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  1. Chuck

    AML...The Topic About Nothing

    Latest I heard was the GP60 project has been canceled as not enough pre-orders.
  2. Chuck

    USA Train Switches

    The USA #6 switches is basically a 20' diameter curve on the diverging rails.
  3. Chuck

    Show us your engines!!

  4. Chuck

    USA Trains Chrome SF PA's

    I also had a pair of those Aristo SF Chrome E9's but mine had the chrome with cracks in it when brand new. I sold them to somebody in Alaska. Those Aristo SF Chrome E9's are now bringing $1,000.00 each on eBay...wish I woulda kept mine for resale now https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARTISTO-ART23609-SANTA-FE-87-EMD-E8-DIESEL-LOCOMOTIVE-RED-W-CHROME-NEW-IN-BOX/113106333348?hash=item1a55a9aea4:g:NgEAAOSwc95a85Cm
  5. Ever wonder just how big the interior of an actual Union Pacific Big Boy firebox is? It's huge! Even the water circulators/ arch supports are big as they have to be in the 10" - 12" size??!!
  6. Wow! Lot of difference listed there thanks! LGB R5 15.23' diameter compared to Piko R5 which is 8.14'....
  7. Chuck

    USA Trains Chrome SF PA's

    Seems Charles Ro had one set of Santa Fe PA's chromed Here's some you tube screenshots showing a ABA set with a sign NOT FOR SALE
  8. Chuck

    USA Trains 89' Flatcar??

    I was watching a Charles Ro Supply video slideshow and spotted this USA Trains 89' flatcar with containers for sale. So I called Ro and inquired and was told yes they are for sale at like $189.95 each or 3 for like $527.95 Sorry about the crappy quality pic's as these are you tube screenshots.
  9. Be nice if you'd post the manufacturers item numbers, pictures and most of all the prices. Such as which MTH Challenger??? MTH made 2 different grey versions. Yesterday I called and left a message inquiring about the UP E8's with no call back. Later sent an email and received a reply hours later stating $650 each used.
  10. Chuck

    MTH G Big Boy #4014 smoking whistle

    Okay Joe, so here's a thread titled MTH 2018 Catalog New Big Boys and for some reason you feel the need to derail the topic about a problem you created?? You took a brand new $1,500.00 locomotive that wasn't functioning correctly and instead of sending it back in for warranty work you took it upon yourself to "fix" it. So yes I would say that you were bored and took it apart for "kicks"...and broke it. Real nice way to get newbies into the hobby...by complaining about new products...I wonder how many folks have been turned away from ordering new MTH Big Boys because of your recent whining posts?? Why don't you try something new..that is promoting the hobby!!
  11. Great news about PEE K4 1361 as it's to be restored/ finished. The restoration of that locomotive has been an ongoing mess for over 20 years now with millions of tax $$$ being poorly spent. 1361 is siting at Altoona in pieces. Heavy hitters in the steam locomotive world Bennett Levin, Wick Moorman (ex CEO NS and the guy who was behind getting NW 611 restored) and AFT/ High Iron Co. owner Ross Rowland are all behind bringing back 1361 Here's the Trains article... http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2018/05/10-new-effort-will-focus-on-restoration-of-famed-pennsylvania-railroad-k4s-no-1361
  12. Chuck

    MTH G Big Boy #4014 smoking whistle

    Well maybe if you wouldn't have broken the whistle smoke tube by improper disassembly (while under warranty) it would still be functioning properly??!! I'll contact the webmaster as I feel your last reply should be moved to your original thread regarding the MTH Big Boy smoking whistle here... http://www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/1098-mth-g-big-boy-4014-smoking-whistle/
  13. Looks like a good time being had by all Plenty of big long trains all battery powered!
  14. Chuck

    USAT Big Boy Modifications

    Well in the last 5 months all that I've gotten around to is painting the deck black again. I found a really close match to locomotive black is Krylons Colormaster flat black. I take a unshaken can and puncture a hole near the top to bleed off the pressure. Then enlarge the hole and cut away the top of can then pour paint into a resealable glass jar. Then I spray it with a airbrush. Here I fit the shield and can't hardly tell any difference in the shades of black. After I add the UP shield with number and headlight you'll never notice the thing was repainted
  15. Chuck

    USA vs Accucraft vs Fine arts models vs.....

    Nice locomotive! And that's great information about Fine Arts Model and what it takes to make them run!