Build/ Bash The Korber No. 568 2 Stall Engine House Kit

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This is a project that I've been wanting to do for 12+ years!


First a little history about the Korber building kits. Ernie Korber made a bunch of building kits mainly in O Gauge. Those in the O Gauge world know all about his kits. My first Korber kit was the O Gauge 3 Stall roundhouse and I added something like 9 more stalls and some of the stall extenders so big articulated steamers would fit. The finished structure was huge and so was the 32" Bowser turntable that I bought & built. That was back in the late 90's. I sold all the O Gauge stuff in the early 2000's in anticipation of MTH entering the large scale line!


After experiencing the Korber kits I've been hooked as they have the absolute best 3D brick detail of any kit I've ever seen. Every brick is different which makes the finished kits display real nice.


Around in 2005 I somewhere seen advertising for the Korber large scale building kits including the 568 2 stall engine house and the 568A wall extender kit being on the market...but could never actually find them for the hunt was on!


That's about when JusTrains of Delaware bought the Korber lineup. I'd call those folks up and inquire about a 568 & 568A kit and I'd get the run around. Yeah we have some parts, need to cast other parts so maybe in 6 months. Calls like that went on for years.


Then in 2012 the Korber lineup was sold again to a guy in Ohio. Now this guy posted on MLS about how he's bringing the whole Korber lineup back to the market. I emailed him and all he did was complain about what a mess he inherited from the previous owner JusTrains...Now that's what I didn't want to hear.


So years went by and every once in awhile I'd email the Ohio guy and hear the same old story...we're looking into it. :angry:


Again the Korber line was sold to another outfit in late 2016 located in Indiana with the same promise of bringing the entire G Gauge building lineup back to market. Ok fine so I emailed the new owner and inquired about the 568 & 568A kits. He sounded optimistic and to give him a few months to inventory what all he had but he was sure that he owned all the molds.


Well in early 2017 a post on the O Gaugee RR forums made by the Ohio owner changed everything. He stated that the Korber large scale kits have all been sold to Entertainment Junction in Ohio??!!


How the new owner in Indiana claimed to have all the largescale kits & molds while in reality it all went to Entertrainment is beyond me...:blink:


Visit the Entertrainment Junction website store and see what all is available...hmmm...just some overpriced track and the old Korber Centerville Trolley Stop & Station...That tells me that all they did was buy any stock that was left over.


As far as I'm concerned the actual Korber line of large scale buildings is dead. At one time there was a nice assortment of kits available such as 2 stall engine house and extender, sand house, coaling tower, station, diner, church, farm house, barn etc.


Luckily in the meantime many years ago I did find one partial no. 568 engine house kit....but it's missing windows. truss wood and the all important wooden truss template that performs 2 very important operations. That is it helps keep the whole building structurally solid and supports the roof. I could cast more wall panels but without the full sized truss template I would be a bit lost....years of waiting for a dang piece of paper. I emailed all the Korber owners over the years and nobody knew what I was talking about. 


Last year on eBay a complete kit showed up...still sealed in plastic....that's the first one I've seen listed in over 10 years and yes I won it.


So now I can begin...and figure I may be done by Memorial Day?? :o


Here's the only original box I own and inside it was a dated receipt from 1988. 




Next to the above is a picture of the actual finished structure without the wall extender kit...and look! A Lionel Atlantic sitting there!! :)





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Since I have 1 complete kit and 1 partial I'm going to kitbash the 2 and build a structure that'll measure something like 50" long x 17" wide x 16" tall....not quite long enough to fit all my USA Big Boy into but that's okay :)


I need to build it strong enough so that I can move it when I relocate which means keep it so I can carry it thru doorways etc. I also plan on making the roof removable because plan on internal & external lighting with some interior detail.


Here's the inventory of the 2 kits...





Wall schedule...




Door hinge detail...




And the ever all important full size wood truss template....




Plastic resin panels and this is the end walls...




Man I love that 3D brickwork.....




Roof pieces....




Sidewall & skylight pieces....




Just exquisite...








End doors...



More roof & sidewall panels...also skylight panels & doors...



Roof/ wall truss template with wood pieces....



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Today I figured I'd build a mockup to see if I'd be happy with size etc.


In this configuration the structure is right at 50" long x 17" wide x 16" tall...and I'm quite happy with it!


I could make it longer as I have 2 extra wall panels that measure 16" long each but I want to save those and the extra endwalls for patterns for making molds & casting...I plan on using this same design for making a roundhouse in the near future.


With USA Big Boy "inside" :)IMAG0001.thumb.JPG.fc42da1e6a0bd09f132538562a2f4e3d.JPG 











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Why settle for pics when can make a video??!!



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Love these videos.  That is going to be one BIG engine house and the Big Boy is still sticking out one end :)  That may actually be an easy way to keep them under cover from dust when not using them.  It works out great that the kit was big enough to even house that USA BB :)


The firebox light pulsing with the chuffs on the Atlantic is just incredible!

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That is something I never seen before with either Protosound2 or 3....that is firebox flickering in sync with chuffs!! Way cool!!






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