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  1. Well, I can't say I'm surprised... but I appreciate hearing this update. I'm hoping I can buy of few of these next year... maybe at the NGRC in Portland if they are here by then. My K4 needs passenger cars.
  2. benshell

    MTH DCS Wifi & App - Tablet Recommendation list

    I have an old Kindle Fire 7" HDX I use to run my trains with JMRI Engine Driver, but I wouldn't buy a Kindle again due to the difficulty in installing most apps (as Ray mentioned). Another thing to look for is 5 GHz WiFi. Most inexpensive tablets still don't have 5 GHz support. My old Kindle Fire does, but I'm not sure the new ones do. I think they are continuing to cut costs, and my old one did cost a lot more (over $200). If you only use 2.4 GHz WiFi then obviously this won't be an issue, but 2.4 GHz is becoming increasingly congested, and for me 2.4 GHz isn't even usable at all anymore. It got to the point where I couldn't even print to a wireless printer in the same room as the router. 5 GHz doesn't penetrate walls nearly as well, so I now have three outdoor WiFi access points for running my trains, as my track wraps around the house so there's no line of sight to the whole railroad. Now I'm struggling with lag during handoff between access points, so it's not a perfect solution. But 5 GHz is still much more reliable for me than 2.4 GHz was, so keep this in mind when buying a tablet.
  3. benshell

    1:32 Passenger Cars

    Great work Jerry! What a creative way to spruce up the dining car. The Accucraft cars look pretty plain inside and could really use detail like this. I don't know that I'll go this far, but I'm about to start figuring out how to open mine up to at least add lights and figures. I've got the LED strips already, but where did you get these figures? And if you have any other tips on opening or working on these cars I'd love to hear them.
  4. Hello, if you are still looking for that item? I have a NIB USAT Santa Fe Warbonnet ABBA, also I an 11 car Santa Fe Super chief passenger car set NIB. I can reached at 609-230-2002 Reggie

  5. Wow, great! You're very welcome. It sure is a great looking train. Be sure to post pictures!
  6. As of last month there was a chrome plated set with passenger cars on display and for sale at the Roseville model railroad club. I don't remember the asking price but it seemed very reasonable. I'd recommend contacting them to see if it is still available: http://rosevilleroundhouse.org/
  7. benshell

    MTH BB sample

    Nice work, Joe. What kind of paint is that? The picture is a little grainy, but appears to be very similar to factory color and sheen.
  8. benshell

    USA vs Accucraft vs Fine arts models vs.....

    I don't have any fine scale models--I have mostly 1:29th--but of everything I have including the USA Trains Big Boy the pickiest train I have is Bachmann Thomas with Anne and Clarabel. If I'm preparing for an open house and want to make sure everything runs perfectly, all I need to do is test with Thomas to ensure my track is squeaky clean, and Anne and Clarabel to make sure there are no twists in the track. These longer 2-axle cars with no springs or flex will derail on the slightly twist much more readily than the Big Boy. (And Chuck, I wouldn't consider the Big Boy to have semi-fine scale flanges... I haven't measured to compare, but I'm pretty sure they are much deeper than Accucraft 1:32 and other fine scale models.)
  9. benshell

    New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    My GS-4's are still listed as shipping in Oct and Nov 2017, but another one of the GS-4's is now showing Feb 2018 also. Who knows when they will actually show up. But if they aren't on the ship within a month or so, they'll be waiting until after the Chinese New Year. It would be nice to have them by spring.
  10. benshell

    Bachmann DCC 55 ton help

    Hi Harold, I just saw this message, and I use DCC. What sort of problems are you having? Please describe as best you can, and be sure to let us know the manufacturer of the DCC system as well as the decoder in the locomotive, if you know. One of the benefits of a forum like this is that if you describe the problem here, and people are able to help, then others will also have the benefit of the knowledge shared if they encounter similar problems. I certainly learned a lot of about DCC from reading forums while trying to get the bottom of some of the issues I had early on, so I'm always happy to share what I've learned.
  11. benshell

    New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Hmm. Is that an older release on the left? It looks like it also has ribbed sides. I would have expected consistency here. They are nice looking cars though. I think they have more detail than the new Accucraft cars.
  12. Hi Ben,

    Congratulations on getting your K4 going.  I really enjoyed the video.  I'm brand new member.  I was drawn to the group hoping I could get help in location a G scale pre-war PRR K4.  I'm looking for an engine to display.  It does not have to be in running condition.  The display will honor my Dad who fired K4s (M1s, I1s, J1s, L1s H10s, and #6110, the prototype T1) for PRR on the Panhandle Division between Columbus and Pittsburgh.  I'm looking for a highly detailed engine, either steam or electric, and will happily pay a reasonable price.  Can you or any of your Forum friends help me?

    Thanks very much!



  13. benshell

    4-8-4 1:29 Brass

    Wow, this is very impressive! Great work!
  14. benshell

    Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Nick, this is really coming together and looking amazing! The last thing I need is another project, but wow, this sure makes me want to build something like this.
  15. benshell

    MTH 2017 Passenger Cars Are Shipping!

    Wow, that's crazy Chuck. Is UP the roadname you ordered? It sounds like MTH must not have anticipated the demand. I also think MTH should do more old school advertising, i.e. ads in Garden Railways magazine, because none of the garden railroaders I've talked to in my area have even heard there is an MTH 2017 catalog. Of course, now they know because I mentioned it so maybe that's the word of mouth MTH is going for, but it seems like a bit more traditional marketing would be helpful.