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  1. Jerry, I especially like the gold striping and the outline of the pilot. LiG
  2. Chuck, thank you. Progress, found making the vents from soldered brass is easier than plastic frames, need 24 counting both Big and baby. LiG
  3. I especially like the fan motors and the 'brake sparks'. will make a really sharp video. More please. LiG
  4. Sean, going to book mark this one so I can enjoy it more, thank you. LiG
  5. Sean, thank you very much. Many different boats and looked like everyone is having a great time. Made a possible connection to a private boat landing where I may sail this summer. LiG
  6. Jerry, NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. The rivet detail really makes it stand out. LiG
  7. Arlon, lifting of the valve sometimes happens on the cylinder 'slide valves'. Can you describe mechanism the directional servo controls, or a pic? Please share Clark's response, if he allows. LiG
  8. Making the vent screens on the sides. Got plenty of brass screen but a limited amount of strips. Hobby shop doesn't carry it any more, did an on line search, only bigger stuff. Looking for brass strips .016 thick X 3/32, anyone have any ideas?? Thank You. LiG EDIT: found sheets of correct thickness, just need to cut into proper widths at McMaster Carr. LiG
  9. If I may add: if the pressure is 0 and you are able to move the wheels, but when in a direction the wheels are locked, sounds like you are getting steam on both sides of the direction valve, it may be lifting?? Since I don't have one and don't know the type of directional valving can't guess any further than that, sorry. LiG
  10. Bill, interesting project, please keep us informed. LiG I especially like the onion stack and spark arrestor.
  11. Jerry, According to what I was able to find, the Shark was 6" longer than the GG1, but much less powerful. GG1: 12 motors, was rated at 4,620 HP, A-1-A Shark had 4 motors rated at 2,000 HP. The Sharks were built to be used two at a time. Each had it's advantages. LiG EDIT: gave it a super fine sanding and another coat of primer. Found another area that needs more attention. LiG
  12. Sean, yes it is the USAT. GG1, beautiful loco, runs great and the sound system is fantastic. LiG
  13. Will probably look more in purportion with the power trucks underneath, but yes it is big. LiG
  14. So Far: Cut out and relocated fans to proper location, same with roof panels and walks. Each shell was cast using a different color material, I used some white plastic pieces and two different fillers. All that can make the irregularities no so obvious. Primed. Very satisfied with all but one small area, easy fix. LiG

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