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  1. Ray/et-al I did see a TCA York meet progress report that it will be another few months for the release. FYI - I have been using a PC based system to control my MTH layout for about 1 year. It does NOT use any MTH special inside hooks to comm with the PS2 trains. Here is the general background about the system development if you interested. the_Other_Ray re: SKylar = User friendly MTH train control approach This info is > 1 year old (aka before my cancer adventure so things may have changed......FYI.... ////////////////// Inspired by a young man who has celebral Palsey and essentially uses a computer with a switch between his legs I decided to take a more user friendly approach to solving this problem. I use the same concept of storing commands from the MTH remote and recalling them on demand as before. I have just gotten rid of all the electronic processors etc and basically use the PC itself. I have accomplished this by writing an executable Windows Application program using Visual Basic. The requirements to run your trains from a PC screen requires my program and a USB or RS232 to TTL converter available off the shelf online and telephone connector jacks to plug into the TIU when running and the remote when loading. Overview of Touch screen PC control of MTH trains MTH Signals (Remote <-> TIU - Message packet transport info) There is a chapter #3 but he changed the h/w so #3 does not apply. ///////////////////////////////

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