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  1. Looks great! I seen those hooded intake ducts listed on Shapeways or maybe that where you found it??
  2. Yes wiring is very time consuming! I can't believe you found a lost screw in the bottom the grease!! That's kinda funny. I can't remember where those drives came from and if I ever opened them up. That loco went your way like 5 years!!
  3. Last time I spoke with Cliff at Accucraft parts (late last summer before he retired) I inquired about those passenger cars as they were sold out of UP. He said there was another shipment due in and then that was it as no more would be made.
  4. These are pretty awesome! I just have to order the set of 6!
  5. Some are still in stock.... The trucks are available separately for the outrageous price of $125 per pair....USA's are half that much.
  6. I always thought those Accucraft passenger cars were way overpriced for what they are...I mean the MTH cars look better and are lit! A real nice touch that USA did is on the observation cars...When the track power guys backup the train the rear center red light changes to clear. And now USA Trains has a parts number page posted for their excellent cars!
  7. The USA cars will blow the Accucraft cars away in size and detail. Such as all doors will open etc.
  8. Send me an email with what you have for sale!
  9. That's the same old rhetoric that was stated about the USA Big Boy....But USA Trains keeps selling them out. I'll never sell mine
  10. Well USA shows a shipping date of 4/16/2018 so that gives me over a year to save up some $$$ Without a doubt that date will slip by months so I'd say 12/2018. Oh here's the official webpage....
  11. What I've ran into over the years is the Challenger plastic drivers are 4-40 and say like the Big Boy metal drivers are metric when it comes to the crankpin screws. So maybe since the Hudson uses plastic drivers as does the Challengers then maybe both are 4-40?? Don't know just wondering. Don't get on them to hard as the inserts will spin if tightened too hard or if permanent loctite is used. I use the blue threadlocker myself.
  12. I've had this bookmarked for awhile and don't know if it's any good??!! Good luck
  13. Here they are testing them on a Big Boy.
  14. Nice job with the rods! I found this drawing...