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  1. New to sound

    Hi, I'm not familiar with the LGB stuff but right off hand I'd say maybe go with LGB Sound? Such as maybe LGB Sound but I'd do plenty of researching and reading the install instructions to see what accessories if any are needed to make it all work.
  2. MDC ad. in Garden Railway mag.

    I wouldn't count on anything more than what MDC produced as that's what he made in the past. But last time I meet with Joseph he did express some interest in possibly making a bi-level autorack in 1:32...A scaled down USA T version. Far as affordable I highly doubt is as most any rolling stock in large scale starts at near $100.
  3. End of Spring Creek Railroad-I'm moving

    Great news Jerry!
  4. MDC ad. in Garden Railway mag.

    That's Joseph Novosel and looks like he has a new website with maybe re-starting up manufacturing! His old website was Mainline America and yes he did produce the old MDC stuff.
  5. Aristo-Craft Doodlebug

    Yesterday at our local train show, which btw is the largest monthly train show in the world (not like some poser train show north of NYC) I found me this for a really great price It's a Aristo-Craft Milwaukee Road (of course) Doodlebug in absolutely like new condition...even the box is excellent! Made in the year 2000...Yep...Aristo-Craft really knew how to make trains and I'll make it even better by installing the excellent MTH Proto-Sounds 3 with smoke...emitting from 6 stacks Oh and here's the link to our local train show
  6. For those wanting more modern rolling stock
  7. New MTH? what I'd like to see.....

    I've been thinking on that plug door and came up with the same conclusion...that is hinged doors would be to fragile. I had some of the Accucraft 1:32 PFE reefers and yes they were very fragile...some detail parts always breaking or falling off...but very nice looking! Oh..most dealers here don't really stock a lot of one-gauge or large scale items...they let the manufacturer stock it. Last real train store I was in that had lots of stock was St. name it they had it. It helped that they were also a distributor.
  8. New MTH? what I'd like to see.....

    None of the French dealers can order in MTH One-Gauge products?? MTH Dealers France
  9. New MTH? what I'd like to see.....

    Well it looks like anybody that is modeling from the late 40's to the mid 70's would use the plug door reefer... I've driven truck hauling produce nationwide and let me tell you that top icing is still very much in use. I wonder if they do indeed top ice modern mechanical reefer cars? Be a real pia as would have to open the side doors to blow in the ice/water/slush mix.
  10. Repair/replace Aristocraft smoke unit

    I may have some of those Aristo smoke unit heaters but I can't remember what size/ ohms they used. Are you sure that it's the element that burned out because those smoke units have a habit of the circuit failing.
  11. the ultimate collection?

    That is amazing! When it comes to the #1 Gauge collection I'll bet this guy is really dang close...
  12. New MTH? what I'd like to see.....

    Way I look at it is MTH doesn't owe anybody anything esp. a new piece of rolling stock...that comment is mainly aimed at the folks that never pre-order any items and whose collection was mainly all bought from the secondary market. If you want MTH to make any "new" products then buy from the dealer network as those are the sale numbers MTH is interested in.
  13. Okay so the new USA Trains catalog says the FEF requires 16' curves. Here's a quick scan...
  14. Norway Train Live Stream

    Great when they have it working!
  15. Nice work! Wonder why he felt the need to change the exhaust nozzle design? The UP used a modified Pepperbox design but they're going to try the PRR design. Time will tell if the thing will draft properly.