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  1. Nice, neat work, glad you are having fun with your trains Nick.
  2. IF I wasn't so lazy I'd run more live steam-honest!
  3. I thought they were shutting down?
  4. If interested this guy still has the parts for the conversion. He makes them to order, so would not be fast.. He's getting old, so if you want to do this project you might want to order from him. No, I don't know him. https://www.smallbrookstudio.uk/store/G-Scale-Bachmann-EMILY-Conversion-Parts-p276996049
  5. The frame is straight, the front drivers pivot to follow the curve.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmzZ88zYmpA Thanks Sean. There is one other on you Tube of it going by the town-not populated yet, had some plants to put in yet-wore and old guy out! Here is a link to the one by town.
  7. Ray fixed up my old 4004. Got updated to PS3, new frames, smoke rebuilt and numerous other items. It had broken frames when I got it and patched them up with fiberglass till the replacements were available. Had a real nice run with it, sure sounds great and smokes like crazy! Guess I have to get it on you tube first. http:// https://youtu.be/OTwk64Rfuus
  8. Yeah, but they weigh 70 lbs, too much for me. I had hoped Mth would do one, but that is gone. I do have a Pacific that I made into 844, with REx's help, has the 4 Boxpox wheels I got from BOB THON.
  9. Nice work, my RS3 looks like a piece of junk, so I'll just leave it the way it is. Who needs side rails?
  10. No, never did get one. Too old now!

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