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  1. Between this one and your 15 passenger car string you are going to have the longest trains on the block. Keep us up on the caboose build.
  2. Glad yours came apart easily. When I modified mine I had to use a rubber mallet to coax the floor board to slide out of the shell. I guess they made some changes since I got mine.
  3. The rear coupler was just held with a screw and spun to location at it's leisure. Since I was using a Bachmann self centering coupler I just needed to make a box to mount it. Being the hack I am used scraps found on a hobby bench.
  4. You got your "work" lined up and waiting. Converting off the shelf stuff into great models, both seeing and hearing. Keep it up.
  5. Yea, big fan of the PRR. The GG1 is my favorite American loco, most likely because I saw so many of them as a kid. If I were more west and saw the BB's they no doubt would be my fav. Love all the motion involved in their movement.
  6. Stan, used my Wizard light after putting on the stripes, looks even longer now.
  7. Another great conversation by Chuck. I especially liked the remote uncoupling. I remember watching switching in the Elizabeth Yards. If I remember correctly, the switchers had to hold them selves with the brakes, as they developed enough current to move them at idle. I don't remember seeing the lights alternate from fwd to rev, I thought they were on all the time, never noticed. Keep up the GREAT work.
  8. For those that scratch build or kit bash, Stan Cedarleaf also produces a sheet of decals for what I'll call Super Detailing, like Fire Extinguisher, Sand Fill, Emergency Fuel Shut off etc. They are coming with my additional 5 stripes.
  9. Chuck & Stan, thankyou. And yes, it is just a bit shorter than the GG1.
  10. Painting is finished and I started to apply the decals. I messed up, no surprise there. When I ordered the decals from Stan I didn't mention I was building the PRR A-1-A Shark and the model is just short of 3 ft long. So I ran out of 5 stripes.
  11. Some one explained how different light sources emit a different 'temp' which will effect the look. This morning before dawn took these in the glow of what are sold as LED lighting. Two different types. First one is bare bulb, coated inside like an incandescent bulb, the other is a ceiling fixture with a glass lens. Both look closer to Xenon than daylight. Baby Shark is same color as big one..
  12. Got the light from a wizzard. I mostly use it for other purposes.
  13. I was looking for a nice dark Tuscan Red. Had I judged it only by the lighting in the paint room I would have surely messed it up.
  14. First is under xenon light, second is direct sun light.
  15. The only QSI sound I have came with my USAT GG1, and being an east coast kid ( a long time ago) sounds just like them. I even got the Bell and Horn buttons to activate while running.

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