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I had clicked your sales page link on the home page to see if you had the new dash 8s or anything new. I check it regularly after missing out on a few engines.


then I clicked the Aristo/LGB etc






   MTH Electric Trains:

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When I go to that page it takes me to the correct page with the correct link.  (so does the link you just posted from the website in the above message)


I think you need to go to http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH/   then hit the refresh button to re-load the page.  It may be cached on your browser with an old link.  


The original link you posted has a space between USA and Trains.  The correct link (which is also the URL in the link you actually just posted in the message above) has an _  between USA and Trains.


At either rate, hit refresh and it will fix your issue.


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