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  1. After building for of the ML 4000 KM prototypes the time was right to model the Hoodunit.
  2. Chuck sorry for the long delay in answering, here are some pictures
  3. well Juice Jack , not sure to whom you talking to in England, but you could asked my friend Rob if he still has got shark shells available, he has made them years ago, and these ones here are rerun for me and some friends. feel free to contact him via email onslaught@btinternet.com let him know that Carsten from Germany gave you the contact information I only have two shark kits, now only painted the shells in black for NYC, but didn’t go further in this project, too many others to do on the bench.
  4. yes, those USA ones a great, used them on my Centennial ( using 4 of them without the swinging axle ) but for the MLs they don’t fit
  5. Yes its pretty rare to see some build. Rob loves it also see some being build, These Models are from a second run Ron made for me, he still got 2 for himself
  6. yes Piko, they are a little bit too short,but LGB Alcos are too long, custom build would be an option but when build theee of them with DCC and Sound you should have an eye on the budget
  7. mogul#6 , yes there should be 1-2 shark kits and at least one ML kit available . pm me if interested
  8. well, on the sharks, there are only the shells with some etched grill parts, i use Aristocraft Alco sideframes on Piko gearboxes. The ML comes with propper sideframes, there will also Piko 0-6-0 gearboxes suitable, the difference in axle to axle distance of approximate 2 mm to the sideframes, is slightly visible compromise
  9. no these shells are made semi commercial, the first shell was build by a friend, and a company specializing in molding and casting make the shells, there still some shells available
  10. Jerry, yes the sharks are also great, by the time i get them offered , i did not know what to do with them, but i bought them too, I have seen what you have build in an other forum years ago, great. I am planning to model some NYC Sharks, so they match up with my streamliners
  11. Chuck you also ordered MLs too, ? ok that explains the totale number of the „accident“ shark shells, that where made . I am very happy with them, tried to get some of the first run , but o luck. I will go with both RG and SP, i can’t decide which i like more, and it will be a chance to break with my favorites lines, i will have more variety on the layout. The major reason to model these is to keep a piece of interesting german engineering alive
  12. Well , some of you already know the shells of my new project, i was able to get the original builder of these shells to make a new run of these kits for me, fortunately some shark kits are still available. I want to share my point of start with you ,so stay tuned
  13. Thank you, but my skills have grown over the years , compared to my first models.

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