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2019. East Coast Large Scale Train Show

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I have the opportunity to go to the show this year for the first time. But there isn’t much info posted on the shows website. Makes it a little difficult to plan. So now I’m wondering if it’s even worth going at all. 

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Things get posted way too late. I see there is no vendor list as of today.

I will certainly go, but this year I will do the Friday show and maybe the Saturday. It was dead at last years Saturday, but did make some good buys, new MTH 1-gauge freight cars for $75 each.

Late Saturday the vendors lower prices; I guess so there's less stuff to drag back home.

I don't know what is worst, when it was so full years ago and it was difficult to push thru the crowd or now with no lines and quick and easy access to anything.

I suggest you make a name tag so people from the forum can recognize you.


See Ya there..................Jim

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We (Bridgewerks) signed up for, and paid for the show last year.   When we signed up, it was listed as being on March 29 and 30th.   We made arrangements to ship our booth, air and hotel reservatons etc, and found out that the date had been changed when we got the latest issue of Garden Railways Magazine.   We assumed that the date was a misprint, and called to find out what was going on, and were told that the date had been moved, and that they were attempting to call all of the vendors.   The organizers told us that they had been trying to get a hold of all of the vendors, but we had heard nothing.   We will not be at the show this year - we hope that we will see our payment for booth space refunded.


The ECLSTS is one of the last Large Scale train shows that is still active - it is a huge benefit to the hobby, but they need to be better organized for those of us for whom it is more than a hobby.

Mark Sauerwald



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