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  1. Bill, that's exactly the one I have the drawings for, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. LiG
  2. Here is the final look of the McKeen 55ft Pasenger Car, Now will attempt to build a trailer car. I haven't found any pics, only mechanical drawings. Two are described: 31 FOOT PASSENGER TRAILER which is much the same over all look as the motorized ones, has 4 wheel trucks. BAGGAGE, MAIL AND EXPRESS 31 FOOT STEEL TRAILER, this is depicted with either 4 or 2 wheel trucks. I don't know if any were ever made. If anyone finds pics please post them, thank you. LiG
  3. Bill, I wonder of Phoenix could put it on their disk as it would fit some scenes that are posted, and some gatherings I've been to. LiG
  4. Bill, looks great and like a well used and worn loco, now needs a couple of well worn guys to work it. LiG
  5. Bill, weathering the wood, looks great, takes an artistic eye. LiG
  6. Bill, I wasn't familiar with the salt procedure you mentioned, so went to UTUBE to check it out, interesting process. I too once tried the adhesive rivets, didn't have any luck with them either, back to drilling each one. LiG
  7. I have used the expander tracks on both the SS and Al track, work great. Don't forget if you are using sectional track to remove the screws holding the rail to the ties so the expansion can slide along the ties. LiG
  8. Ray said it, I really can't add to that, other than, I watched it several times to truly appreciate it. Thank You.
  9. Jerry, you are one lucky guy. On the top of my bucket list. LiG
  10. Bill, from your description, no parts in your box go to waste, all ultimately find somewhere go to, I like the line of thought. LiG
  11. Animal is quite a character, and 'dueling drums' was quite a show, thank you. LiG
  12. Sean, thank you very much. I'm not familiar with that one, but sure got a kick out of him, will watch that several times today. LiG
  13. Square windows put back in, accessories and roof put back on and I believe this one is finished. The other is somewhat behind this one and will now continue with it. I'll only post the finished product as you've already seen the process. Thank You. Life is Good

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