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  1. I purchased some inexpensive Chinese Li-ion cells on Ebay to make up battery packs. They have protection PCBs installed. They worked quite well and are still going strong. I also purchased a 14.8v 5000ma Li-ion pack from a reputable US seller. It failed after what I consider a short time. I found two defective cells after inspection. Batteries can be very difficult to deal with. Sometimes you have to pay your money and hope for the best. I think a good quality charger will go a long way to keeping batteries healthy. Tom
  2. Ray If he has 3 5200ma batteries in series, they will still have 5200ma capacity. Putting them is series will not reduce the 5200 ma capacity. The voltage will be increased, but the ma capacity will not change. Tom Here is an example of batteries in series: Series Connection Portable equipment needing higher voltages use battery packs with two or more cells connected in series. Figure 2 shows a battery pack with four 3.6V Li-ion cells in series, also known as 4S, to produce 14.4V nominal. In comparison, a six-cell lead acid string with 2V/cell will generate 12V, and four alkaline with 1.5V/cell will give 6V. Figure 2: Series connection of four cells (4s). Adding cells in a string increases the voltage; the capacity remains the same. Courtesy of Cadex Tom
  3. Choochoowilly That is really neat! Keep up the good work. Tom
  4. Bob That is a very good idea. I am getting ready to do a couple hundred feet of track. I will give it a try. Tom
  5. Yardtrain That looks like a pretty good fit to me. Tom
  6. They have been trying to sell the business for several years. Tom
  7. I have always had good service from RLD Hobbies. Tom
  8. Gator What do you do in your spare time? Tom
  9. Gator Very nice looking building. Workmanship looks to be first class. Tom
  10. Bob This is looking GREAT! You will be running trains in no time. Tom
  11. Bob In the very beginning of the video, it is spelled Chili! Tom
  12. This looks fantastic! I can't wait to see some trains running. Tom

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