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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Glad damage was not real bad. Sad to lose a big tree like that though. Magnets seem like a good idea, they some sort of special super stick kind?
  2. UP Turbine Tender Build

    I know they have worked on them since Chuck, that is dated 4 years ago.
  3. 4-8-4 1:29 Brass

    Amazing work, looks great!
  4. UP Turbine Tender Build

    Thanks. I liked the tender with the flag, just made it straight on the ends. I see it when the steamers go by. they have been working on the tenders, fixing them up. I think Aster charged several thousand for the ones they made that you could order, the whole run sold out I know. Lots more accurate than mine I am sure! But I'm happy with it, looks fine from the deck. Marty made several in 1/29 that he sold, or gave to a few guys.
  5. Goodbye QSI

    I just got another MyLocoSound card from Del Taprio, has a remote control you can get that has several functions. Volume Whistle/Horn, Bell, All Aboard, Safety/Brake/ Brake/turbo, Auto Sound, Engine Types, Load Sense, Chuff Mode. I have some of the earlier cards that sound okay to me. Not as good as the MTH, but this control update gives you some flexibility you didn't have before. Good reviews on the speakers Train-Lie is selling in last issue of GR.
  6. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Amazing work on such a big project.
  7. Looking for information

    Use code 250 for sure anyway. Sunset Valley RR has SS in code 250. They have great switches and clamps also. Never had any problems with flanges of any make of train. Trains really look best on code 250, the larger codes can make them look toy like. I really like the MTH engines and coming with the sound/digital control they end up being a bargain. Installing a lot of the stuff can be a problem. Aristo Craft is no longer made, so getting parts can be a problem. MTH seems okay and so is USA I've heard. USA's axles can be a problem, being plastic. MTH is all metal. Plus MTH has fantastic smoke. Being 1/32 scale they are lighter weight and easier to move around. Plus you can still have a long train on a small layout. Check my web page for some videos. No matter what you get they will need maintenance, just like a real train/railroad, but that is part of the fun! Check around for a G scale club, can get some good info that way. Lot of used stuff coming up for sale anymore, usually you do okay, but can get stung.
  8. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Looking good, sure is a monster!
  9. the ultimate collection?

    Just amazing.
  10. Show us your engines!!

    I like those PA units a lot. No more room for anything anymore!
  11. Big By RUMBLE

    Thanks guys. That BB is 4004, not the 4016, need to work on the sound plug on it. jerry
  12. Big By RUMBLE

    Yeah, got the boxcar also, can't wait for the dash 8 to pull them with my Army train.
  13. Big By RUMBLE

    Here is my BB under a load, crank up the sound, it is like a sub woofer.
  14. I'd buy one if MTH did it. All metal at 1/29 is too big/heavy for my back.
  15. My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Yes Bob, encouragement! With that heat/humidity down there you need all we can give! You've solved a lot of problems with molds and moving the heavy castings around, gonna be WAY cool!