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  1. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Sean, thank you, always a moral boost. LG
  2. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    This is the next complete section. it is the engine cover with hatches. Hatches have port holes with bars. I made a simple little jig to be able to align the bars and make them all the same, I was surprised how well it worked. The hatches are hinged with a bar but with no provisions to keep them centered over the hole. I used washers made from wire insulation sliced thin. In the mean time I installed the Guide wires from the fwd mast to the bow, they are on an open hook so the deck house can still be removed. Also completed the rigging on the lift boom. Still having fun. Thank You
  3. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    The rigging is complete accept for the fwd mast to the bow, that will be done after the deck is planked and the associated equip is installed. It will be configured to be easily disconnected when the deck house is lifted for access to the steam running gear. That finished this portion of the build. The Last PIC: The year is 1965, SA Nick Jr learned about ships rigging hands on. That will be all about this for a while, Thank You Life is Good
  4. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Mike, thank you for the proper name of the lens, Fresnel, did not know that. Stalktalk: following the lighting protocol you posted, I installed 3 switches. 1: is the normal running lights. 2: is for the center fwd mast lamp and 3 operates the lower lamp. I will use a simple slide connector for power rather than locking incase I have to lift off the structure in a hurry. The bulbs are rated at 6V but ill last longer if using less. Three AA batteries will be stored under the rear most hatch where the R/C gear will be. As you can see, even at 4V with the Fresnel lens it projects plenty of light. The bare Cu wire will stretch between the masts and is a real antenna for the R/C system. LG
  5. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Sean, while not liking the look of the screw, but still wanting access to it for mast adjustment I made a sleeve from a piece of brass tubing. I thought I was finished with the running lights until I was informed about the real meaning of the 3 fwd mast lamps. Almost finished with that, stay tuned. LG
  6. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Screwy Nick, yes, I take that as a compliment, to both of us. I just don't know how to read them, and the squeezed eyes confused me. thank you. Life is Good.
  7. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Sean, where can I find the meaning of these faces, most I think I understand, this one I don't. thank you. LG
  8. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Living up to my screen name: I have once again deviated from the provided plans. I felt that the mast spacer/holder wouldn't really hold to the structure as it was already painted. I have had the experience where epoxy held the part to the paint. When stressed the part came off and only the paint it was stuck to came off with it, and the part had been properly primed. Knowing the guide wires would not only hold it in place, the springs would also add constant stress to this joint. I feel more secure with this arrangement. LG
  9. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Sean, Joe thank you very much. Making headway with the lighting on the fwd mast, I am still in awe of the Harbor Hobbies lamps, just beautiful. LG
  10. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    I have completed the main deck structure including all the fixtures accept for the masts. I glazed the Pilot House windows. While in the past I have used microscope slides in my locomotives this time I used slide covers. I will never do that again. They are very thin, while that is a good thing made it extremely difficult to make an accurate cut and it would shatter into such small pieces that can barely be seen, and only know where one is after it has impeded itself in my finger. UNLESS someone knows how to cut them and is willing to share. The marker lights are the item I really like. The marker, running lights and bulbs were gotten from Harbor Models. There will be three clear lamps on the forward mast, and while not on the plan I hope to put one on the Fantail. I am hoping to cut a channel on the back of the fwd mast to some what hide the wires. I had planned on not securing the pilot house to the main deck structure so I could easily adjust the burner. Looking further in the plans I have to abandon that idea as the fwd mast has guide wires that connect to the pilot house roof behind the flying bridge. That whole structure is taken off to service the boiler and burner. Enjoy
  11. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Sean, if you are living through me you are not living well. By the time I got to it it was very wet and heavy. My Shay had no traction at all. I did get to blow what ever I could get the plow into, but it wasn't much. After seeing that I intend to reshape the blades. Disappointing pic attached, really nothing to write home about. In addition to all the usual things going on in Nick Land, my chickens haven't laid an egg in a couple of weeks, they are molting. Life is STILL Good.
  12. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    I'm still jumping around on the build. I would like to paint the hull, but before that I have to install the exterior running gear. I didn't really depend so much on the suggested jigs in the directions as actual measurements, they just wouldn't stay in place, I can be 'thumbs' at times. I also didn't like the idea of a one time shot at installing the rudder correctly. I drilled and tapped the hull so the holding piece can be removed for finer adjustments. When I am satisfied with the fit and function I'll make it permanent, remove the screw and shape it to the hull. Yup I'm still enjoying the build. LG 1&2 are the prop shafts with the oil tubes shaped and soldered in place, the large bearing ends will secure the oil seals at the transmission location. I can inject oil into the tubes to keep the shafts lubricated, a nice feature I thought. 3: the shafts, seals and props temporarily in place, also the hull bracket that will fix the rudder in place. 4 the rudder. Life if Good Sean: I am now getting snow and charging the batteries in the Rotary, If all works out I'll post some pics tomorrow.
  13. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Rich, if if you extend the slip shafts, they may be just fine when the running gear is on the outside of the curve, but would 'bottom out' and not let the trucks swivel enough when the running gear is on the inside of the curve. I am sorry to hear you will not be joining those of us that like to burn our fingers. Just like your Bachmann, store this one somewhere. One never can predict what the future will bring, just maybe there is still an outside track somewhere in your future. Good Luck LG
  14. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    If I may add; if you also have a directional servo, just drop the bar into Neutral and the loco will stop. I never set my throttle servos to fully shut off the steam as it is almost impossible to do so. Just my way of how to operate a Small Scale Live Steam Locomotive. It takes time and patience to learn little things. LIFE IS GOOD