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  1. Nice work Nick, better than the ones I am putting on now! Keep up the good work.
  2. Yeah, I have three, first was a Shay I made, then got the Mikado when they came out, it runs real well. Old buddy was getting out of the hobby and I got a good deal on an Accucraft Mogul that had been heavily modified and runs great also. the steam is fun, but takes some work to get all the stuff out to get going. So I don't do it too often. You running on your layout yet?
  3. Had a good run with my Aristo live steam Mikado. Good plumes. Nice cool day with no wind. It does have a Summerlands chuffer, hence the good sound, it is real sound, not a recording. Well, guess it does not show the sound for some reason, oh well... https://youtu.be/pCZQa2r_d14
  4. Ah, American ingenuity, or a Redneck genius? You sure do think out of the box Bob, and it pays off.
  5. We've been corresponding. I think his thin plastic is a good idea.
  6. Good fit there Nick! Shows amazing skill.
  7. Got up early to drive an hour north to Salina to see 4014. Great steam plumes on a cool/damp morning. Thrilling experience. Looking a little dirty!
  8. Quite a setup you have there. Looks good.
  9. Sure is looking great. Nice detail and finish.

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