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Screwy Nick

R/C on AML K4

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As if the cab isn't crowded enough, when i first got it I added a tender heater. I removed the cab, much easier said than done as the details below had to be removed to access the cab bolts. I raised the reversing mechanism as the bar reaching the valve gear was rubbing on the walkway and I didn't want any additional resistance to the servo. Made a bracket for the Fwd/Rev servo as for me the directional part is the most difficult and usually must be adjusted several times to properly reach full Fwd and Rev. Enlarged the right rear cab window to clear the directional servo arm. Poked the throttle servo out the left rear cab window. I lucked out as the chain was a very good fit with almost no slack. Roller test went very well. LG










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Sean, the smallest inside area of any LS'er I have seen, and it's 1:29.  If it weren't for the 'new to me' micro servos it wouldn't be as neat.  I re-did the set up, the original servo's I had that were mounted on the outside rear of the cab.  I like this much better.  LG

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