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  1. grsman

    Rosy a kit bashed 0-4-0 saddle tanker

    Choochoowilly That is really neat! Keep up the good work. Tom
  2. grsman

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Bob That is a very good idea. I am getting ready to do a couple hundred feet of track. I will give it a try. Tom
  3. grsman

    Rail Clamps

    Yardtrain That looks like a pretty good fit to me. Tom
  4. grsman

    Rail Clamps

    They have been trying to sell the business for several years. Tom
  5. grsman

    Rail Clamps

    I have always had good service from RLD Hobbies. Tom
  6. grsman

    MTH Passenger car lights

    Very nice job! Tom
  7. grsman

    New Daylight Coaches first run.

    Very nice looking train! Tom
  8. Gator What do you do in your spare time? Tom
  9. Gator Very nice looking building. Workmanship looks to be first class. Tom
  10. grsman

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Bob This is looking GREAT! You will be running trains in no time. Tom
  11. grsman

    Indoor/outdoor Fn3 railroad

    Bob In the very beginning of the video, it is spelled Chili! Tom
  12. grsman

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    This looks fantastic! I can't wait to see some trains running. Tom
  13. grsman

    Rail Bender

    I got it. Thanks again! Tom
  14. grsman

    Rail Bender

    Dan? He works for Trainli? I guess he forgot to mention that. I don't know why unless he didn't want to get beat up for Trainli selling this bender without any instructions or paperwork of any kind. They have been supplying this bender for quite awhile. It seems like they have had more than enough time to come up with something. I received a lot of suggestions from several people on another forum. Most of them have been using it and surviving on a wing and a prayer. Maybe I was able to buy mine because the seller was unable to use it without some instructions. I still have not had a reply from Trainli at the email address I sent my request for help to. I would want my customers to be completely satisfied with my product and provide any assistance I could. Too many companies don't realize how far a little help can go. Ray does everything and anything he can to help his customers. Tom
  15. grsman

    Rail Bender

    I purchased a used Trainli Rail Bender, It didn't come with the wrenches or instructions. Did anyone with a Trainli Rail Bender ever see instructions on how to use it? I have had some suggestions on the use of it on another forum. Nobody has seen instructions. I sent a message to Trainli, but I have not seen a reply. I guess I will have to wing it and give it a try. Tom