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PRR S-2 Class (6-8-6)

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Yeah that thing is awesome.... 

Would love to own a model besides the postwar Lionel that I have... 

N scale would be preferable... :P

G would be nice too... Just uh way out of my price range... 

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Hi fellows: Here is a video showing you how my friend Werner Jeggli of the Swiss groupe of the G1MRA did his. He has built four turbolocomotives thus far as well as a full set of the B&O Cincinatian with a streamlined royal Blue P7C and coaches. A couple of years ago he announced that he wanted to build an S2; as I was member of the PRRT&HS and had the drawings I scanned them for him and he started right away on this huge project. He did it in record time and is now testing it with a dynamometer as you can see in this video at the Swiss club EIWI in the suburbs of Basel. He doesn't seem very satisfied with the present turbine and I understand that he might develop a more powerful one for this extremly impressive unit. Here is the link:


I hope you all enjoy this and give a thought to go live steam.

Merry Christmas to all!

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While I am at it I may as well let people know, if you are interested in this impressive prototype, which unfortunatly had a rather eventful and unsuccesful career and want to know the full story behind its build, existence, test etc. You can find a complete story by Neil Burnell in volume 45 , N° 3 of the Keystone the magasine of the PRRT&HS which is Autumn 2012. It is very thorough on the subject of just what went wrong with the real engine. and is a fascinating read; just like all the other of his articles notably the ones on the T1 in the same magasine.

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