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  1. Yardtrain

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    I actually also received a printed version of the new catalog some time ago.
  2. Yardtrain

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    Raymond I didn't see these on your website for Pre-order. Are you taking orders for them and do you think they will actually arrive before Christmas ? MTH 70- 76059 Flat car w/Lighted Christmas Trees Manufacture: MTH Trains Category: Christmas / Flat Car Number: 70-76059 Scale: G MTH 70- 76060 Flat car w/Lighted Snowman Manufacture: MTH Trains Category: Christmas / Flat Car Number: 70-76060 Scale: G
  3. Yardtrain

    Rail Clamps

    Stainless track with Split Jaw stainless rail joiners. So should I also apply conductive grease. ?
  4. Yardtrain

    Rail Clamps

    I was curious how well the Split Jaw would fit the contour of the AML stainless rail before I made the investment. The top is Aristo Brass w/brass Split Jaw. The bottom one is the AML stainless with stainless Split Jaw. Good enough for me time to $$$$
  5. Yardtrain

    Rail Clamps

    It doesn’t appear that they come in Stainless Steel. Only brass & NPB. Thanks
  6. Yardtrain

    Rail Clamps

    With the winter finally over in the Northeast, I am looking to order some Split Jaw rail clamps (stainless). I see RLD shows them in stock. I never ordered from them any feedback about them would be appreciated. Or any other place to order from.
  7. I have the opportunity to go to the show this year for the first time. But there isn’t much info posted on the shows website. Makes it a little difficult to plan. So now I’m wondering if it’s even worth going at all.
  8. Yardtrain

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    I’ve noticed quite a few Hudson’s that suddenly popped up on eBay for sale. Maybe they know something we don’t ?
  9. Yardtrain

    MTH 2019/2020 One Gauge Catalog

    Raymond, any idea if it will contain a steam engine ?
  10. Yardtrain

    1:32 MTH SD70ACe's Are Coming!!

    Do you suppose MTH will also do some with the charging lights ?
  11. Yardtrain

    Bending AML Stainless track

    What track are you buying ?
  12. Yardtrain

    Forum Themes

    That’s cool
  13. Yardtrain

    MKT RS-3M'S

    Can you supply a few pictures
  14. Yardtrain

    Canyon walls

    I started the canyon late last year so I got a chance to see how the snow and rain would affect it. Because this is the highest point of the yard the canyon drained pretty well. It’s been raining all weekend so no excavating. Also no rock shopping yet.