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  1. I am just starting to look at putting Kadee couplers on my Roundhouse SR&RL #24 and LGB 33800, 33810 and 33840 passenger cars. I've looked on the Kadee website and a couple of other places and haven't come up with any answers as to what will work. Has anyone been down this path before and could tell me the correct numbers to use or at least point me in the right direction to find out? Thanks.
  2. Sorry about the delay getting the pictures but I had a "must do first" project come up from "she who must be obeyed". At any rate here are the pictures - it looks like I be using Kadee G scale couplers, probably with a straight shank, again probably modified to some degree unless someone has a better idea or been there before. I downloaded the Kadee catalog but found that they don't seem to put in the dimensions of the various couplers as to shank length or width. Is this info available anywhere or do I just experiment? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hello - I'm new to the forum and new to G scale so I'm hoping for a lot of good advice on the several problems I'm anticipating in the future as I get started. I fell in love with live steam traction engines and stationary plants quite a while ago and this led to trains which I already have in the form of two rail scale O gauge. I found a shelf queen Roundhouse SR&RL #24 for a quite reasonable price on Ebay and am really happy with it so far. Even though it will probably not see steam until next year I would like to change the couplers from the single buffer type it came with to a more standard Kadee type knuckle coupler. Has anyone done this and what did you use? I appreciate any help I can get in these early days. Thanks!

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