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  1. FEF that had a shipping date of 11/17/2018 has been pushed back to 1/31/2019
  2. Chuck

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Nice video Jerry What you record with as it's nice & clear??!!
  3. More news as the heavyweight passenger cars delivery date has been pushed back 6 months to April 2019.
  4. Chuck

    1:32 MTH SD70ACe's Are Coming!!

    Larry, That's funny about being fast as I keep an eye on the TCA's You Tube channel! I already told my excellent dealer that I'm looking to order at least 3. If MTH makes all the heritage units out there then maybe more!!
  5. Mike Wolf just announced at the 2018 TCA York, Pa. Show that he gave the okay to start making tooling for a MTH RailKing One-Gauge SD70ACe!!
  6. Chuck

    Forum Themes

    Anybody else using the various themes that our kind webmaster/ owner has provided us? Mine is set on Thanksgiving right now and I like it To try it just scroll down to the bottom of a page and click on Themes. A menu opens up and you can try some various themes for a different look!
  7. Chuck

    Bending AML Stainless track

    Bob, I'm sure they're referring to the tiny screws that hold the ties in place that Aristo-Craft uses. The AML flex-track that I've had over the years didn't have any screws holding the ties in place. Like this piece of Aristo curve track... Also if using Aristo straight ties or RLD ties need to cut like every other web so can bend a curve... RLD ties...
  8. Chuck

    New Bridgewerks Power Supply

    Larry, I use the 3 amp version all the time bench testing and loading soundfiles into PS3 engines as very rarely need more power than that unless I'm checking the stall current on motors. For that I have a 10 amp Astron DC power supply that I also use on the work bench.
  9. Chuck

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Looks & sounds nice!
  10. Chuck

    New Bridgewerks Power Supply

    Larry, Yes as I've been running MTH DCS since the day it was released in o gauge. In fact MTH released engines with PS2 electronics before the DCS sets were available. My first 2 PS2 engines were a Premier NYC Dreyfuss and a UP FEF from the early 2000's. Boy 3 amps ain't much power for running the one-gauge stuff. Maybe run 1 engine without smoke. Think you'd better off with a 10 amp Bridgewerks like Magnum SR.
  11. I see Bridgewerks has a new power supply listed on their website named "Morrison". I do like the black case and lights on this thing On my workbench I use the older predecessor model to the Morrison...The Magnum 60T. I call it my Baby Bridgewerks as it's also rated 3 amps which is fine for bench testing various projects without getting into trouble. Now if they'd just bring back an updated version of the MAG25TDR or PowerMag in a black case
  12. Chuck

    Split Jaw Clamps - Over the rail joiner

    That's one thing that I noticed with Sunset Valley code 250 stainless steel rail...that is they only offer slip-on rail joiners made out of brass. And I believe that Accucraft is who really makes them. So why make stainless rail when you can't offer stainless slip-on joiners?? Here's how one guy "cleaned" his corroded code 332 Split Jaw brass rail clamps after being used for a few years with Aristo-Craft stainless steel rail outdoors.
  13. Chuck

    Show us your engines!!

    Nice Jim All Aristo's and Revolution?? I like how you run them as I know of others that seem to think that they're slotcars and need everything hauling ass!
  14. Chuck

    6 wheel 1:32 tender bogie

    Yes you can search MTH parts online...but it's kinda finicky... Here's the URL and fill in the bottom where it says "MTH Part Number" with a keyword. For the One-Gauge parts I use the keyword G Gauge...go figure how that works? One-Gauge doesn't bring up much. Smoke Unit will bring up pages. https://mthtrains.com/parts
  15. Chuck

    6 wheel 1:32 tender bogie

    Hi, All I see available from MTH is the 6 wheeled Buckeye tender trucks for sale. https://mthtrains.com/da-1500001-0 Or maybe Gal Line?? http://www.thegalline.com/Page13trucks.html