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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Jerry B44

    Aristo Pacific and Vandy Tender

    This is now on ebay.
  2. Selling my Aristo Pacific and Vandy tender to finish my move to 1/32nd scale. Pacific has the new drive and metal rods. I put in a MTH smoke unit($100) and it smokes real good. Bit dusty but runs great. Set up for battery power, does have the switch to track power, I've never used it. Boiler door seems a bit loose. Tender has a My Loco Sound steam unit in it and sounds fine, to me anyway. Stan did the decals for it. Number on the Pacific is that of one that was noted to be a good runner in Nebraska.. Both are in original boxes and packed in a large box together. Sorta be a big heavy box, actual shipping will be charged. $550 for the two.
  3. Jerry B44

    Dash 8's coming in.

    It is great. Right now I'm watering several times a day to get the grass seed to get going, so no time to sit up my Army train, have to then take it down pretty quick. Frustrating, but glad to get the engine. You get yours Larry?
  4. Jerry B44

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Video of my dash 8's first run. https://www.facebook.com/jerry.barnes.739/videos/10210100721273200/?t=44
  5. Jerry B44

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    That just takes your breath away, it is such a sight to see. You see the latest GR had an article on making arches? The cover is a good idea, make for more running time.
  6. Jerry B44

    Dash 8's coming in.

    I have two old K-line geeps I use but they are sort of wobbly.
  7. Jerry B44

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Should get it Monday Ray said. Whoppeeeee!!
  8. Jerry B44

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Latest weekly email from MTH said the dash 8's are here or coming soon. Sure hope so. The Veteran's locomotive will look nice with my military train.
  9. Jerry B44

    Split Jaw Clamps - Over the rail joiner

    I use rail clamps on all of my joints. Mostly the SVRR clamps I got 30 years ago. Did clean them good after the move before I put the track together. Some track was really filthy and old ties had to be replaced. Tried to do it right and not have any troubles, I used the conducting grease also and my Dremel wire brush tool to clean the ends of the NS rail. I That is a clean spot that was circled in red, does have a regular clamp. do have some Hillman clamps also, like to get some more code 250 of them.
  10. Jerry B44

    Show us your engines!!

    Got my Hudson going on the new layout today. Was smoking real good, but not in the pictures. Hoping my Dash *8 Veteran's loco comes in soon. Ways to go yet on wiring buildings and then hooking them up to power.
  11. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Thanks Larry, hope you are right! Ray has not said anything.
  12. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    I got the track all hooked up for the main loop on top of the blocks. Getting the buildings and a few more trees in. Nice to be able to run trains again. Using mulch quite a bit, not a lot of groundcovers planned, weeding that wore me out on my old layout. Familiar buildings that I borought with me. Almost have them all re-wired. Keeping it all simple. Few buildings to go, not sure how many cars/figures I'll put out this late in the year.
  13. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Larry, I sure hope you are right, can't remember how long ago I ordered that. Be fun to have it pull my military train.
  14. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Got the south island mulched and pretty much done. My son was a big help. Hardi backer board is where the town will be-someday. I've started laying track, but is a slow process. Have to clean the clamps and rail ends good, then use die-electric compound on them. Once I have the rail bent finally with my dual rail bender I will gradually solder jumpers on each just to be sure of good track power Tragic plane accident in the canyon. South end with the board for the town buidings. Not planning on a lot of vegetation, some trees/mulch/Roundup is the plan.
  15. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Alan, both bridges were moved down here to use. Incorporating them in the build resulted in the two 'island' set up. I made the covered bridge years ago, build is on my web page, maybe in the projects button. The wood bridge is just a generic build for an impression of one by the viewer. Now that things are closer to a viewer I may have to detail things a bit more. My son helped with mulching the south island and a little this and that, we were pretty wet with sweat.