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Found 2 results

  1. Wanted to share there is a new product in the works that will likely be of interest to the Battery folks, a new mini-TIU with built in Wifi. From initial appearances, looks like this can likely be adapted for install in a tender to give you direct Wifi control to your engine and you would have your own wireless signal that you would connect your device too. Don't have any other details at this time other than what has been shared so far. **************************************************** MTH has announced a new Wi-fi hardware device, the DCS - Explorer Track Interface Unit w/Wi-fi built-in. - New WiFi Hardware: DCS - Explorer Track Interface Unit w/Wi-Fi built-in (50-1035) - $129.95 MSRP - Availability date: Nov 2017 - Control your trains via Wi-Fi with your smart device (phone/tablet) - Will not require TIU or WIU and will be like a TIU and WIU combined with a more limited feature set. - Expect this will be the device that One Gauge battery operators have been waiting for.
  2. Starting this thread for users to provide feedback and any issues they may find in their operation. See the bottom for the list of current issues encountered, dates, etc. If you are seeing similar issues I encourage you to report them via the app on your device. Provide as much detail as you can, like using Android, PS2/PS3 engines etc. *Please be sure to provide the device you are using, version of the app operating system if you have it and version of TIU if known.* Original MTH WiFi Control app thread: Demo & Overview of the Wifi app: (Standard version) (Select 1080p HD to get max playback quality) Troubleshooting Tips: 'No TIUs Found' error message: If you get this message first make sure you are properly connected to the MTH WIU Wifi network or have it configured for your home network correctly (as noted in the Wifi DCS Users Manual - See above for link). If connected to network, close the DCS app and restart. If you are unsure how to close the app, just reboot the Smartphone/Tablet. If you still get the message, Cut power to the layout/TIU and WIU and power back on. Then hit the refresh button. Engine not responding: Hit the Refresh button to update your active engine list. Make sure the engine has been added to the App by adding 'New Engine' Items to note: - Whistle not playing on start-up: (On engines with Playable whistles) - This is something MTH actually covers in the WIU Users manual. Currently if you turn playable whistle on in the settings screen then shut the engine down. The next time you start the engine up, the whistle won't activate unless you go into settings and toggle the Playable Whistle button to off (or back on again if you like). While it's not technically a bug, MTH has indicated they will be updating the app to default the Playable Whistle toggle to off when the app is shutdown/started to correct this issue. I have also made the recommendation that the Playable Whistle feature be automatically toggled to off whenever the user hits Start-up to help eliminate this issue completely. Issues list (Currently open): (Updated: 04/20/17) Version v2.0.0 build 36 (Premium version release 4/18/17) Version v2.0.0 build 37 (Premium version release 4/20/17) - None currently Issues list (Fixed): (Updated: 04/20/17) Version v2.0.0 build 36 (Premium version release 4/18/17) Version v2.0.0 build 37 (Premium version release 4/20/17) - Unlock Features on additional devices: (Android) (Reported: 4/18/17 Fixed: 4/18/17) Upgraded first device to Premium and all features unlocked. However on second and later devices under same account am unable to unlock Premium features. Selecting Purchase again returns Error message it is already purchased but then does not unlock the features. This has been reported to MTH via DCS app. - No whistle under Steam or Steam Turbine Lash-up: (Android) (Reported: 4/18/17 Fixed: 4/20/17) No whistle under steam or Steam Turbine lash-up. Created a lash-up with 2 PS3 engines under DC power and after startup cannot get whistle to play. Work around for this issue is to go to the third screen and select Engine Type of Diesel. This has been reported to MTH via DCS app.