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Found 33 results

  1. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Looks like there's a new catalog. GS series has the smoking quillable whistle! MTH-OneGauge-Catalog-2017.pdf
  2. Continuing the photo posting, here is set of pics of the MTH Triplex - Erie (black boiler) version (One Gauge). For more info see the following pages: Additional Photos and Product information page: Repairs/Modifications page:
  3. **UPDATED 4/17/2017** News and info on the WIU (WiFi Interface Unit) with new MTH Smart Phone App and related DCS Software update (DCS 6.00 current). The WIU and apps are now available for purchase/download. See below for details on what is required and info pages for additional help. Latest update: (4/12/2017) - New WiFi Hardware: DCS - Explorer Track Interface Unit w/Wi-Fi built-in (50-1035) - $129.95 MSRP - Availability date: Unknown - Control your trains via Wi-Fi with your smart device (phone/tablet) with a free version of the app for this device - Will not require TIU or WIU and will be like a TIU and WIU combined with a more limited feature set. - Expect this will be the device that One Gauge battery operators have been waiting for. - Premium Version of the App: Has been released to Google and Apple app stores and will be avail in the next 7 to 10 days (Update: 4/12/2017) - New premium version of the app will be release with new version of DCS 6.00 (software/firmware loaded to TIU and Remote) - DCS 6.00 will be available starting the week of 4/16/17. - Last App update improved the second and third screens by increasing each line item size to make easier to use on smaller screen devices. (Update 3/6/17) - Makes all phones now very easy to use regardless of screen size - WIU firmware update v1.1 is now available. *see below* (Update: 2/3/2016) - App update for Android and iOS now available. (Visit visit your device Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to update) Items related/required for using new WIU & App: - Android/Apple(iOS) App: (Available for download via the Apple iTunes and Google Play online stores on your Android/Apple iOS device.) - Free version: Controls up to 3 locomotives w/limited light and sound control (Available now) - Standard version: ($4.99 cost) Controls up to 99 engines and more sound/light control settings. (Available now) - Premium version: ($24.95 cost) Provides Lash-ups and switch/accessory controls. (Update: 4/12/2017: Will be avail in the next 7 to 10 days ) Note: 1) To purchase the upgraded Standard or Premium version select "...More" then "Upgrades" within the DCS app itself 2) Once you have purchased the app (either Standard or Premium) you can use it on as many other devices that are linked to your Google/Android or Apple iOS account that you want at no extra charge. You do not have to purchase the app again for each device. - WIU (WiFi Interface Unit): Now available to purchase (Click here to purchase: Buy WIU) - Note: WIU comes with USB cable for direct connection to the latest Rev L TIU that has USB port. If you have older TIU you will need a serial to USB adapter cable (Purchase serial to USB cable here) - TIU (Track Interface Unit): (Available separately or as part of DCS Control set with DCS remote) (Purchase TIU here / Purchase DCS Remote Control Set here) - w/TIU version Rev L (Latest version with USB port): Will work with your WIU without any extra cables to buy. - w/TIU versions older (Rev G, H, I etc): Need to purchase a serial to USB adapter cable (Purchase serial to USB cable here) - MTH DCS version 6.00 (Required for TIU) - Now available (See this link for help: Help on upgrading TIU/Remote to 6.00) - Link to Updated DCS Consumer Loader program for your Windows PC: - Link to current DCS v6.00 for TIU & Wireless remote - DCS version 6.00 is required (for TIU and Remote) in order for Premium version of app to function correctly. (Update: 4/17/17) WiFi DCS User's Guide: (Download from MTH) - Addendum to Guide: - Multiple WIUs (Connecting via Ethernet cable): To setup do the following for each WIU -- Connect the Ethernet cable from your home router/network, USB cable from TIU to WIU, attach Antenna, leave switch set to MTH, and plug in the WIU power cable. When the app first starts it looks for available WIUs. Hit the Refresh button once for every extra WIU you have on your network. (ie Press refresh once if you have 2 WIUs) Your active engine list will now be updated or you can now add engines and run trains. WiFi Firmware updates: (ver 1.1 Released 02/03/2016) Details regarding the update: WIU Wi-Fi Firmware v1.1 update To update: - Download the latest WIU Firmware *Click Here* - You will download one file (example: WIU_1.1.0.bin). No need to unzip, this is the file you select to update the firmware (See instructions in WIU user manual) - Log in to the WIU with your PC (refer to pages 9-12 in the WIU user manual *Click Here to download*) (WIU interface is called "LuCI") - Flash the WIU per the instructions in the User Manual Issue and bug reporting: If you find an issue or bug with the app please post here and the feedback will be shared with MTH: Demo & Overview of the Wifi app: (Standard version) (Select 1080p HD to get max playback quality) *Note you can also swipe down to Refresh, or swipe left or right to move to the other screens* Note: The Refresh button (see GREEN arrow) that allows you to do a search and update your active engine list. WiFi Interface Unit overview: Troubleshooting Tips: 'No TIUs Found' error message: Note, I have found that upgrading the WIU to the firmware v1.1 (released on 2/3/16) has resolved all occurrences of this issue. However if you get this message first make sure you are properly connected to the MTH WIU Wifi network or have it configured for your home network correctly (as noted in the Wifi DCS Users Manual - See above for link). If connected to network, close the DCS app and restart. (you need to manually close the app not just hit the home button). If you are unsure how to close the app, try rebooting the Smartphone/Tablet. If you still get the message, Cut power to the layout/TIU and WIU and power back on. Then hit the refresh button. Engine not responding: Hit the Refresh button to update your active engine list. Make sure the engine has been added to the App by adding 'New Engine' Connecting to WIU Wifi network: Network Key for logging into WIU wifi network directly is: mthdcswifi Running DCS App on Kindle: Information on the DCS - Explorer Track Interface Unit w/Wi-Fi (50-1035): - Info page:
  4. New MTH Big Boy

    From the album Joe Paonessa

    Here she is running on her stand
  5. MTH F7 motor help!

    Have a CN F7 AA with power unit front truck motor failure. Anyone with a spare motor for replacement? MTH, etc. no replies--or not available... Truck dissasembly down to motor, power applied rear power truck is a go; front is stuck, can spin with finger and it goes at all speeds until stopped. Is this a bearing shaft failure, if so, anyone with a fix? Thanks.
  6. MTH - Big Boy (One Gauge) - Photos

    Photos of the MTH Big Boy in 1:32 scale. These are probably my most favorite engines to run in my collection. For more info see the following pages: Additional Photos and Product information page: Repairs/Modifications page: These pages are accessible off my home page at: (Click the photo to enlarge) NEW PHOTOS (09/27/2014)
  7. Thankyou!

    Thanks to all of you who helped me with tips and advice for G scale. In 3 months I've tore down O scale and have trains running in G guage. Here is an mth set of f7 warbonnets in yellow and a broken down mth hudson .
  8. Reverse loop

    Hey I'm going to have 2 reverse loops on my G scale layout. Will an mrc reverse module work ok and will it work with mth locos.thx
  9. R1 curves

    So trying to figure how I'm gonna do gonna have to use some R1 curves in a few places. Will mth f units or dash 8 6 axles run on r1?
  10. Just completed this install of MTH Protosound 3 in a Bachmann G scale Thomas the Tank engine. Added timed Smoke, speaker, front and reverse lights.
  11. Here is a collection of photos of the MTH Hudson (One Gauge): For more info see the following pages: Additional Photos and Product information page: Repairs/Modifications page: These pages are accessible off my home page at: (Click the photo to enlarge) Most recent Upgrade to Protosound 3 with upgraded speaker and sound (other whistles available):
  12. USA Trains - SD70 - Photos & Video

    Most recent install of Protosound 3 in USA Trains SD70. (w/upgraded speaker, sound, smoke output)
  13. Few photos of custom GS-2 / GS-4 all black with side-skirts. Final step is to paint the smoke box black. (Thank you to Chuck for the excellent side-skirt painting )
  14. Did a test video of the GS-4 with the new PS3 upgrade and PS3 sound. (Engine has the GS-2 nose from my GS-2 engine) Items to note with this sound file: Standard steam whistle sound Playable whistle with three levels of whistle Crossing sound with Air Horn (unique to the GS class engines) Crossing sound with steam whistle
  15. This a list of known DCC control equipment that has been found to have problems programming/controlling the MTH Protosound 3 engines/boards. (Some DCC equipment can have problems programing certain DCC decoders so this is not something isolated to the MTH Protosound 3 boards.) Problem DCC equipment list: (when trying to program MTH Protosound 3 boards/decoders) Marklin Central Station 2 (aka CS2): Reported issue with PS3: Has problem programming/changing CV values on some boards. Reported issue with other non-MTH DCC decoders: Has problems programming older/early Marklin decoders.
  16. MTH Hudson question

    Hi guys, A while back, I traded a locomotive for a stripped out MTH Hudson. I'm having an issue when I run it, however. When I am running through Aristo wide radius turnouts (trailing points), the sliders drop down between the rails and jam. Obviously, the gauge is a little wide there. Should I attempt to correct the gauge or should I remove the sliders? Also, I note that the lead drivers do not fully touch the rails, and again, I suspect the sliders are the culprit. Any ideas? Thanks, Mark
  17. MTH Hudson (ATSF 3465)

    From the album Rayman4449's photos

  18. MTH Hudson (ATSF 3465)

    From the album Rayman4449's photos

  19. MTH Hudson (ATSF 3465)

    From the album Rayman4449's photos

  20. Test video of the MTH Hudson (One Gauge) with new Protosound 3 upgrade with PS3 sound. Items to note with this sound file: Standard steam whistle sound Playable whistle with three levels of whistle
  21. Wanted to share that I am and have been a fully authorized MTH Dealer and Service and Repair center for sometime. Anyone needing assistance with their MTH engines, etc can feel free to reach out to me or post on the forum. I have a pricing and stock page posted for the One Gauge line: This includes all current MTH stock, future catalog orders (including the current 2013 catalog) along with old stock/used items currently avail for sale. Raymond
  22. Wanted to share for those that have been wondering, MTH just indicated to me that PS3 upgrade kits are targeted for 2014.
  23. This video displays the sight, sound and smoke of MTH's complete G scale American Freedom Train on the Imagination Station Kids On Track Model Railroad. This one is a family favorite! We have made a ride on video also. We hope you like them both. Check out our other videos also.
  24. Looking for the American freedom passenger car set MTH made several years ago. John