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  1. Don't feel bad Joe as my 3D printer will be doing just fine then for no reason it starts acting up like the program got corrupted or something.
  2. Okay so the grey filament arrived and I printed out a rough copy of window. I was thinking that maybe should have ordered black instead but this will be fine... Recessed fit is great... But now the irregularities in the wall panel hole is's always something Being how this structure will be used indoors, I'll attempt to correct it...or at least make it a bit better.. At least work is progressing and can see over the hump with regards to the windows
  3. Well to get that SW1500 you could let an online company print it for you. In the link above there is some 3d print companies listed at the bottom of page. Another route would be to download the files and print them on your 3d printer. The printer the author used is a Makerbot Replicator and they're pricey at like $2,500.00...but dang good machines...can see by the quality of the hood & cab etc. Could also maybe take a copy of the files that you load onto a flashdrive to a local city or large town in your area that has a "open shop"...what I mean is some localities have an industrial arts center that's open to the public where you can use their machines...they'll have 3D printers, laser cutters, mills and lathes available for use. Maybe a community college?? Best way to learn 3D printing is watch you tube videos. 3D printing is a hobby onto itself.
  4. Jerry, On another forum a guy posted that he drew up a cad file to 3D print the Milwaukee Skytop lounge observation car end in 1:48 scale. I asked if he'd sell me a copy of the file with no reply. Be fairly easy to scale the file up in either 1:32 or 1:29. He was talking about printing it in clear plastic, then just mask the windows and paint.
  5. Kevin, I think you're mighty lucky to have found the extension kit! I've never seen one listed on eBay. I'm also going to change the skylight windows to the same design....they'll be much easier than these arch windows to make.
  6. Seen this over on Thingiverse...a 3D printed SW1500. The files are free...all you need is a decent sized 3D printer and off you go!
  7. Wow...Been about a month since any real progress I ran into a bit of a snag with the side in I don't have enough of them so that put the whole project on hold. That and I didn't really like those old vacuform windows anyways as can't really see thru them and if you look inside the building there's a big sheet of plastic holding the windows in. That would be okay if building was located on the ground but for me it'll be on a indoor layout. So I had to figure out something else for windows. I emailed he present owner of Korber (Mr. Muffins Trains) as he updated the o gauge buildings with laser cut window frames then glues clear plastic on the inside of them...nice neat look. Since he did that I thought maybe he'd help with my windows. I offered to send a wall panel and a window so he could make a frame for a price but he wasn't interested. He replied something like "Why should I worry about a kit I no longer sell?"...Basically told me to f*ck off He did offer this bit of wisdom...Cut clear acrylic and draw lines on it with a Black Sharpie to represent window frames....well Mr Asshat if that's such a great idea why did you spend time & money creating laser cut plastic frames for the o gauge kits?? I guess the Muffin Man doesn't need the large scale business?? He'd rather play with his muffin So anyways I came up with the idea of 3D printing my own window frames. So I purchased a cheap entry level 3D printer and have been learning a CAD program to design some window frames. Also been learning 3D printer software and a 3D slice program. CAD program designs the pattern and then you save the design in a .stl file. Slicer program takes that file and basically slices the 3D design so can be printed in like .4mm hot plastic layers...and also turns the file into G code. I haven't even begun to learn G code...that stuff runs machine tools such as CNC mills and lathes etc. Here's the original Korber widows Here's my solution for replacement...I'm just trying to get the window frame sized for good fit before I add the frames for the panes. Red filament is all that I have for now...but grey will be here sometime this week. Been quite the learning experience getting this far...reminds me of when I started using a PC back in the early 90's with Windows 3.1??
  8. Looks good!
  9. Wow! I forgot all about LGBoA being a Piko distributor! Between them, Horizon, Athearn & Walthers that small one man operation named Mainline America never stood a chance Taken from Wiki... "On June 1, 2008, Silvergate Distributors, Inc. was formed as a new company by LGB of America president Anthony Castellano. Silvergate was an independent, American-owned, hobby distributor and was not a subsidiary or "daughter firm" of any other company. Though LGBoA was not dissolved, Silvergate assumed distribution of remaining LGB stock as well as current and new product lines. Silvergate also distributed the Schuco, Brawa, and PIKO product lines. In November 2008, Märklin announced that it had resolved the American trademark dispute and planned to resume distribution of LGB products in the United States, with Walthers becoming the American distributor on January 1, 2009. LGB of America and Silvergate Distributors ultimately ceased operations."
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if about all of the Aristo-Craft molds have been destroyed by Kader Holdings China. Sanda Kan did most all the manufacturing for Aristo. When Kader "acquired" Sanda Kan in 2008?? they booted a lot of toy train manufacturers and they had to seek other builders and I imagine Aristo-Craft was one of those. Lewis Polk probably owed Sanda Kan/ Kader a bunch of money and couldn't pay them...this is what Scott Polk referred to as "the mess in China left by Lewis Polk". With no money to pay Kader they kept the molds. Bad situation as even if Polks had the money they were still out a manufacturer. Pay Kader to release all molds/ tooling/ inventory then find another manufacturer and pay upfront money to start production...Polks bailed instead. Kader looks at molds/ tooling taking up warehouse space and says "scrap them". Then again I could be all wrong. Others have speculated that USA Trains should acquire the Aristo tooling but why? USA was one of the manufacturers that was booted by Kader and they had to set up shop elsewhere which interrupted manufacturing for a few years . I highly doubt if Charles Ro would buy the defunct competitions tooling from a manufacturer that left them hanging.
  11. Actually they're a good "fit" car for either !:32 or 1:29 scale as they measure a bit large for 1:32 and small for 1:29. From what I've read the prototype was the 55 ton USRA hopper car which measures 10' wide x 30' long. In 1:29 scale these Piko/ MDC hoppers measure 9'-7" wide x 30'-6" long. In 1:32 they'd be like 10'-8" wide x 33'-8" long. Actual measurements are 12-5/8" long x 4" wide. At one time (as Raymond can attest to) I had 60 of these behind a USA Big Boy at the 2008 HAGRS and they looked good. I had another 60 at home that were being readied for use As a side note the way Piko got a hold of the molds is quite the story. Mainline America (Joseph Novasel) went to Eastern Europe and packed 2 containers with the old MDC molds and inventory as he had a deal with the parent company of Athearn/ Horizon Hobby to purchase it all. About at the same time LGB went under and Ron Gibson who headed LGBofA San Diego went to work for Marklin/ Walthers in Wisconsin. Somehow Mr. Gibson swung the MDC deal between Horizon Hobby and Mainline America to Piko America instead. Is it just coincidence that both LGB0fA and Piko America were both located in San Diego?? Horizon Hobby didn't mention any of the Piko transaction to Joseph Novasel/Mainline America...The way he found out was only 1 shipping container showed up in Indiana and that was full of old stock. When he called Horizon Hobby to inquire about the 2nd container Joseph was told "Oh we sold that container to Piko". It's a shame as Mainline America had a new large plastic injection machine on order that could use the MDC molds.
  12. You happen have the old traction tired wheels for sale?
  13. Does look good. You're well along but MTH shows this part available....
  14. Ramp looks good and you have a nice escape route in case a coupler breaks! Best part about it is it's your layout and every reason to be proud of it I know of another guy in NY...(well I think its a guy but he did once post on MLS that he was painting his toenails??!!) that videos other peoples layouts and then passes it off as his...but he lives in an other words he's a poser Poser--- a person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others. synonyms: exhibitionist, poseur, posturer, fake; informalshow-off "he's such a poser"
  15. Here's a nice video I ran across at Vimeo....