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  1. I am looking to remove the letter from a MTH one gauge Hudson tender. I have read that MTH uses a lot more clear coats than other manufacturers. has anyone tried this before?
  2. Has Ray or anyone else upgraded an MTH Hudson to PS3 and added a smoking whistle? Is there enough room for it?
  3. I have translated most of the site and I tried to create an account there but it simply won’t let me
  4. Center of Loop is the highest point in the yard. It has not collected water in the past year since starting the project. So I think just a few inches of stone will do.
  5. So we have been working on the canyon on & off for a few weeks. We decided on doing the Dry Stacking method of stone wall building. Since at most the wall is only 12 inches deep, partially supported and we tried to stack them leaning slightly toward the dirt.
  6. Progress has been made on the Canyon. After searching high and low we finally found some Stones that will work for us.
  7. This is another photo of the drive shaft that I am assuming ties the two motors together. Is it possible to use this as the flywheel or attach a custom one to it?
  8. The BR50 has a front and back motor I believe according to the parts list. How does DCS handle more than one motor? I’ve only had Hudson’s and GS4s apart and they have a single motor.
  9. A flywheel is required for DCS, is it not?
  10. thanks for answering, although it is a bummer answer. What motors do you guys typically install into non mth engines or what flywheel parts would I need to buy? I would still consider doing it even with the challenge. Unlike the BR64 at least, this has a full size tender for the electronics. As a long time dream of mind I’d like to think there is a way to accomplish this.
  11. I found the same photo as well of the motor. I don't see that there is any room for install a flywheel unless someone has any ideas. I also noticed the motor is 12v I don't remember what the MTH motors are, Is it still worth it to do so? I would obviously prefer this engine to use DCS like the rest of my engines over using another control system. I know that The USA engines don't use flywheels either and that usually flywheels are added to them so I assume it must be possible. I just don't have any idea how to go about that yet. So I guess that a flywheel motor would have to be added to replace the current one. I am not sure if anyone else offers that service besides Raymond
  12. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I do not see anything on there showing the actual motor. I am not sure if Piko uses flywheels or not

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