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Found 5 results

  1. enginear joe

    New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Looks like there's a new catalog. http://mthtrains.com/news/589 GS series has the smoking quillable whistle! MTH-OneGauge-Catalog-2017.pdf Update:5/1/18 --- Two GS4 paint schemes have been **CANCELED** due to not enough pre-orders. - 70-3032-1 - All black SOUTHERN PACIFIC GS-4 - 70-3035-1 - All black BNSF GS-4
  2. Starting this thread for users to provide feedback and any issues they may find in their operation. See the bottom for the list of current issues encountered, dates, etc. If you are seeing similar issues I encourage you to report them via the app on your device. Provide as much detail as you can, like using Android, PS2/PS3 engines etc. Also, be sure to report any bugs or issues to MTH directly at: https://mthtrains.com/dcs-app-contact-form *Please be sure to provide the device you are using, version of the app operating system if you have it and version of TIU if known.* Original MTH WiFi Control app thread: www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/35-mth-wifi-control-app-wiu-wifi-interface-unit/ Troubleshooting Tips: Key items to note: Some are having issues related to their devices and/or wifi networks themselves that are getting blamed on the MTH DCS app. (OS problems/Cheap tablets/Power save feature in phone/table OS/etc) Read through the items I have provided below. Some are also having issues with their App auto updating but they aren't updating the TIU to the latest DCS version when the app update requires it. So some are running old DCS versions 5.00 loaded to the TIU trying to run the most current version of the App and isn't working correctly. See the note I have below on this issue along with recommendations. 'No TIUs Found' error message: Note, I have found that upgrading the WIU to the firmware v1.1 (released on 2/3/16) has resolved all occurrences of this issue. However if you get this message first make sure you are properly connected to the MTH WIU Wifi network or have it configured for your home network correctly (as noted in the Wifi DCS Users Manual - See above for link). If connected to network, close the DCS app and restart. (you need to manually close the app not just hit the home button). If you are unsure how to close the app, try rebooting the Smartphone/Tablet. If you still get the message, Cut power to the layout/TIU and WIU and power back on. Then hit the refresh button. Engine not responding: Hit the Refresh button to update your active engine list. Make sure the engine has been added to the App by adding 'New Engine' Connecting to WIU Wifi network: Network Key for logging into WIU wifi network directly is: mthdcswifi Power save mode on phone/tablet: Make sure you deactivate power save features applied to the DCS app itself and turn-off power save mode on the tablet. I generally recommend changing the screen time blank timeout to longer periods of time. MTH Wifi/vs home network: If you have issues with app and you are using your home wifi or Ethernet network, connect your tablet/phone directly to the MTH WIU Wifi network it creates. Tablet lagging/Slow: When tablets get to low battery levels it typically goes into power save mode and runs the processor at lower speed levels that can cause apps to lag and may cause issues. If your tablet is running low and lagging, stop using and charge it back up. App Auto-updates in Google Play store/Apple store: If you are someone that can't update your TIU/Remote software yourself or don't stay up-to-date on when new DCS versions are released, you may want to turn off App Auto-updates. Some App updates will need updated DCS version loaded to the TIU/Remote. Tablet quality/Price: Remember that you do get what you pay for. If you are willing to spend $1000s on your train collection, be willing to spend a little bit on a good quality tablet to ensure you get good battery life, decent speed and avoid strange issues that can come up with some of the cheapest tablets out there. The application itself may be a relatively simple and lnot very demanding on the tablet processor, but you still need reliability & stability! I have personally used the inexpensive Amazon Kindles with good result but in general I recommend considering a good quality name brand tablet like Samsung to minimize the number of issues you might encounter and to get good battery life. My personal preference has been the 7" tablets but 8" is likely close enough in size to feel the same. I would expect all Apple tablets to be of high quality and not have issues noted here on very low end Android tablets. See Tablet Recommendation List Demo & Overview of the Wifi app: (Standard version) (Select 1080p HD to get max playback quality) Items to note: - Whistle not playing on start-up: (On engines with Playable whistles) - This is something MTH actually covers in the WIU Users manual. Currently if you turn playable whistle on in the settings screen then shut the engine down. The next time you start the engine up, the whistle won't activate unless you go into settings and toggle the Playable Whistle button to off (or back on again if you like). While it's not technically a bug, MTH has indicated they will be updating the app to default the Playable Whistle toggle to off when the app is shutdown/started to correct this issue. I have also made the recommendation that the Playable Whistle feature be automatically toggled to off whenever the user hits Start-up to help eliminate this issue completely. You can also just double tap the whistle cord on the screen to toggle between Playable and Regular whistle function. (Cord will turn Purple when on Playable) Issues list (Currently open): (Updated: 03/10/18) - Lash-up & Engine name change (DCS Wifi App bug) (3/10/18): If you create a lash-up and then later attempt to rename an individual engine (used in that Lash-up) with the App/Remote, the next time you go to select and startup that Lash-up, the DCS App will automatically change the name of the engine back to the original name the engine had when the Lash-up was created. The work-around is if you change the name of an engine in the App that is also in a Lash-up, you will need to also delete the Lash-up and recreate it. - Lash-up engines not responding to commands (DCS Wifi App bug) (3/10/18): Engines other than the lead engine in a lash-up may not respond to commands when you start a lash-up. Work-around: 1st step: Manually move all engines back to Active, that are automatically moved to Inactive when you select/startup a Lash-up. Moving all the Lash-up engines to Active can sometimes ensure they will respond. You can then go back to the Lash-up engine name and see if all the engines will respond. 2nd step: In some cases step 1 might not work. If so, then you will want to select the other non-lead engines individually and select STARTUP to start them up that way. You can then go back to the Lash-up engine name and they will now respond. Issues list (Fixed): (Updated: 04/20/17) Version v2.0.0 build 36 (Premium version release 4/18/17) Version v2.0.0 build 37 (Premium version release 4/20/17) - Unlock Features on additional devices: (Android) (Reported: 4/18/17 Fixed: 4/18/17) Upgraded first device to Premium and all features unlocked. However on second and later devices under same account am unable to unlock Premium features. Selecting Purchase again returns Error message it is already purchased but then does not unlock the features. This has been reported to MTH via DCS app. - No whistle under Steam or Steam Turbine Lash-up: (Android) (Reported: 4/18/17 Fixed: 4/20/17) No whistle under steam or Steam Turbine lash-up. Created a lash-up with 2 PS3 engines under DC power and after startup cannot get whistle to play. Work around for this issue is to go to the third screen and select Engine Type of Diesel. This has been reported to MTH via DCS app.
  3. Here is a collection of photos of the MTH Hudson (One Gauge): For more info see the following pages: Additional Photos and Product information page: http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH_Hudson.htm Repairs/Modifications page: http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH_Hudson_mods.htm These pages are accessible off my home page at: www.rayman4449.com (Click the photo to enlarge) Most recent Upgrade to Protosound 3 with upgraded speaker and sound (other whistles available):
  4. Wanted to share for those that have been wondering, MTH just indicated to me that PS3 upgrade kits are targeted for 2014.
  5. I picked up a couple of these MTH Russian Iron (aka 'Blue') boilered Triplexes (One Gauge) with a recent purchase and wanted to share some photos on what the production model actually looked like. I haven't seen many good quality pics that I felt accurately depicted the actual tone of blue/grey the production model had. Most people (including myself originally) preferred the black boiler version but having seen the blue in person I have to say it does look good. For more info see the following pages: Additional Photos and Product information page: http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH_Triplex.htm Repairs/Modifications page: http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH_Triplex_mods.htm These pages are accessible directly off my homepage at: www.rayman4449.com (Click the photo to enlarge)