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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    I need some Wildroot! You know many of us hate you Larry for you being so neat and organized. Guess that part of the military did not stick too good with me. Maybe with the move I'll be more organized down there, but doubt it. Keep up the good work.
  2. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    Yeah, snowed yesterday and will Sat I guess. IF it ever thaws I will start tearing down the railroad. All frozen right now, was 17 when I got up. MIght get up to the 40's next week. Layout has about 10" of snow on it though. Will go out and scrape off the track with a hoe or small shovel to help it thaw. I did bring some of the buildings in to work on this winter, but some are still out there and frozen down I imagine. Layout build depends on if any money is left. Might have to save for awhile.
  3. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    Great work there Larry. Wish I had your wiring skills. I'm moving next month and will rebuild, but doing a raised layout. Still need to take up my track and stuff, but it's 17 degrees and snowing. Like you I am waiting on pre-orders. That Dec. date for the dash 8 Veteran's loco sure was wrong. They had been doing pretty good. Keep up the good work.
  4. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Bob, that is just regular packing tape you can get anywhere. The silver part is thin striping tape you put on first. Then put the tape over that and trim the sliver some if you need to. Table top is a photo I reduced from a picture I took of our UP stuff we have collected. Glasses are plastic tubing. Figures are those cheap ones you get on ebay. Repainted some of them, especially the hair, ALL the figures have black hair!
  5. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Could you run thin metal through a crimper tool? On the blinds I had success using tape that has the strings in it and taping on the inside of the window. Couple of thin strips served as the one part of the 'blinds'.
  6. New MTH? what I'd like to see.....

    Nor do they have any ads in Garden Railroad magazine. Any new person getting in would have no idea they even exist.
  7. Bought a house in Newton, KS to be near my son/grandkids in Wichita, just 25 miles away. Nice size house/lot and I hope to build a raised railway with blocks in a dogbone and back filled. A few trees, not much vegetation, too old for weeding much! Will start taking it apart when the weather gets above freezing here in Nebraska. Once I get settled I may be selling some MTH stuff, but we'll see! I'll still check the forum and look around, be a couple of months before we get out of here I guess. Have not sold my house, so if you want to live in the country two miles out of town let me know.
  8. 1:32 Passenger Cars

    Thanks guys. I don't really recall on disassembly Ben, but there are screws on the bottom. I did not do the lights. The figures are those China ones on ebay, he has them in all different scales, I got the 1/32 ones. I got the painted ones, but still painted on them some, so not all were the same colors. All the hair on them is black! USA's figures are actually 1/32 I believe and they look nice also. A good trick for blinds is the packing tape with the white strings in it, just drop it down so a few show, looks pretty good!
  9. Repair/replace Aristocraft smoke unit

    MTH smoke units are great, if you can find one. Ray has some O scale ones, I think, might check with him.
  10. New MTH? what I'd like to see.....

    Just wish I'd get the dash 8 Veteran's loco that was due last month. 844 would be nice to get.
  11. 1:32 Passenger Cars

    I did get the UP diner from Kidman's. I changed the interior, seats were too close for figures and I added the kitchen, like Bob Welke did. I have some UP table ware, so set up a table top and took a picture of it. Printed it off the right size and added some plastic tubing for water glass. Tru-color armor yellow was a great match for MTH's color. I added a cut down USA dome to one car. They seem to have good contacts. They buy collections also, might have your buddy check with them. Reinder Pass .com
  12. Used Track Power Issues

    I use a conductive grease after cleaning the rail ends and the bottom at the end also. Rail clamps are best, another feeder could help. I had some problem spots where I finally soldered a jumper. I drilled thru the rail to easily put the wire on , then solder.
  13. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Amazing job there, Bob, as usual!