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    Garden Railroading of course. Jukeboxes, collecting records. My 63 Ford Galaxie 500 that I restored.
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  1. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Bought some rocks locally and he helped haul them over and put them in the layout. Big/strong guy, I died the small stuff. Four pickup loads. North end here is about done, was getting hot so we stacked the rocks on the blocks and I can get to them, once it dries out again. Rain again, sheesh. Lots of mulch is next and then put down the plants I have been babying since spring.
  2. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Last load of dirt was not too good, so hope it works out. My son and granddaughter came up to help move the dirt after the skid steer left. They were a big help. She works out a lot and did more than me and my son. Before and after pic. I put down some pre-emergent and have 45 bags of mulch. I plan on lots of mulcsh and rocks and some plants. Getting too old to weed . TOwn will be on a piece of tile back board, had good luck with that in Nebraska. Once I get some rocks I will start laying track.
  3. The seller ana.kramer on ebay has some 1/32nd scale vehicles of different eras and some buildings and figures. He was San Val trains.
  4. Anyone know anything about hollow foam buildings? I picked this up on the Facebook G scale swap page. Have written the guy I got it from, but thought I'd check here. GOod detail, about 1/32 size. I re-painted it then sealed it with a brush on clear for outside in the summer. Might try to back it up to something or get some Precision vacumn form sheets of some sort.
  5. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    More dirt comes on Friday, if no more rain. Then a gravel path around it, since it is all dirt and is a quagmire if it rains. Did dig a trench and aim the house sump pump to the canyon gravel area.
  6. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    One more truckload of dirt and I can start laying track.
  7. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    He got the islands all enclosed. I had 14 tons of dirt delivered, but that only did the small island, so two truckloads next week. Then a load of rocks and I can start laying track. I have been buying plants since I moved here in April, knew few would be available now, so should get a good start. Nice step he made for each island. Walls are 27" tall on the high side of the yard and 40" on the low side. Still need some her, since it will settle. Other island has some scrap dirt in it, but will need a load and a half or so.
  8. Jerry B44

    UP 844 Excursions, photos and videos

    I read some woman was on the track and got killed by 844. All I know right now.
  9. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    The high side is piling up well. Rain has held up some work. This dirt was from all the digging. Ordering some more. He still has to lay the lower side. He put in drains and I laid in wire for track power and lights in blue conduit stuff. Shopping for blocks .
  10. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Making progress. Crushed gravel base with concrete on top. Blocks moartered to the base and lower level. Rebar also and drains.. 4 blocks high on the low side of the yard, 3 on the high side. 12 x 17 x12" Caps on top of that.
  11. Jerry B44

    My elevated lyout

    Levels figured and they are treching to put the crushed concrete in and tamp it down. Monday they start laying block. Orangeline shows where the 'canyon' goes across to the other bridge.
  12. Jerry B44

    BIG BOY Problems

    I had some problems with the sound plug on the loco. But with Ray's advice I got it hooked back up okay. Just have to be careful seperating the two I guess. Maybe the cable was a better idea? Block layers come on THurs to start leveling out for my new railroad. Then be a lot of work laying track, many of my 25 year old ties broke. Lasted a long time!
  13. Jerry B44

    small paint sprayer

    I've used those a lot and really like them. COmes out strong, so practice a little. I've painted cars and engines with some True Color and they came out great. Then put a little thinner in them and spray to clean them out. Last a long time.
  14. Jerry B44

    Canyon walls

    In my first layout I had a cut like that. Some fine gravel on the bottom and lined it with flagstones. Worked out fine, did collect leaves in the fall, but never was a big problem.
  15. Jerry B44

    Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Looks good Bob. I sort of wanted one, but not willing to work as hard as you! Keep up the good work. Jim Carter plans to mold a short one and make his own short ones, I hope to get 3 pieces from him to splice and make one long one, but who knows?