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  1. Hi Aceinsp, Thanks for the comment......... Hi Joe, the glad hands are formed by Ozark Miniatures Brake Hose set, I file them close to the modern style. http://www.ozarkminiatures.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=75
  2. The whole engine is beautiful. I just can't stop staring at the pilots alone. Third time today. How did you make the glad hands? Do you pour them from metal? I need to do this level of building on my scratch SD70ACe. Very inspiring work. Thank you for sharing. Hi Joe, I am not sure the meaning of " glad hands", can you show me on the picture? Your work on the SD70Ace is amazing too, I love to see you to complete it, I think this is the only one G scale SD70Ace that produce in the market. keep going............
  3. Hi Larry, The mold that I used to casting the high nose already disposed, cause the silicon mold only can support casting one to two of the finished high nose, it is very easy to broken when you took out the resin from the mold. As I mention before, I known this is a copyright problems, so I only cast one for personal use, sorry to let you disappointed.
  4. Hi all , Thanks for the positive comments on this project, enjoy to share g scale kitbrashing and model making experience with you all, will keep positing on the forum. Gary
  5. Some close up photos, hope you all enjoy this project.
  6. Spray glossy paint and let the engine looks like just come out from the factory...............
  7. Install the another details parts, sand pipes, air hoses, brake hoses, MU cable and sockets...........................etc.
  8. Fit the sideframe, ditch lights, and oil tank.
  9. Remove the plastic under frame and replaced by a scratch built brass under frame.
  10. Scratch built some detail parts and ready for install on the engine.
  11. Replace the original USAT under-size wheels by to scale good looking NWSL 40†wheelsets.
  12. Sprayed black paint to the high nose and laying the decal. I down load some NS pattern from the internet. The decal is formed by using a white base water transfer and printed with the black NS pattern by an ink jet printer.
  13. The resin high nose is a little bit thin and high than the SD40 front cab , not well fit for, some modification work is needed. The hand brake is come from the USAT short hood.

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