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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Thanks, but I think I'll hold out for the UP. Don't like repainting and decaling and all that.
  2. Larry, yes I did order the Veteran's Dash 8, will pull my military train with it instead of my old, creaky K-line GP 30's!
  3. Good shape Santa Fe F3 AA want to trade for similar in UP colors.
  4. Yeah, but you are having fun and keeping busy. Plus, you will have the only one, not counting the real pricey ones. Coming along good.
  5. Not sure you can get the Accucraft cars anymore or not.
  6. Accucraft cars are 1/32nd scale and the USA are 1/29 and would dwarf the Accucraft cars. They are well detailed with interiors and even have some figures in them. My Accucraft diner fits right in with my MTH cars, just a couple of inches longer is the only difference. I would not run the two together.
  7. For sure have a fuse between the power supply and the track. If your loco binds in a switch for a short, the fuse on the power supply will protect the engine circuitry. Happened to me, so it's an easy precaution.
  8. Might try Nicholas Smith.
  9. Too big/heavy/pricey for me. I'll be content with my 844 I made stretching a Pacific and a lengthened newer drive mech.
  10. My 1 Gauge dash 8 smokes like crazy.
  11. They look great!
  12. That's going to be so cool!
  13. UP converted some for extra water for the steamers, since there is no water towers left anywhere. I thought they looked cool, and decided to make one. Did some research online and came up with a plan. Simplified it some, just straight ends, no angles. Used plywood for the ribs, the wrapped it with old aluminum newspaper printing plates I got years ago. Handy stuff! Embossed it with rivet patterns using an old leather tool. Plywood on top, the covered with embossed metal duct tape. Plastic pieces for the things on top. Thick wire for the 'pipes' and brass wire for the handles. Will use small cotter pins for the stanchions and brass wire. Then ladders, need ones with curves on the top, I use some strips cut from sections of wire I get that is in half inch spacing. Can't recall the term for it. May make the trucks, figured a brass piece for a master and making sure the axle holes line up. I have some old castings of centipede tender pieces, will cut out the Timken bearing parts and glue them on. WOn't be real accurate, but good enough for me.
  14. 1. Dremel, I have several, the battery powered Stylus is my favorite. Plug in ones I use for bigger jobs. 2. My 1" belt sander unit that has a rotary sanding disc also, handy for lots of stuff. 3. Dremel table saw 4. My wood shop with all the tools in it. 5. Nice, pricey set of small screwdrivers that are really good.
  15. Looking good. I was weeding my layout yesterday. Need to tackle the pond soon, never could get it to clear up last year, will give it one more try this year, then just let it be green I guess.