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  1. The American Freedom Train - 1976

    Raymond, anything new on the 2026 possibly run in the freedom colors ? John
  2. Bending AML Stainless track

    The crew was busy this weekend and broke thru the hill.
  3. Piko 2-bay hoppers

    { "Is it just coincidence that both LGB0fA and Piko America were both located in San Diego? " } i bought a bunch of Piko track in 2011 when Ridge Road Station in WNY closed. This label is on the case boxes. Has both names on label
  4. Bending AML Stainless track

    I thought this was the hardest part. Your scaring me.
  5. Bending AML Stainless track

    Spent most of day digging
  6. Bending AML Stainless track

    Ok. Vacation's over. Back at it. Layout area is surveyed & staked. First & tightest curve is marked. 18 foot outer. Inner will follow outer with 8 inch center to center spacing. Painted area is the total roadbed dug out to create a canyon.
  7. Bending AML Stainless track

    I've been bending on the garage floor so far to get a feel for it. I will go back to constructing the road bed, then laying track. The track bender is got it a few years back. Unfortunately the creator past away and is no longer being made.
  8. Bending AML Stainless track

    Ben, when I put 2 sections together it didn't want to bend at the joiners. Not really sure why not. Also it doesn't have to be to be exactly the same all the way thru the curve.
  9. Bending AML Stainless track

    We have 1 end of the layout that will have a 18 to 19 foot curve. The other curves will Much more gradual.
  10. Bending AML Stainless track

    Started our layout. AML stainless track & Norms bender. Not as easy as I hoped. Knob on bender keeps walking out. I think we are doing it properly. Finally went to store and added a stronger collar to hold slide instead of the knob. So far so good. Bending Having trouble with 2 tracks together. Easier one at a time
  11. Help with layout wiring plan

    So Ray. Let me ask you for clarity. If a One Gauge PS2 engine is run on DCS - AC current it will not run away ?
  12. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    So what exactly does this mean ? You have to purchase the new TIU to use the premium DCS app ?
  13. My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    How about using these toys to help build your layout
  14. MTH 2015 One Gauge Catalog

    Ray, Did you interview Rich? Who interviewed him? Any other details of interview?
  15. MTH 2015 One Gauge Catalog

    Nice. Did MTH post that info anywhere. Or was is just sent to dealers ?