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  1. When I emailed them say last winter and inquired about replacement axle gears for the 2 axle drives I gave the part number from the old catalog. Whoever replied sent "yeah we should have them but don't know where. You need to contact so and so and have a good day". But they didn't include any info on how to contact that person. I was thinking instead of telling me whom to contact they should have contacted them and had them reply to me. Since when is it the customers responsibility to find out what dept. does what?? Me thinks at NWSL the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing.
  2. Ralph Brown/ Great Trains/ American Standard did make a few of the correct length F40PH but they're very rare...I've only seen maybe 1 or 2 for sale...
  3. Roof painted... I was really surprised that I didn't get any "blowout" with the orange paint in the grill area as the Tamiya masking tape wasn't sticking very well to the brass screens on the rear. Infact not really any blowout or bleed thru at all which is a real testament to Tru-Color paint as it sprays like a lacquer. I usually have to mix in some retarder so I can stay ahead of the dry film while spraying.
  4. That is some great news! I need some more drive too!
  5. Wow! I sent them an email a few weeks back and they replied that they want to but for now have to many "irons in the fire".
  6. Got a little paint shot in the last few days as weather has been nice. Still have to paint the roof orange, side window frames and headlight housing in nose silver...sand hatch covers on nose blue...and lots of touchup with a small brush.
  7. And here's a 85' Bi-Level Gallery coach car kit made by The GAL Line (Great American Locomotion) in 1:32 scale. These cars aren't listed on their website but a deceased friend of mine Ray Shoop (The_Other_Ray) commissioned Gal to build the prototype. Laser cut out of 2mm styrene car will be like 32" long. I'll use MTH passenger car trucks under it. I only have one of these kits as wanted to see what I'm getting myself into before I order more.
  8. So I think the shell is ready for paint as I made the front air intake and rear radiator grills 3D of sorts. i couldn't stand the cast in versions. I also made sand hatch fillers on nose, opened up the exhaust port and added a cut down USA SD70 grill. Made a vent for engine room, added more lagging across roof with rivets, added USA SD70 lifting lugs on rear fan hatch, added MTH F unit lifting eyes on roof top, added MTH F unit windshield wipers, filled in all oversized handrail/ grabrail holes with styrene rod, redrilled and made new grabs etc. out of .031/ 1/32 brass rod. I've contacted a few modeler supply houses about having them make 2 of the Coleman style cab roof mount AC units with not much luck. That's okay as I can always add those later. I also need to make a cab interior.. Also modified a set of MTH F Unit truck frames from the dual clasp brakes to single. Need to add shocks and paint.
  9. Hey Brian thanks for posting that! But ugh...I'm not a fan of those Winnebago F40 rebuilds...
  10. Very interesting find...thanks much! See now the grills I need are the vertical Garich grills... Here's the grills that Rob Fern of the UK made for the 1:29 USA Trains F3's...
  11. Heard all passenger car production has been canceled. I wouldn't be at all surprised if all the freight cars get canceled as well
  12. Wow! Superb detail and looks like the poppet valve version...very nice!

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