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  1. So what exactly does this mean ? You have to purchase the new TIU to use the premium DCS app ?
  2. How about using these toys to help build your layout
  3. Ray, Did you interview Rich? Who interviewed him? Any other details of interview?
  4. Nice. Did MTH post that info anywhere. Or was is just sent to dealers ?
  5. My son got a catalog from MTHRRC membership. I went to link Raymond just posted and received one in the mail.
  6. Very nice. I like the small size with voltage and current combined.
  7. Just received a printed copy of the 2017 catalogue. There's always something nice about flipping thru a printed catalog. Thanks MTH, well done !
  8. The Daylight looks great. One thing about MTH that puzzles me. I have attended a few larger shows where MTH was also present and they had no one gauge items displayed. When I asked they would say they didn't have enough room, it was to much trouble because they only had a small display at that particular show. They showed the One Gauge Bigboy and now Daylight in Germany. Do they show it in the U.S. ? I've never see any.
  9. They have all the molds. All that's different is the paint scheme.
  10. Does anyone know if H & R trains got their stainless track in stock yet ?
  11. Ray, Do the prices for the 2017 catalog on your website include shipping to us. ?
  12. Fabulous idea Jim. Let us know what MTH tells you.
  13. I have multiple boxes. I have them listed on eBay. Already sold 14 boxes. Currently listed for $52.99 per 12 piece box. Trainworld price is $71.99 If anyone is interested let me know thru forum. I will sell here at $48/box plus shipping. I will also consider selling half boxes 6 pieces for $26/plus shipping. I purchased these to build a layout with but plans have changed. Selling below my cost. .........john