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  1. Nice work, my RS3 looks like a piece of junk, so I'll just leave it the way it is. Who needs side rails?
  2. No, never did get one. Too old now!
  3. I just traced around the window, cut some thin plastic and used the pattern and cut it close. Then put the plastic in the hole and traced on the plastic, took awhile, but sanded it down to fit. I did not attempt any rubber seal look at all.
  4. You are sure good with figuring out electrical stuff. I stumble around and some times succeed! Did get the Zephyer going.
  5. Nice work Bob. Glad those parts helped out some. Sure like that, looks nice.
  6. Glad it worked out, be fun to see. You sure do big parts/molds!
  7. Saw someone did something like this on another forum awhile back. I had a molded portal by Precision Products that I used. Sprayed the inside of the portal on a piece of board and cut a piece of vinyl for the other end. Used some chicken grit for the gravel road. Left the edges, was not sure what to do there. Might cut a car model in half as if it is entering it. Just for grins.

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