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  1. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Bob, haven't herd from you in quite a while, please assure us that you are well, thank you.
  2. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Benshell, If I may add to your aguish of another project, here is the latest. In addition to the deck planking to the 01 level. To enhance the seams of the planks I rubbed each plank top edge using a #2 pencil before adhering. Then diluted Poly urethane 25% by volume with Mineral Spirits and and brushed on a light coat. As much as I hated to do so I am drilling openings in the deck for the ventilators and other things, just added the pic of the holes. Caused much anticipation as I was afraid of splintering the decking. BTW, I expect this to take me at least one year to complete, and I am retired. . Enjoy,
  3. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Sean, now that's a good idea!!!!!!!! Thank You
  4. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    I started to plank the deck of the 01 level. I started by using the suggested directions. It gave a 'picture frame look' (45' angles) to all the direction changes. That is not what I think a working vessel should look like. FOR ME the straight fore to aft look gave it what I was looking for. Also rubbed a pencil on all the seams to give them more definition. I used the 'Four Butt System. I also marked where the deck beams are to make the spacing for the planks easier. I am really enjoying this part of the build. LG
  5. G Gauge Breyer Garratt anyone?

    I didn't realize they had lost so much value, go for it.
  6. G Gauge Breyer Garratt anyone?

    Steve, it is G gauge. The Bachmann 4 6 0 is a really big engine compared to this one. I chose this one because it was smaller and cheaper.
  7. G Gauge Breyer Garratt anyone?

    Garratt is my favorite locomotive. This is a poor rendition of one I made about 15 years ago. I used two Bachmann Mountaineer's. It does run and all the lighting works. Not much more to say about it.
  8. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    What I find most interesting is the making of the small components. Each in itself is a minor challenge, put them all together and you have a fine model. This is a set of steps going from the main deck to the 01 level, a really minor detail. Steps are a kit from Harbor Models. The handrails is what really gives it substance. They are shaped and soldered from 1mm brass wire. Sorry for the poor pics. thank you.
  9. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Just a catch up on the progress. The pilot house and Flying Bridge. Still having fun.
  10. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    A true craftsman at work. Stay Well
  11. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Bob, very happy to see that, you were quiet for a time and I was becoming concerned.
  12. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Bob, the beauty is in the detail, I can't wait to see more.
  13. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Since the manufacturer produced pressure gauge is not available at this time. I really would like to see what is going on in the boiler. I tapped a 1/4" pipe plug to the threads on the boiler fixture, used a few fittings and tubing I have left over from past projects to adapt an Accucraft gauge. The engine actually will run on 12 lbs pressure and the relief valves do let go at 30lbs. I'm a happy steamer. LG
  14. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    I just had my first run. I had a fire extinguisher and hose at the ready, I was apprehensive since I am not familiar with meth or this type of burner. .I couldn't see the flame in the cup, and didn't put enough in the first time. Second time it came to life. while it was running I blew the whistle, which locked up the engine, I did the fwd/rev thing till it cleared, I guess it was water locked. I didn't blow the whistle again. After a 20 min run I shut it down. Like I do with my locomotives I attempted to suck the water from the bottom of the oil tank, and only oil came out. There was grunge in the tank that the cylinder exhaust is going to, so It did use some. I shut down the burner and let it slowly run out of steam, only then could I really appreciate the beauty of that engine. I wish it were Butane fired, much quiter. LG