DCS - Explorer Track Interface Unit w/Wifi (50-1035)

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Wanted to share there is a new product in the works that will likely be of interest to the Battery folks, a new mini-TIU with built in Wifi.  


From initial appearances, looks like this can likely be adapted for install in a tender to give you direct Wifi control to your engine and you would have your own wireless signal that you would connect your device too.


Don't have any other details at this time other than what has been shared so far.



MTH has announced a new Wi-fi hardware device, the DCS - Explorer Track Interface Unit w/Wi-fi built-in.  


     - New WiFi Hardware: DCS - Explorer Track Interface Unit w/Wi-Fi built-in (50-1035) - $129.95 MSRP

                - Availability date: Nov 2017

                - Control your trains via Wi-Fi with your smart device (phone/tablet)

                - Will not require TIU or WIU and will be like a TIU and WIU combined with a more limited feature set.

                - Expect this will be the device that One Gauge battery operators have been waiting for.




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I wonder what its dimensions are.  It looks pretty big judging by the size of the wire connectors and the antenna. It might pose problems getting it to fit in a tender.  Then there is that antenna.  Could it be concealed by bending it down or replaced with a wire, or will it stick up through a hole in the tender top?


Also, will it be possible to use a single phone or tablet to run a battery loco at the same time as a track powered DCS loco, or would you need a separate phone or tablet?

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Good questions.  Based on what I'm seeing from the photo I think it could be adapted to fit inside a 1/32 scale tender and be positioned so the antenna fits as well.  


Chuck has shared that the DCS Explorer TIU will have it's own dedicated App.  Not sure if the Explorer will be able to link to an existing wifi network or have to use the Wifi network it creates.  Was also noted that it will be some time before this is available.


I will share more as I find out but this is the extent to what is known at this time.  

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I'm all for buying a few of these devices...mainly to experiment with battery powered PS3 loco's!


The DCS Explorer as pictured appears to use the same case as the existing WiFi module....which would make sense. I opened my module up and measured the pc card excluding all the ports as that stuff can be moved for remote mounting and it measured 4-7/8" long x 3-3/4" wide x like say 1/2" tall...easily fit into about any large scale loco or piece of rolling stock...which is great!


Battery powered DCS operational via wifi android device!!


I was looking into the new Airwire Convrtr 60 card which is basically a radio receiver/ DCC Command Booster rated at 6 amps for $138.00 list. That should be able to communicate with a PS3 locomotive board via DCC but needs a Airwire Throttle to work the thing...for an additional $159.00...and no technology available for wifi capability...for an investment of $297 and another operating system to learn...not for me. Plus the wiring involved to switch from track power to battery power easily and DCS to DCC.


I'd much rather use the DCS Explorer for $129.95 list price and stay with the same DCS operating system via wifi & android device! Just 1 switch needed to cut from track power to battery...and off you go!  Yeah I'm sold!!


Just have to wait patiently until this fall when the Explorer will probably ship :)  

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