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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I have acquired a large collection of LGB and USA Trains. Before I put them on eBay, I thought it would be best to try and sell them outright. More information and the inventory list is in the Craigslist ad below. I have detailed pictures of each item if you are interested. I will also entertain offers on the entire collection. https://albany.craigslist.org/clt/d/model-trains-scale-lgb-and/6235734788.html
  2. Wanted to create a post for reference on what the LGB/Piko R1, R2, R3, R5, R7 values actually translate to in ft/mm AND also bring awareness that what LGB calls R3 and R5 is DIFFERENT than Piko. This is important because MTH lists the minimum diameter curves their engines can take in terms of R2, R3, R5 etc based on the LGB meanings, not Piko. The bottom line is you should always do the actual measurement and rely on the actual ft/mm. Always remember that it is a good idea to run your engines on curves a little wider than that stated absolute minimum rating, regardless of who made the locomotive. This will help ensure you avoid problems such as binding when running. Track Curves - LGB: From LGB's web site https://www.lgb.com/fileadmin/media/lgb/produkte/produktinformationen/LGB_Gleissystem-Info.pdf - LGB website - https://www.lgb.com/products/product-information/overview-of-the-track-system/ Direct link: LGB_Curve_Calculations.pdf R1 = 600 mm (Radius) / 1200 mm (Diameter) R2 = 780 mm (Radius) / 1560 mm (Diameter) R3 = 1195 mm (Radius) / 2390 mm (Diameter) R5 = 2320 mm (Radius) / 4640 mm (Diameter) Translated into imperial: R1 = 23.6 inches (Radius) (1.97 ft) / 47.2" (Diameter) (3.93 ft) R2 = 30.7 inches (Radius) (2.56 ft) / 61.4" (Diameter) (5.12 ft) R3 = 47.05 inches (Radius) (3.92 ft) / 94.1" (Diameter) (7.84 ft) R5 = 91.35 inches (Radius) (7.61 ft) / 182.7" (Diameter) (15.23 ft) Track Curves - Piko: Piko website: https://www.piko-america.com/collections/g-scale-g-track (see R curve & MM values listed on each curve) R1 = 600 mm (Radius) / 1200 mm (Diameter) R2 = ??mm R3 = 920 mm (Radius) / 1840 mm (Diameter) R5 = 1240 mm (Radius) / 2480 mm (Diameter) R7 = 1560 mm (Radius) / 3120 mm (Diameter) Translated into imperial: R1 = 23.6 inches (Radius) (1.97 ft) / 47.2 inches (Diameter) (3.93 ft) R2 = ?? R3 = 36.22 inches (Radius) (3.02 ft) / 72.44 inches (Diameter) (6.04 ft) R5 = 48.82 inches (Radius) (4.07 ft) / 97.64 inches (Diameter) (8.14 ft) R7 = 61.42 inches (Radius) (5.12 ft) / 122.84 inches (Diameter) (10.24 ft)
  3. I am searching for an LGB 25196 Durango & Silverton Locomotive.
  4. Looking for any LGB Disney, Peanuts and Looney Tunes items. If you have any please let me know what you have and asking price, thanks!
  5. Included are one powered locomotive, one non-powered locomotive, and a passenger car. Features for the locomotive include a powerful B├╝hler motor, plastic construction, a pantograph that raises and lowers, and metal wheels. The passenger car and features plastic construction, a plastic truck, and plastic wheels and axles. The passenger car measures approximately 26 inches in length. The original box and transformer is included.Train is in near new condition and has been run only a handful of times. LGB doesn't make this set anymore, so now is your chance to get ahold of a pristine example of a collectible set! Selling for $289 if it is picked up at my location. I also have some additional LGB rolling stock on hand so please inquire if you would be interested with that as well. Thanks for looking!
  6. Hi all - new to these forums. I have a 1990's vintage LGB Olomana in VG condition, and I'd like to keep it running. It is obviously one of the old style Olomanas, with the rear axle driven and a drive belt connecting to the front axle. I got this engine used, and I am pretty sure this engine was run *a lot* on a Christmas loop in a hobby shop. The drivers on one side have the plating worn off, and the underlying brass is showing. As a result, the wheel surfaces get dirty quickly, and require cleaning much more often than I like. Train Li and perhaps a few others offer replacement wheel sets for the LGB Chloe engine, which I believe is the same basic chassis and wheelsets (am I wrong?). If so, can these bet swapped out for the old ones? I note that the wheelsets offered by Train Li have identical gears on the axles, so not sure if the single geared axle and belt drive would work on these new axles? https://www.trainli.com/products/detail/282/5933 Thanks for any advice or knowledge! - Bruce
  7. Gaugemaster will be hosting its fourth G Scale show located at the Engine Shed next to Ford railway station. The event will have layouts and dioramas on display showing products from our garden railway suppliers including Piko, LGB, Preiser and Pola. Free parking is available and expert help is on hand throughout the day. The show will be on Saturday 16th July at our HQ located just outside Arundel in West Sussex. http://www.gaugemaster.com/howto.html

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