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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Jerry B44

    Milwaukee Skytop Lounge bash

    Splice didn't come out too bad, have to splice the roof also. Having fun with this.
  2. If you have car interiors left, I'd like a few of them. Jerry
  3. Jerry B44

    Indoor F scale layout finally started

    Looks like you have a good plan there, lot of work, but all layouts are. Have fun!
  4. Jerry B44

    Milwaukee Skytop Lounge bash

    Print was done by Jason Hatala, you can contact him through his web site https://clutchform.com Nice guy. I'm sure he can adjust the print to your needs. He has several other products for trains on his web page. Different noses and detail parts.
  5. Jerry B44

    Battery power

    My live steamers spit stuff all over also, but a wipe down and run the LGB track cleaner loco around and it seems okay. I don't run any electrics when running the live steam though. I hear you on electronics, is a mystery to me, Ray can tell you that!
  6. Chuck and I talked about this some. Stumbled on Jason Hatala and he agreed to try a 3-D print to fit a Great Trains observation car. He worked real hard to get it but it came out well. My measurements on my drawing could have been better, but it will work out okay for me. Can use flat glass, has recesses on the inside, guess I don't have a pix of that, but sort of like the outside as you see it here. Probably fit on a MTH car, he'd have to enlarge it for other scales I think. Anyway, spliced two GT cars together, trimmed off the back some and underneath. Is not smooth, but will match my other UP cars. Using MTH passenger trucks I got from Ray awhile back. Will do it in UP colors, since they were for awhile. LONG ways to go here, but many winter months left.
  7. Jerry B44

    MTH 2019 One Gauge Catalog

    Hope they don't have 844, then I'd have to buy it!
  8. Jerry B44

    Egg Liner run

    Thanks guys. I never noticed my post numbers. Had a good Thanksgiving with my son and family, main reason we moved down here.
  9. Jerry B44

    Egg Liner run

    Put and new R/C in the Eggliner and ran it with the cars I made from extra observation ends I got on ebay. Used some heavyweight trucks I had and put some of their sideframes on the loco itself. Cars light up with a battery box, didn't have it on in this picture. I have a few friends that hate Eggliners, so love to send them pictures of it running.
  10. Jerry B44

    Wood buildings, Boomtown

    Doubt you'll get much response with no pictures or prices.
  11. Jerry B44

    Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    I liked laying planks on the deck, but on the hull it was a bit different
  12. Jerry B44

    Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Nice work Nick. I did a few wood ship builds in the past and enjoyed them a lot. None of my float though1
  13. Jerry B44

    1/32nd scale source

    Local farm store has some country scene sets that has a nice 1/32nd scale farmhouse and part of a barn and some other stuff. They also carry 1/32 scale semi sets. Jim Carter has several and he changes them by moving porch roofs/etc. I put lights and clear plastic in, no interior. Painted it some.
  14. Jerry B44

    1/32nd scale source

    I've found Fisher Price toy buildings scale out at about 1/32. I have a Sesame Street building I m working on and a barn/silo. Find them at sales for a few cents.

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