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  1. Price Drop, Pics at the following ad. http://marketplace.collector-modeltrains.com/offer/details/USA-Trains-R31057-4283808
  2. Looking to sell my NIB R31057 UP Vista Dome. It's been a display shelf queen for me. Looking for $250 plus shipping from Madison, WI. The rubber diaphragm is bunched up is the only defect but from what I've read that was common from the factory as in this case. Price is OBO, I'll take trades on Kato N passenger sets.
  3. Very nice work! What material did you use for the grills?
  4. Awesome projects! What printer are you using? Details look great. Also is that a 1/32 W900L?
  5. Awesome work, one of these is on my build list too.
  6. Yep the glass is all flat, Brooks Stevens designed the car that way because curved glass wasn't available back then.
  7. This would be very disappointing as the WSOR's 102 B unit was sent back to IRM. The WSOR had the only true operating E9 ABA consist which I hope IRM will eventually replace but it will likely but stuck on museum grounds. That makes 949 the only operating B unit on the open rails if it doesn't get stuffed. Could we rally up with the model RR club to start a pettiton to oust this crook?
  8. Posted that before I saw your other thread, looking forward to following both!
  9. Fantastic job! Years ago I stumbled upon a website where a guy 3D printed a super dome roof and observation end to make the tail of a Hiawatha train. Can't find my bookmark but that would look great running behind these!
  10. Awesome work! Where did you get your Ditch Lights from? Didn't see those listed on the first post.
  11. How often do you have to change our the alcohol?
  12. My best guess would be to look through the marklin and piko catalogs.
  13. Curious question, why are the reporting marks the same on both tankers for different companies?
  14. They just brought these back a couple years ago but I have yet to see any pictures, also curious if anybody has them.
  15. Hit "more reply options" and that takes you to the full editor to attach pictures. You could also go to the gallery, start an album and then using the "My Media" button attach images or a link to the album that way. This is the same forum that used to be hosted on the Aristocraft company website: http://www.aristocraftforum.com/vbulletinforums/

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