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  1. UP Steam Shop Tour

    Nice pics Jerry...Thanks! You shoulda asked Edgar just how he plans on getting 3985 going since he scrapped all the superheaters a few years back....after they were all re-tubed and tested
  2. Looking for sources

    Only thing close to that would be the Lionel G Gauge Polar Express locomotive...It's a caricature of 1225 and all plastic...even plastic drivers and battery operated...but cheap in price!
  3. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    So you wanna sell me your Alps printer??
  4. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Hmm...catalog discrepancy as the new cars are cataloged as having silver trucks. The MTH catalog disclaimer reads as "Each item's graphic features and content are subject to change after publication."
  5. ride-on Allegheny

    Don't tempt me as I've been thinking about getting into that scale for years! Could have say a 1.5" scale 7-3/4" gauge coal fired Hudson sitting in the garage all polished up ready to go and say a caboose in the house while finishing the interior and detailing.
  6. Piko 2-bay hoppers

    Reason I heard for the short car length is the original MDC plastic injection machine wouldn't accept a bigger mold. Molds wearing out...I agree as the Aristo-Craft heavyweight passenger car mold could have used some upgrading over the years...those cars when new looked bad in some areas!
  7. Planning new frieght yard

    That track spacing looks real! I can imagine hobos at night sneaking around in a yard like that looking for a comfy boxcar to ride in!
  8. Mini Christmas Lights!

    Thanks! Yes I do like them but as mentioned...the time it takes to shorten the Led spacing is
  9. My guess is you need to update the tablet as that appears to be the free version of the App.
  10. MTH has been making O Gauge buildings, locomotives and rolling stock with Christmas lights on them and I think they look fantastic! So I "borrowed" their idea and started experimenting by adding Christmas lights to a Lionel Large Scale Station kit that I built several years ago. I'm using lights called Micro-Dots that I bought from Hobby Lobby but I believe fairy lights are the same. Downside is these things have Led's on 4" spacing so I cut them up and re-soldered for 2" spacing. The wire they used is magnet wire so it's thin and has some kind of varnish insulation on it. Next I'll buy the Wal*Mart brand as they use green coated wire. Hobby Lobby wire is coated clear so it's silver which means I'll paint it to match the stations trim. I'm sold and will be adding lights to all my buildings in the next few weeks. Weather around here has been typical dreary midwest grey with drizzle and chilly...good cheap indoor project! Now I need to find some mini Christmas wreaths to hang on the doors etc.
  11. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    MTH was putting out a One-Gauge catalog every year until like 2008, after then it's been every other year. But before it was a 2 year wait from a cataloged item until it it appears they've already gave the go ahead to produce before the catalogs are published. I say that because when the 2017 catalog appeared in Jan. a few weeks later some of the hoppers and tank cars started shipping...which is fine by me as no more loooong delays.
  12. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    This is post number 11,000
  13. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Bob, Yes looking mighty fine Was going to mention about the chuff settings in the DCS Remote Menu but you found it
  14. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Should be a 2018 catalog coming in a few months perhaps...
  15. To Save My Wife the Trouble.

    Give Al Kramer in Vegas a call as he's the old San-Val dealer. He buys estates.