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  1. r, been watching from the side lines and anticipating your next post each time. EXCELLENT craftsmanship. Keep up the great work and needless to say, keep us posted, thank you.
  2. Sean, the smallest inside area of any LS'er I have seen, and it's 1:29. If it weren't for the 'new to me' micro servos it wouldn't be as neat. I re-did the set up, the original servo's I had that were mounted on the outside rear of the cab. I like this much better. LG
  3. As if the cab isn't crowded enough, when i first got it I added a tender heater. I removed the cab, much easier said than done as the details below had to be removed to access the cab bolts. I raised the reversing mechanism as the bar reaching the valve gear was rubbing on the walkway and I didn't want any additional resistance to the servo. Made a bracket for the Fwd/Rev servo as for me the directional part is the most difficult and usually must be adjusted several times to properly reach full Fwd and Rev. Enlarged the right rear cab window to clear the directional servo arm. Poked the throttle servo out the left rear cab window. I lucked out as the chain was a very good fit with almost no slack. Roller test went very well. LG
  4. Sean, I tested each step on rollers before I moved to the next. Yesterday was the track test and it did great. I need to raise the coupler on the tender a bit so I don't have to use a piece of wire to attach my 1:29 heavyweights, not a bad match. LG
  5. This is my first attempt at a using chain and sprocket. I was inspired by two gentlemen on another forum to try it this way. I first had to re-route the piping and valve for my tender heater. Pics show the rest, nothing others haven't already done. I did enjoy doing it this way, and can see the advantages and disadvantages of doing it either way Tender Heater: the pipe running the length of the tender is closed at the end and has several #80 holes drilled into it. With the valve just cracked the trickle of steam also adds mild turbulence to the keep the water mixed, and as an added benefit the steam is turned back into water. LG
  6. Testing on rollers in the utility room with a strong exhaust fan everything worked just fine, yesterday on the outside layout the directional servo failed. I THINK the transmitter is still sending a signal to the servo even thought the directional bar is full in the desired direction. I'll have to use the stethoscope to listen to the servo when the transmitter is in full direction. Followup: It seems at times one or both of the servos would receive an errant signal and start to hum and vibrate. I don't know what to think, any advice please. I moved the pressure gauge to the rear of the cab and slid a Radio Link receiver into the cab area. I used more insulation than the Futuba as it is also a tighter fit. I am concerned with longivity but the servo's don't hum or vibrate any more. Also painted a red stripe on the back of the site glass so it is easier to read. Happy with this and tests on rollers are positive. Weather permitting I will put it on the track later today or tomorrow. LG
  7. unfortunately I didn't. the only real snow I got rained on top of it and it froze solid, very poor year for now in Jersey. thank you for remembering. LG
  8. On another forum it was suggested that I use Chain and Sprocket for the throttle. I have another conversation on an 0-6-0 switcher that is more than ready for R/C, will do it that way.
  9. First thing was to find the smallest receiver I could since it would be mounted in the loco cab. Search brought me to a Fuituba 3 channel unit. Got a transmitter and receiver for just over $100. first order of business was to modify the transmitter as described in Issue 63 of SiTG authored by Peter Thornton. This described removing the centering spring and adding a wiper so the right stick could stay in what ever position you left it in. Locomotive: Used velcro to hold the receiver in place and a slice of insulation to give it a little protection from the heat of the boiler. The throttle servo is pretty much standard. The servo for the direction bar is mounted on the outside rear of the cab and the bar goes through a slot above the window. Tender: I used a NI rechargeable battery, it is in a plastic bag sealed with silicone to protect it from water since it is in the tender water bath, the water level is just below the battery top. Cut a slot from the tender so the power wire could make the connection with the receiver. The pic of them coupled was taken on 8' diameter sectional track with the direction servo in the reverse position, still plenty of room. All suggestions for improvement will be greatly appreciated.
  10. How's this for using what's at hand.
  11. Jens, thank you for sharing, I could watch videos like that all day.
  12. WOW, first time I noticed this, great video, THANK YOU RAY.
  13. Just learned that many towns across the country are setting up Safe Zones for people that are purchasing items person to person through the internet. Each area has their own restrictions, but most seem to be well lit, video monitored and within easy reach of the local PD. Nice Idea. LG
  14. Jerry, coincidence, I recently purchased a Brunel from Mamod, one in the ad published. I first must admit that my original intention of the purchase was to scavange the boiler, burner and cylinder to power the African Queen that I am building. I received the locomotive and intended to first break it in. Unfortunately it didn't live up to the brochure that came with it or the article in SiTG. The ceramic burner never went even close to radiant. After some thought, I have Roundhouse locomotives also made in the UK and the jet may have the same thread, Luck was on my side. Took one from my Sandy River and put it in the Brunel. It performed beautifully. Mambod sent me a new jet. In addition I built the catch can that was also shown in SiTG, made a minor modification and am happy with that also. I may have to look else where to power that boat as I have become attached to that little guy. Mamod also makes LS cars and tractors. LG
  15. Sean, nice to hear from you again, I really have no idea what they are. The cylindrical tanks with the threaded parts vaguely look like the fuel tanks on my Mike Chaney creations, but I am really at a loss. I am glad to see you here as I had ?? concerning my new hobby about raising chickens and you are experienced in my endeavor.