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    One scale trains. Union Pacific in particular to the almost exclusion of all others

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  1. Grant-Kerr

    My train layout on Public TV

    Well done Jerry.
  2. Grant-Kerr

    Need info. on Kern Valley RR. models

  3. Grant-Kerr

    Dash 8's coming in.

  4. Grant-Kerr

    PRR Railroad Barge

    I like what you have done. Pic 4 looks real good.
  5. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    moving along front top hand rails and vents. The vents I made from buttons and ground them near flat on the top.
  6. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    The opening for the screw drive I made from 10 separate pieces. A little bit of filler is required at the edges and that will be done. I have been using a very fine Auto finishing filler elsewhere on this but I am not happy with it. Seems to shrink a little to much when it dries. Any suggestions?
  7. Grant-Kerr

    PRR Railroad Barge

    You saw correctly regarding the popcorn but I think the critter is an Antelope of some kind from Africa. No matter, it tickled my wacked out humour.
  8. Grant-Kerr

    PRR Railroad Barge

    This is going to be good.
  9. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    Hatch Cover and Hand rails done except for the very front ones at the top, and the reason for that is some minor detail parts have to be done where they mount to. Also, the wire I used is music wire and it is as hard as hell, (Wrecked a quality hacksaw blade in 2 cuts) and tough to bend also. We learn I guess. Will get some brass wire later in the week to make the front rails. So... here is where I am at............. Now it is back to the body.
  10. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    Been busy.
  11. Grant-Kerr

    new Aristo replacement 4 axle trucks

    Made by Bachmann. Same block is under their Eggliner
  12. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    Started on the roof line and it is more complicated than I first thought. So did it like a layer cake. At the moment it is drop in to allow for painting and the like. The piece of clear is to give me an idea of the hatch cover. It looks kind of bare without the handrails but will start on them in the next couple of days
  13. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    Rob. Your idea has merit and I will have a go at it if the other way does not work. I hope it does though as the panel is a nightmare as you can see from the original photo and to scale a 5 thou thick piece of brass sheet would be perfect, if it works that is. Still I have to try though as the tender with the louvers is a noticeable feature. Jerry. I am familiar with Bryans work and did discuss with him along time ago about U.P 80 and he was very interested. I was only thinking about him the other day and wondering what happened to him.
  14. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    Odd you should mention 1:29 scale as I almost did just that when USA brought out the P.A. Even draw up the plans for it in that scale and borrowed a P.A. from the hobby shop I used to frequent in another life. Then I went to the darkside (1:32) with the promise of cookies, So it all got shelved until recently. Jerry Had a feeling you might have a suggestion and it is exactly what I was beginning to think may work and now seeing your photo , confirms it. Thank you
  15. Grant-Kerr

    U.P. Turbine

    Got a little bored today so did a bit of painting Also went to the local hobby shop and purchased a sheet of 5 thou. brass . Going to have a go at the louvres with that. In the meantime it's on to the roof line.