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Mason Bogie

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Been working on my mason bogie tender and cab while waiting on styrene tube and sheets from plastruct. Got the tender fitted to the cab and both sanded and primed, using aircraft aluminum prime as it was a very fine spray and was sandable + seemed to fill the voids in well. Got the goal old eztec load cut and fitted and covered on top of the original one with real Pennsylvania coal glued on with tile bond III. Added Crip for coal as per drawings I have been working off of. Do think it a little strange that the cage meant to hold the wood in place was also surrounded by sheeting for coal + the fact the engine has a wood burning stack but was coal fired. Must be one of those either or engines. Next on my list will be to paint it with final colors and add detail parts and then on to the chassis. More to follow1400018096_MBrrwithcoal.thumb.JPG.7ec7f31abbe2f2fde2661399c3cef0b7.JPG1648688060_MBleftfrontsidewithcoalload.thumb.JPG.e3ec4cbed1c4a9a79c6ac213391a16c5.JPG881552878_MBlrwithcoalload.thumb.JPG.d95d240974335ad84815a1e98e534ae8.JPG

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