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The PRR K4 Class

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I feel one of the best looking steam locomotives ever made :Slightly_Smiling_Face_Emoji(24x24):


I was going to title this post Those Iconic PRR K4's but that would be misleading as the K4s was a subgroup of the K4 Class. Pennsy only had like 425 of them and they pulled some of the greatest trains in the world like the Broadway Limited :Slightly_Smiling_Face_Emoji(24x24):


Here's some great pics of 612 which is really a K4sa because it was fitted with a front end throttle which is located in the box ontop the boiler just behind the smoke stack.







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A friend, Don Sweger (see Facebook page) scratch built a 1/8 scale fully functional PRR K4 model of engine #612.  It is just beautiful and runs great, amazing torque from steam.  The engine is very special to me because my Dad was a fireman on the PRR Panhandle Division during WWII and engine #612 appears Dad's Log Books (April 26,1945, Columbus to Pittsburgh).  I took the log book to show Don when he lived in eastern PA.  Don graciously allowed me to run the engine on his ~20 acre layout.  What fun!  It was a great insight into why Dad loved his PRR time so much.  I'm looking to purchase a G-scale PRR K4 to create a static display to honor Dad and remind our family of his adventures on the rail road.  Engine needs to be in great visual shape but doesn't need to be functional.  No luck in the search so far.  Can anyone help?

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