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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. 1. Dremel, I have several, the battery powered Stylus is my favorite. Plug in ones I use for bigger jobs. 2. My 1" belt sander unit that has a rotary sanding disc also, handy for lots of stuff. 3. Dremel table saw 4. My wood shop with all the tools in it. 5. Nice, pricey set of small screwdrivers that are really good.
  2. Looking good. I was weeding my layout yesterday. Need to tackle the pond soon, never could get it to clear up last year, will give it one more try this year, then just let it be green I guess.
  3. Darn, didn't see that!
  4. Coming along Bob I hear you on the slowing down, same here, plus more aches and pains.
  5. Or use code 250 track.
  6. Just mind boggling to me to do something like that. My hat is off to them!
  7. Got the station out with the A&W and some cars in town. Note the scene with the cop car, it has a flashing red/light on top, he's by the pickup door giving out a ticket. Really happy with how this scene looks.
  8. I got mine!
  9. Thanks for the info, I printed it off.
  10. Is that playable whistle only for the wi-fi setup?
  11. Got the die cast car wired with LED's so this is how it will look at night. has lots of warm LED's and kits for houses/cars. Polarity does not matter, so that is nice.
  12. I wonder how many pennies I will have to save?
  13. Iit's going to be neat to see when it is all done.
  14. Did it blow up, or roll over?
  15. Off to a good start Bob!