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  1. Jan, Binding, I guess you are making note of my Red/White cross connection wire. Would certainly be an attraction if tied with ribbon. I really like those turnbuckles. I assume the binding material would be drawn from each side to the center then secured with a knot? or is there more to them. Very creative, going to copy that when I get better logs.
  2. With just 25lbs boiler pressure. Can see where he was struggling on the curve, then picked it up when it started going straight again.
  3. Quote Maxwell Smart "ah yes, the old choke cable trick". Just havin' fun.
  4. Sean, that dog looks great for 13, must be the hair cut. Horses are cool, friend has a miniature horse, just a bit bigger than a Dane. But he has an attitude, I was informed all the mini horses have that problem. He'll purposely step on your foot. Jan, looks like that special order load is almost ready to go, just has to be tied down. Supervisor seems to have it under control.
  5. True it is unique, but I think my mods have degraded the value some since they were not made by 'The Creator'. I added a PM adjustable steam oil tank and made a radiant burner. It runs great which is what I was the goal.
  6. That 4mm makes a BIG difference, look so much better. I also replace all the plastic wheels with metal, and makes the 'clicking' sound on the rails. The sight, smell and sound all enhance the hobby. And I am improving each of my senses, one at a time to maximize the enjoyment. Bug sends well wishes to Max & Moritz and I'm sure they also miss Wada.
  7. Jan, that is excellent advice, having fun is my goal. Sean, you are exactly right, The Bug found me, with the help of those who knew what I was hoping for.
  8. You have hand laid track AND switches, something I've never attempted. I got so frustrated hand spiking the track on the barge I was tempted to set it on fire. The second time tempted was the weathering on the sides. LOL
  9. I received a PM asking what the stamped printing inside the cab was. Until this pic I couldn't see it clearly.
  10. Mike Chaney was a true artist, machinist, modeler, designer and so many other talents. It was an honor to have had the communications with him. I printed it all have it in a folder, old fashioned way, so can only loose it if my house burns down.
  11. Forgot to add the cab pic, thought it interesting as each cylinder has a separate steam feed.
  12. Jan, was looking at your project again. How about: The large cut timbers on the bottom like you have, then gradually levels of smaller cut lumber. Like they were sending a mixture of 'cuts' like a special order.
  13. Looks like lumber coming down from the mill, excellent project. Please keep us posted.
  14. This is the older sister of the Climax, also by Mike Chaney. Purchased it after it had been 'run hard and put up wet'. The seller sent me detailed pics of it, site glass leak and all. I tore it down to just pieces, sent the motor to Mike and he completely rebuilt it, removing the transmission 'play' that allowed it to take curves. I replaced the stock drive shafts with expanding ones like on a Shay. I treasure the email he sent stating that only two Heisler are like it, his and mine. Far too humid for plumes this morning.
  15. Chuck, yes just in miniature.

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