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  1. Great News. I don’t anticipate any new cars or engines. Just an occasional rerun of DCS equipped engines and reprints of 1/32 cars. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see new engines along with different types of rolling stock. Just not getting my hopes up.
  2. Nice looking but crazy high price, metal or not.
  3. Bachman list prices are always ridiculous but the street prices are more res
  4. I hope the BigBoy doesn’t suffer the same fate
  5. Chuck, Thank you for the pictures of the switches. Why did they make the switch naming so confusing? So a #6 WYE is basically a #6 switch but it turns left and right instead of Straight and left or right
  6. Nick, Are you referring to a regular #6 ? My question is about a #6 Wye Which from what someone told me is actually (2) #3's
  7. I'm considering getting a AristoCraft #6 Wye Switch. Would it be okay for MTH engines. Like the Hudson, GS-4, BigBoy, Dash-8
  8. I would love to see that American Freedom engine stretching it legs outside. As it’s never had the opportunity with me.
  9. Ok. Thanks. As far as signal strength. I meant from the remote to the TIU.
  10. I have an older DCS remote (original style thumbwheel). Besides the thumbwheel change does the newest remote have another improvements? Like signal strength, faster response time, or such things?
  11. I am looking at controlling my LGB, Piko & AristoCraft switches with MTH's AIU. I would like to learn how to do it with our Christmas layout, so I can apply it to our under construction outdoor layout when the snow melts. Does anyone have any insight doing this or where I can look for info on switching G scale switches with the AIU.
  12. ok Ray I'll go with (1) TIU now
  13. Raymond, I correct my typing mistakes. Thanks. Besides going from rs232 to usb what are the other benefits? Are there any negatives is upgrading ? I still want to continue using our 3 remotes so I don’t see wanting the WTIU. Plus we already have the WIFI module when it first came out. ........John
  14. I have (3) TIU's and I am considering selling (2) of the TIU's now and replacing them with (1) latest & greatest verision TIU unit, that has the USB port and all of the newest upgrades. Then selling the 3rd TIU’s after Christmas (when we take our Christmas layout apart) and replacing it with another new unit. But I am wondering ....... When it will be out, or is it out already? How do I tell them apart? I also have (2) AIU's but I don't think those ever changed? I don't want to drag my feet and miss out.
  15. I am thinking about adding a reverse loop to my planned layout that just started construction, I run all MTH HO with DCS. Is there a specific wiring configuration that needs to be done for this to work with DCS? Is a reverse loop with DCS even possible?

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