clear plastic... It didn't attack the plastic...more like the paint started sliding off. Self etching my ass. So I searched around and found the old Zinc Chromate primer that I though was banned years ago. I used to use the DuPont stuff on aircraft frames, aluminum components etc. I recently bought a can of this Marpro etch primer. Came from a marina down in Florida. Available in yellow or green. The msds shows it has Lead Chromate pigment in it along with Zinc Chromate so figured I'd give it a try. I also have some brass etched grills to prime. This stuff ain't cheap at $15 per can delivered. Here's same tank primed with Marpro...I'm sold as this will be primer I use from now on!
  13. Starting with Tuesday 11/10 it was both The Marines 245th Birthday and the 45th anniversary of the sinking of the ore freighter Edmund Fitzgerald. Wednesday 11/11 was Veterans Day! Now today is Friday the 13th... Here's The Marines 245th birthday message....
  14. I spoke with Renee Kidman @ Reindeer Pass and asked if she knew what may be happening with Phoenix Sound and she stated they're recuperating as the owners dad passed away from Covid19 this past summer and that halted business for a bit. She did reassure me that they have been receiving new stock from Phoenix so things are slowly returning to normal which is great news!
  15. Yes...2020 has been a very sucky year...thank goodness for this great forum along with the great folks that post here

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