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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Local public tv station care over to interview me about the trains and the layout. Nice guy did the interview. It was on their program 'Positively Kansas' (no nasty comments!) My segment is about 13:45 into the program. The first segment is about a wild Kansas silent screen star! Who would have thought? https://youtu.be/0_YDOwaAPOI
  2. Jerry B44

    MTH DCS Explorer for battery power.

    Bob, I have no problems with track power using a TIU and a Bridgewerks. Seem to get good pickup, occasionally I will run the LGB track cleaner around. I will admit I don't use a lot of the features, but like to be able to blow the whistle some, adjust volume of smoke and sound and such. Have not run two trains at a time, track is sort of short for that. I do have battery powered locos, usually with a trailing car with the battery and reciever in it, so don't need many. Works fine, do have to keep up on charging stuff. I use the Rail Boss 4 for that, real reliable, easy to work with. Can't do as much with it as fancier setups, but I'm a simple man!
  3. Jerry B44

    brand new MTH challenger Traction Tyres liquefied

    I had that problem years ago. Not since.
  4. Jerry B44

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    I have been using a Train-li dual track bender the last few years, really like it. Had a single rail bender before. I cut the ends of the long rail off after bending a curve, makes it easier to do repairs later. Used to try and save rail by threading it to the next tie strip, what a pain! Not really worth it. I have about 150' on the mainline, Two connections about 75' apart. Works fine. I used the conductive grease also on metal clamps, either SVRR or some old Hillmans. I don't like Split Jaw ones.
  5. Jerry B44

    Expansion Track Work

    Well, I got the mulch at True Value. I used to get chicken grit in 50 lb bags in Nebraska at the local feed store, but no one around here has any. Gravel place here as some gravel that is jagged and holds in place, but it's sorta big, about 1/2" but may use it anyway. No rush.
  6. Jerry B44

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Be quite the setup Bob. SVRR is the best, I've had it for 30 years, switches also are great. I like the ground throws, trip over the ones that stick up it seems.
  7. Jerry B44

    Expansion Track Work

    Finally got started on building the inside loop, that I had always planned. Put in some switches to be abloe to move from the inside to the outside also. I use SVRR track and switches. The metal bridge has two tracks. the inside loop heads over towards the covered bridge. Helps to sit on something, old guys have a hard time getting off the ground! Not sure about running on mulch, will see how that works out. No source of chicken grit around here.
  8. Jerry B44

    Military Train Run

    Got held up from running this on Memorial Day, I was pumping my basement out. So now it's been two years, new layout was not done, not even started! Anyway, had a nice day and dug it out. All the cars reflect from my military career from Vietnam to the Nebraska National Guard(tank). My gun jeep with a model of Snoopy, a gun truck that was in my convoys in Vietnam. I sold my old Army locos and now use the MTH tribute locomotive and some cars. Choppers are 1/32 scale, as all vehicles are to match the loco. Hauled Sealand containers in our convoys also.
  9. Jerry B44

    New Daylight Coaches first run.

    THanks, I like it a lot.
  10. Jerry B44

    McKeen car metal kit.

    Chuck. I contacted Bob about the 'history' you found online. He said that guy never contacted him and is quite inaccurate. Here is his statement: Jerry: Someone, without contacting me to obtain the true story from me, decided to take it upon themselves to be the authority on Roberts' Lines. I have seen this, and truly wish I knew the person who wrote it. The guy does not have his facts straight, and has no right to take credit for his little article. At the very least he could have included his NAME so people could question him. It really pisses me off! This has been on the internet for a couple of years now. And who is he to say Roberts' Lines is no l No wonder people have stopped contacting me for orders! Bob
  11. Jerry B44

    McKeen car metal kit.

    1/29 scale, also standard gauge. Thanks for the history Chuck.
  12. Jerry B44

    McKeen car metal kit.

    Bob has a few more shells if you want to buy on, has trailers also. About a hundred for the engine, as I recall.....old brains.
  13. I got this from Roberts Lines, he made the Pioneer Zephyr I have and many stamdard gauge cars over the years, including a Challenger kit. I have one of his streetcars and knew he made the McKeen car a few years back so decided to get on to work on someday. It is all metal, as all Bob's cars/locos are. He has some big equipment in his shop to punch out things from metal and so on. Anyway you get the basic shell with pilot and the brass window frames. The rest is up to you. I did one of these years ago in plastic, but smaller for my first layout. I also bought a new Aristo FA unit for the trucks, he's selling the few he has for $100. Has some PA models also he'd like to sell, not sure of the price. PM me and I'll send you his email. Bob does not do Paypal, checks are fine. I know it won't be too prototypical but will be fine with me. He also has trailers for these, may get one someday. Had a bad interior shot I should re-do sometime. Has some simple seats welded in.
  14. Sure looks great, hope UP keeps the program going strong.
  15. Jerry B44

    Great Trains E-7 engine

    I rounded up some old Great Trains passenger cars to go with the E-7 . Stripped them and painted them to match. Mulled over making them longer but decided to live with it, my projects take so long anymore. Still need to get the glass back in and some people. Might be short on seats, but can cast some. Lettering and the yellow stripe also to be done. Someday....