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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. I was able to get to Cheyenne for the last tour of the UP Steam Shop. It was a fund raiser for the museum in the depot. We rode trolley's over to the shop from the depot. Ed met us there and we had to wear hard hats and earplugs. He started with the history of the shop, which used to be much larger and in the steam days employed 3000 workers in 3 shifts. Some of the original machinery has been restored to use on the steam fleet. They have also invested a lot in CAD machinery to make their own parts from the UP drawings. They are trying to make as many new parts as they can, instead of using old parts they remove, unless they are in very good shape. They do make extra parts for spares. Parts they can't make are farmed out, as the wheels are right now getting new tires. Parts are all over the shop on pallets. They were welding on the BB, so we could not get real close, he said the date they are shooting for is 2019. That is the reason that 844 is only doing the Frontier Days Special next year, so they can focus their 9 man crew on the BB. He did talk about moisture problems on steam engines that are idle, they keep a heater going in 844's boiler at all times. The Challenger is due to be restored after the BB is done. A tour of the Roundhouse followed. The BB front frame was cleaned and painted by volunteers, some of which were original volunteers of bringing the Challenger back to life. The shop has had the dropped ceiling removed for easier access to the top of cars and a new 40 ton overhead crane(yellow in the pix) is being installed, not the 240 ton that used to be there to lift up whole engines. I was impressed by the organization and focus they have on doing an extensive restoration that should last for a long time.
  2. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Goodall valve is so you can add water to the boiler. You can fill it that way also, but it would be a lot of pumps to squirt it in. Just plug in the squirt bottle to plug into the valve on the boiler. I fill my steamers thru the top of the boiler, it may be under a dome you pull off. Be sure to use steam oil and lube all linkages/etc with a 3 in one oil or some such.
  3. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    I would think they might have some new stuff. Seem to be selling out of what they bring in anyway. With USA about the only other one doing anything much I'd think a few more would drift into 1/32nd scale. Freight especially, since they vary in size so much.
  4. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Man, that is looking great.
  5. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Wished they would have the Veteran's dash 8 ready by Veteran's Day, but alas.....
  6. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    It's ALIVE!
  7. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    GR had a good review of speakers that Alex Tillman sells on his Train-Li site. Not real pricey and supposed to sound good.
  8. Stumbled across this looking at Bob's youTube page. Could be a simpler way for one to add running cars for your layout, no slots to plug up. Could use a variety of road surfaces.
  9. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Great Job Bob, sure looks nice. Amazing work, and a baggage cars, sheesh! I'll go see your Youtube page.
  10. MTH dash 8 on Trainz

    Man, that is crazy budding.
  11. MTH dash 8 on Trainz

    I see there is a UP dash 8 on Trainz auction. $230 start bid with no bids yet. They do charge a commission and shipping.
  12. I have a ticket to the tour. Wife's mother still lives there, so takes the pain out of the visit! We both graduated from high school there.
  13. Planning new frieght yard

    John, I just drill in the wood, the spike head overlaps the rail, so it is not necessary to drill the rail. Be a lot of drill bits! Did not use tie plates. I use redwood or cedar. I've only done this for some switches I made and had no problem with them. Most people who do their rail this way use the Micro Engineering spikes. And spike on both sides.
  14. Planning new frieght yard

    YOu can get spikes made to hold the rail. Micro Engineering has them, not sue who else. I drill a small hole in the wood tie, then push the larger spike in. The spike has one side that will overlap the rail. You can do both sides, at least I do with no problems. The spikes are black and good for outside especially, since they rust some and lock good to the wood. They have a tool to help do it also, or someone does, maybe Llagas creek.