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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Jerry B44

    PRR Harbor Tug

    SITG did the boat stuff years ago. I just signed up for the on-line version of the magazine. They published a series I did on building a Shay years ago.
  2. Jerry B44

    MTH passenger cars stretch mold.

    Carry on Bob. I got an old jukebox I'm restoring, so my lounge car is gathering dust.
  3. Jerry B44

    PRR Harbor Tug

    I've always liked boats. My aunt and uncle gave me a wood one they got in the Phillipines after WWII. Had a motor and it went with me many times to any water. Still have it. Made models of boats then got in the the wood kits and finally scratched built a plank on frame model of the Essex, article in a now defunct boat modeling magazine.Keep up the good work.
  4. Jerry B44

    MTH Kit Bashing

    Good work guys. I bashed a MDC caboose to make it a little longer.
  5. Jerry B44

    Milwaukee Skytop Lounge bash

    Got the glass in one of the cars. Put in some felt for carpet and glued the seats in. Coming a long a little better than I thought it would.
  6. Good to hear, be nice to see some current pictures.
  7. Jerry B44

    Snow plow

    Got a little snow, so did a quick run with the plow. Heavy wet stuff did plow okay. Took awhile to find the plow!
  8. Jerry B44

    Newspaper articled on my layout.

    Had a guy come by yesterday . He has seen the article and was wanting to talk to me and look around. He has a Bachman loco of some sort. Confused about all the scales on the one size track, like everyone! Hope to see him again, nice guy.
  9. Jerry B44

    WANTED MTH NYC Pacemaker Freight

    Buddy of mine used that and found the car he was looking for in a hobby shop in Fla. Might try it one more time and not use the 'find locally' tab. I'm sure a shop would mail one to you if they had one. Always have to jump on MTH stuff if it shows up. I'm pretty much set I think, as long as MTH does not bring out 844. ha!
  10. Jerry B44

    WANTED MTH NYC Pacemaker Freight

    You do a search on the MTH page? They can show if anybody has them in a store.
  11. Jerry B44

    1/32 scale brass EMD power trucks

    Nice looking units. Too much for me though.
  12. Jerry B44

    Milwaukee Skytop Lounge bash

    I do a little off and on to this. Probably get going on cutting windows. Need to touch up the yellow some where I sanded it a bit more. Gray went on okay. Using Tru-Color, seems to match MTH's UP yellow pretty good I found. Not sure I mentioned, but getting a second print was not too pricey, once I paid for the computer work, he worked pretty hard on it.