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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Jerry B44

    My Challenger back.

    Glad your son is okay, one tour of Nam was enough for me, can't believe guys serving 7-8, hope they are still sane. I'm not.
  2. Jerry B44

    My Challenger back.

    Ray updated my Challenger to PS 3 and enhanced the smoke and sound. First test run was great.
  3. Neat video http://trn.trains.com/photos-videos/videos/2019/08/trains-presents-illinois-f-unit-finale
  4. Jerry B44

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    Ray, in the latest catalog they showed baggage cars for the Daylight, any info on them?
  5. Jerry B44

    New Daylight Coaches first run.

    Did not see this till now Mike. Just a piece of 14" plywood with a piece on each side of the bottom to clear the tracks/ties. Couple of uprights that I connect with a piece of dowel. Stirp of wood down the center of the top a little narrower than wheel spacing. I sit it on the track and pull the loco out some to rest on the cails a little, then Pull out the carrier. I don't roll it all out. On the Daylight you have to be real careful since that front piece sits so low. I screw some velcro strips on at key positions so I can strap it down without damaginr anything. Used to use little bunji's but the velcro works better.
  6. Jerry B44

    MTH DCS Explorer for battery power.

    Crazy guy!
  7. Full review of the new Daylight in the latest issue of GR.
  8. Jerry B44

    McKeen Car Build

    Very creative work Nick!
  9. Jerry B44

    Union Pacific The Big Boy Tour

    Very nice, not sure my son went to see it or not.
  10. Jerry B44

    Hollow Foam Buildings

    Yeah, I used some of those metal landscape pins, plus it's up against a pile of rocks.
  11. Jerry B44

    McKeen Car Build

    WOW Nick that roof looks great. Now cast some like Bob said.
  12. Jerry B44

    Hollow Foam Buildings

    Al Kramer said they have not been made for a long time. Mine is holding up well.
  13. Jerry B44

    McKeen Car Build

    Roof looks nice Nick!
  14. Jerry B44

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    I hire a lot anymore, if I can afford it, if I do too much the wear and tear on the old body is not worth it.
  15. Jerry B44

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    I prefer the clamps that SVRR sells. Fits between the ties real nice, hold up for a long time. I find the split jaws a pain they way they are always rotating around. They do have them for code 250 I know. Check Reindeer Pass.