traveling G scale train set up?

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Oh sure it's possible. The real question is, how elaborate do you want it to be? If it's a simple track-and-train layout that needs only enough square footage to accommodate it, that's no problem; you just need to figure out the best way to transport your desired track amount and rolling stock from source to location. If you want to have scenery and buildings and terrain and all sorts of other goodies... well... that's when it can get complicated. The level of detail for your setup will determine just how complicated it will be to make happen.




My g scale layout is not permanent, and what I've found useful is buying appropriately-sized containers to hold multiple pieces of rolling stock or locomotives safely in order to enable more efficient storage and transport. If you have a Container Store nearby, measure the pieces you know you'll be moving, determine how much track you want to have, and purchase containers accordingly. It also goes a long way towards helping to get more stuff into one storage space or transport vehicle, because the original manufacturer boxes for USA Trains and Aristocraft (the only two I have experience with) are nooooooot space-friendly at all, even though they work wonderfully at protecting their contents, as long as you aren't intending to use them as fodder for catapults ;)

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The best engineered modular layout that I've ever seen is the Mesa Grande out of Texas. I believe that the layout is shipped to various shows via Pod container.




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