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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. I have faith in you!
  2. I guess he has a good printer, sure is smooth.
  3. First time in a year or so that I've run my Aristo live Steam Mikado. Gas valve seems to be messed up, but did get some running done on a cool/foggy morning. Humid! Some good plumes.
  4. Finally got the decals done for the turbine tender. Ladders are made but not on yet. Wanted to see how it tracked, since I made the trucks also. Only thing I did not make was the Gary Raymond wheels and the Kadees. Tracked around fine and matched up well with the BB tender.
  5. They are 1/32nd scale from the old MDC molds. Piko got the molds to their cars. I think they would be smaller. I have a couple, can get you some measurements later.
  6. The Army failed with me to keep anything very neat. My workshops are a mess all the time.
  7. Could use some thing metal. Can heat the plastic with hot water and clamp it to a form.
  8. Wish I had your energy Larry. Sure looking good. I think your military background is showing on how neat it looks!
  9. I like the MDC caboose with my 1/32nd cars, the MTH caboose seems too small to me anyway. So I got two MDC cabooses from ebay and figured the size from some plans I found online. This is not perfect by any means, or prototypical, but good enuf for me. I used my Delta miter saw to cut them, worked fine. Used that thin/clear glue to weld the pieces together. Roofs were a different texture, so will cover them with metal duct tape before I paint. Will probably use MTH trucks, but may use the MDC ones, what ever is easiest! Will be a red caboose for my UP freight.
  10. Nice set up there, what grade is that up to the shed? Larry, get one pf those security cameras that are wi-fie and you could see the trains on your phone, unless you are controlling with the phone!
  11. Nice setup, hope it helps your tours.
  12. Anyone interested?
  13. Great to see it running and mocked up, both of them doing so well should inspire you to keep going Bob.
  14. Thanks. Been dragging on this, did get the gray on top and bottom painted. Not sure on the flags, might just put them on the side and not make the shape.
  15. I've had good luck with the Preval system. Glass bottle you put the paint in(Tru-color is thinned for spray), screw on the gas cylinder on top and spray, works great. Stay back more than a regular spray can. Then spray a little laqcuer thinner thru it till the next time. Might find it at your hardware store even. Preval Spray System