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  1. grsman

    Rail Bender

    I got it. Thanks again! Tom
  2. grsman

    Rail Bender

    Dan? He works for Trainli? I guess he forgot to mention that. I don't know why unless he didn't want to get beat up for Trainli selling this bender without any instructions or paperwork of any kind. They have been supplying this bender for quite awhile. It seems like they have had more than enough time to come up with something. I received a lot of suggestions from several people on another forum. Most of them have been using it and surviving on a wing and a prayer. Maybe I was able to buy mine because the seller was unable to use it without some instructions. I still have not had a reply from Trainli at the email address I sent my request for help to. I would want my customers to be completely satisfied with my product and provide any assistance I could. Too many companies don't realize how far a little help can go. Ray does everything and anything he can to help his customers. Tom
  3. grsman

    Rail Bender

    I purchased a used Trainli Rail Bender, It didn't come with the wrenches or instructions. Did anyone with a Trainli Rail Bender ever see instructions on how to use it? I have had some suggestions on the use of it on another forum. Nobody has seen instructions. I sent a message to Trainli, but I have not seen a reply. I guess I will have to wing it and give it a try. Tom
  4. grsman


    Do MTH locomotives have something in them that keeps track or running time? Tom
  5. grsman

    New to sound

    Have you looked at TCS WOW decoders? Too many good things to list. Tom
  6. grsman

    Indoor F scale layout finally started

    jaug Like I said "F scale is 1:20.3". You have already told me everything I knew about F scale. I don't need to find out more. Thanks Tom
  7. grsman

    Indoor F scale layout finally started

    F scale is 1:20.3. Tom
  8. grsman

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Tanks? Does this look familiar? Tom
  9. grsman

    small paint sprayer

    Screwy Nick Canned air was in reference to the can of air you have to buy to make the Preval sprayer work. I think that there are some inexpensive electric paint sprayers out there that would be suitable for latex paint (house paint?) for larger projects. It would be reusable for many projects without added expense of buying cans of air. In all fairness, some people do not want to mess around with even a small air compressor. Tom
  10. grsman

    small paint sprayer

    Preval has been around a long time. Years ago I used a similar sprayer from Badger. Canned air gets expensive if you do any amount of spaying. I was spraying model airplanes. I finally bought an inexpensive air compressor and air brush for less than $100. I am sure glad I did. You can do nice painting and weathering with an air brush. Tom
  11. Are these kits available for purchase? Tom
  12. grsman

    Lewis Polk

    Lewis Polk passed away. He will be missed! Tom
  13. grsman

    Custom painting a 70ton hopper

    Brian? We usually sign our name on posts. Stan Cedarleaf is the man for decals. http://gold.mylargescale.com/StanCedarleaf/WebPageDecals/CustomDecalsx.html Tom
  14. grsman

    New to sound

    I don't know anything about that LGB loco, Look at the Train Engineer Revolution product line. http://www.revoelectronics.com It is a good system for sound on a DC layout. Tom
  15. grsman

    Track radius

    Garden Railways Magazine had a two part series on building turnouts. It was in June 2009 & August 2009 issues. Tom