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  1. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Sean, That's a good one. Was getting ready to paint the trucks Dark Olive Green as the manufacturer brochure states. Realized the Aristocraft power truck I am using has sealed roller bearing journals, wrong time PERIOD. The correct journals would be the square type. Found a discarded freight truck, cut the covers off, adhered them to the ends and filled in around to square off the journal. Much happier with the look. LiG
  2. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Jerry, thank you for the encouragement. A period correction in process. LiG
  3. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Tanks: The book described a fuel tank and 2 air tanks, all of the same diameter. Used PVC pipe, 1/4" tubing, Bondo and 4/40 screws. LiG
  4. Stan Cedarleaf recommends first spraying the model with a glossy coat if it is not already glossy paint. After applying the decals a few light coats with satin makes the decals disappear. I have used his decals and procedure many times and never an issue. About removing the paint, been many many postings that work on some manufacturers and not on others. Since it is an MTH product I bet Ray has the solution. LiG
  5. Screwy Nick

    Aristo Southern Pacific B unit

    Bill, great idea. Due to what comes along with adding years I presently have elevated ovals so no scenery. But it is still available to anyone who wants to do that. LiG
  6. This is a shell and platform ONLY. Internals have been removed and it has no couplers. I bought it for the powered trucks which I have removed. I will send to anyone just for the price of postage and a box. LiG.
  7. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Sean, that is the appeal for me. Jerry, each has only one power brick, the passenger has an Aristocraft in the front and the combine has a USAT in the rear. At 10V the Aristo draws 0.41A and the USAT 0.22A. Both on the same track, same voltage the Aristo runs faster than the USAT, possibly because of the larger wheel diameter. Just havin' fun. LiG
  8. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Passenger: Fashioned and attached doors. Holding further enhancements , Bob Thon of Robert's lInes sent me a few pages of a book he has about the McKeen's. I did a search and found "1972 reproduction of a 1912 publication". Anxious anticipation. LiG. Edit: thank you Dwight Ennis for helping me get the video posted correctly.
  9. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    It is a ferrous compound of some kind as it will stick to a magnet. LiG
  10. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Here it is, ground off .040 and used epoxy to stick .015 styrene to the bottom. After it cures I will sand it to the profile. I will no longer worry about the pilot shorting the rails. Thank You Again Sean. BTW, it isn't brass. LiG
  11. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Sean, yes it is cast brass. Good idea, going to grind about .5mm off the bottom of the pilot and will then add a strip of styrene. Thank You. LiG
  12. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    I appreciate all comments, that is how I strive to make a better model. I decided to see if I could lower the body on the combine to more hide the bolsters. I was able to take the car down 2.5mm, which still gave the pilot just under 2mm of clearance. Also took out some of the side to side rocking to further keep the pilot off the rails. Attempting to compare pic's at the same angle. I more like the look. LiG
  13. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Bill, yes they are the rear seats, and they are spot welded by the maker of the shell Bob Thon of Roberts Lines. If interested can PM you his Email. LiG
  14. Screwy Nick

    McKeen Car Build

    Made changes: found a nice rendition of a McKeen used on the Erie RR, one I wanted to model. Removed the rear Aristo power truck. Modified a USAT power truck mounting bracket to fit onto a standard freight truck with power pic ups. LiG