Any advice on sound Installation on my PIKO Diesel Switcher # 37531)

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I've never installed sound on any of my locomotives before.  I  think that I'm ready to try it my own, but am a little nervous.  I have a few questions about this endeavor:


 Should I install DCC while I am installing sound?


Does anybody have any recommendations or advice about the sound and dcc units that I should purchase?


What are the pitfalls that I will run up against during the installations, and how can I avoid them?


Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks and regards,






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Well, if you are installing command into an older engine, be careful that everything is isolated! Some engines have common wiring that connects the motor's black wires to the frames for example. The motor should be isolated.

You have to decide if you want command control, and then decide on what system you want. It would then help to recommend what board to install.

I use MTH's DCS system for it's ease of use, and it's lower price overall.

I have used DCC in the past.

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BTW MTH's newest boards have DCC on board as well as DCS. They also have sound and can run in many different environments. AC, DC, DCS, DCC.....

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