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  1. I built a carrier for the engine. Just 1/4" ply with some strips the right size to raise it off the rails. I changed it to velcro strips. Push it about halfway on the track, then lift the cab and remove the carrier. I did one for my Challenger also.
  2. Nice work. Does your workbench really look that neat, or do you just arrange it to make us slobs feel bad?
  3. Video here for everyone. https://youtu.be/-PoFm1vCVRY
  4. First run of my McKeen car. Still need decals from Stan. https://youtu.be/-PoFm1vCVRY Basing it somewhat on thhis one that ran in Kansas.
  5. Pretty ambitious project, but looking well thought out.
  6. Gee, I have 3 or 4 of them.
  7. Making rapid progress here-NOT. But have been getting some done. I know I"m doing lots of non-prototypical stuff to my McKeen car, but I liked the brass rings and then Nick suggested outlining the square windows with brass also, which I was thinking about. Used clear plastic for the doors, then put on foil I had textured with rivet patterns and outline of the windows. Used watch crystals in the round windows. Brass rings had some tabs, used some to hold them on the body and some to hold in the glass. Should have sanded the vents more, thought they were okay, but the fit showed up worse when I painted it. Runs fine on battery power, just an on/off switch like a few other things I have made.
  8. Arlon. Triple R services with Ryan Bednarik could help you out. Ads on some of the forums. He and his dad are steam experts. They did the warming tank for my Mike.
  9. Should be able to find a steam guy there in Vegas. YYou read all the posts in the old Aristo steam forum? Some good info there. Might loosen the safety valve some to get higher pressure. It's under the front dome.
  10. New to me. Mine has never done that. If you put a blow down valve on it, you could let off the steam some. Maybe some type of vapor block? If it still runs fine, just chalk it up to steam gods and have fun. Were you able to push it any? Might check to make sure you are still quartered correctly. Look for loose nuts. No, not me!
  11. Friend of mine made some nice 1/32 wheels for me with ball bearings.
  12. I saw a guy online that was doing a DD40X, for the drive he had take two USA two axle blocks and spliced them together, worked pretty good. Not sure there are any blocks that would do you any good or not. NWSL? Hartland had some small blocks.

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