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  1. I am a big fan of German steam engines, it seems that a reasonably priced mid size model has finally come into fruition from Piko. However I run all DCS and would like this to do that as well. The 'base' model is DCC ready, I want to take out that and convert it to PS3. Has anyone gotten one of these or opened up other Piko European steam engines that would know if its possible or If there is even enough room in it to do that? https://www.piko-america.com/products/37240-dr-iv-br50-reko-steam-locomotive-g-scale
  2. I am pondering replacing my older TIU unit with the new version with the USB interface ? I already have the (50-1034) WiFi unit. Is that the way to go or is it better to hod out for the (50-1039) TIU with WiFi built in ? I only run MTH One Gauge & MTH HO
  3. Yardtrain

    MTH Closing In 2021

    That’s so sad. Ok. I get wanting to retire. But why go out this way.? Just Suddenly fold up the company you spent your life building. Why weren’t they grooming a successor ? or to sell the company? Why just walk away? Is there some underlying reason?
  4. It sounds a bit funny to me. Like the gears are not meshing properly
  5. Since we are stuck at home I finally have some time to take inventory and get some of my trains out of there boxes and up on the wall. I picked up various aluminum display shelves over the years but never put them up....... anyway I am looking for a MTH M&M tank car. Does anyone have one to sell or trade ?
  6. Dang it. I was going to preorder the Christmas cars but when they changed the shipping date to 2020. I decided to hold off. To late now for this Christmas. Oh well maybe next Christmas
  7. Ok. So no signal improvements or such. Even though I do like the phone app I can’t see myself totally abandoning the remote. With the remote you can control things like speed with out having to look at it. Besides it’s hard to see a phone display in the sun.
  8. Raymond, Do you know what is the difference between the 50-1002 original remote and the newest ver. 50-1038 ? Manufactures generally don't change part numbers without a reason. Should I upgrade while they are available?
  9. I actually also received a printed version of the new catalog some time ago.
  10. Raymond I didn't see these on your website for Pre-order. Are you taking orders for them and do you think they will actually arrive before Christmas ? MTH 70- 76059 Flat car w/Lighted Christmas Trees Manufacture: MTH Trains Category: Christmas / Flat Car Number: 70-76059 Scale: G MTH 70- 76060 Flat car w/Lighted Snowman Manufacture: MTH Trains Category: Christmas / Flat Car Number: 70-76060 Scale: G
  11. Stainless track with Split Jaw stainless rail joiners. So should I also apply conductive grease. ?

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