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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Jerry B44

    New Project - SP GS-4 (1:29 scale)

    Looking good!
  2. Jerry B44

    MTH 2019 One Gauge Catalog

    Encouraging to see. Since MTH and USA are the only ones make more modern cars/locos I would hope it would help MTH to sell more. About the only engine I would buy anymore would be 844 and I doubt that is going to happen.
  3. Jerry B44

    Scrap wood building

    Nice work there.
  4. Jerry B44

    Train Robberies (from yard)?

    Been lucky here so far, no problems when I lived a few miles out of town in Nebraska. I leave a bunch of freight cars outside all the time on a siding, makes it easy to hook up and go.
  5. Jerry B44

    Great Trains E-7 engine

    Bob, I have the piece that goes in the lower front, if you don't. Have some extra GT parts. Let me know. I bought a HO scale B unit on ebay to help me make a B unit. I have a pair of NSWL 3 axle dummy trucks with wheels but no gears or motors. Engine runs fine on track power, even being sorta dirty, but those wheels are a ways apart, so I guess it evens out.
  6. Jerry B44

    Great Trains E-7 engine

    I'll see, may have a page or two of it.
  7. Jerry B44

    Great Trains E-7 engine

    26" long so right on in 1/32 scale for their 70' length. Bob Thon(Robert's Lines) said he had a A&B unit that he has on display in a local museum. He has the original brochure also, which is posted on the Facebook Gauge 1 Forum.
  8. I would think they were doing some test runs of this pretty soon.
  9. Jerry B44

    Great Trains E-7 engine

    I would like the castings Bob, if you mold it. Be fun to make one. I have a set of 3 axle NWSL's without motors that I could use in it. I read they were closing down?
  10. Jerry B44

    Great Trains E-7 engine

    I was contacted by Robbie Hanson about the E-7 he picked up. I was able to buy it from him and he shipped it very well. A few things had come unglued, which is not surprising so I fixed that and glued the lights in place. Used some 1/8" spacers to enable the trucks to rotate some without hitting the body. Has NWSL 3 axle trucks and runs real smooth. I do plan to lubricate them, but been too excited playing with it. Art Knapp had one C&O car that I just got today. Need to get a coupler on it and some weights, sure is lightweight. Sure is a long engine, looks great! I was told not many of these were made, but not sure about that. I plan to paint the trucks silver. If anyone has another unit to sell in this livery let me know. Any B unit would work, could repaint it anyway. IF any B's were made. Car is still on the plastic wheels. Sure big windows! Does have seats, will get some people in soon. S\ Wish Ralph had matched the colors better. Lights have amber colored lenses for some reason. Still the incandescent bulbs that don't work great.
  11. Jerry B44

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Really looks awesome Bob. Can't wait to see some trains running on it, should be exciting for us to see! Hope your body is holding up from all that work.
  12. Jerry B44

    PRR Harbor Tug

    I gave up on K, too many problems. Their UV clear seems okay. I use R and stick within it, not mixing other brands. Good to test on some scraps.
  13. Jerry B44

    Wood buildings, Boomtown

    What scale are they?