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  1. Chuck, thank you. Sean, I don't know how you come up with things like that, it's fun. When I see Tank I sometimes check the thread just to see what your comment will be. LiG
  2. A little mechanical, little electrical, little aerodynamic and a lot of fun all come together to make this work. The difficult part is still to come, painting and decals. LiG
  3. Always have a project of one kind or another rolling around. In the process of replacing the fence. Found I can use a floor jack to pull the posts out of the ground and made a small Dollie so only need one person to move the panels. Life is Good.
  4. Sean, thank you. I am waiting on replacement side frames from USAT, two of the original order didn't have the bushings and wire for axle pick ups, and since I am planning on removing the sliders they are necessary. I installed an adjustable voltage limiter to control the drive fan, fixed it under the steam generator exhaust so it can be adjusted easily. Also built a simple circuit so the fan will get 4V and run while the motors are still idle, after 4 the power will start to go to the motors. LiG
  5. Finally got all the fans synchronized. Building the circuit so the fans and lights come on, and 4 volts later the motors start to move. LiG
  6. grr, thank you. supposed to be a nice day, so hope to post video of that later. LiG
  7. Dash 8, thank you. And he/she is a cutie. LiG
  8. Rob advised me to have the roof fans run as slow as possible so they can be seen. With limited control of the supply fan, and the roof fans having 8 blades they looked like a blur. Made a little trick on the eyes and darkened every other blade. Just did one to compare, will do the rest when time allows. LiG
  9. Sean, you know me and dogs. I fostered and trained 2 for adoption, then this little guy came along. After two weeks I knew he and I were a team. My last 3 adoptions were seniors, I strayed a bit on this one, he's only 1. I forgot how much fun a young one is. Life is Good
  10. I made the first air duct from the bottom of a cereal box, to test the viability of it and the locations of the baffles so they all operate the same. Made a permanent one from plastic, removable for fan maintenance. Found that about 6V is a good LOOK for the fans. Stopping for a while, more work with my companion. LiG BTW, Flex Shot worked well to adhere the small box to the casting.
  11. Haven't had much time to play trains this summer, been getting acquainted with my new companion. But didn't stop planning. I have a USAT F3 and noticed the fan blades spin with the slightest air movement. That is a feature I want for the Shark. Made a mounting plate, cut out the cast fans and installed the new ones. Made an air box, attached a Cisco router cooling fan to produce air motion. LiG
  12. Bill, Great idea of the trailing power/sound and R/C car. keep us informed of your progress. LiG
  13. Sean, comparing it to the one on my fathers old Dodge it is facing in the wrong direction. It was suggested it may be a Sand Filler hatch cover. LiG
  14. Chuck, thank you, I can get some detail out of it. First thing I noticed is the raised panel in front of the windshield, what is it? Nice lash up. LiG

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