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Self Etching Primers

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Over the years I've used various brands of self etching primers with mixed results.


I think the worse I ever tried was the Rustoleum and Duplicolor brands. Both were dark green, shot out the can like a firehose and took forever to dry...ugh!


So I started using the Harbor Freight brand. Cheap at $6 per spray can, nice easy to use adjustable spray nozzle and sprayed a nice fine pattern. Downside is it sprayed so fine that even full wet heavy coats were thin. Probably why price is so low it's mainly solvents with a little pigment thrown in.


Stuff did dry fairly fast but I wasn't ever really satisfied with it.


Here's a pic of the grey self etching primer can...




It was okay but then this happened a few weeks back when priming a MTH PA1 fuel tank that was made out of clear plastic...




It didn't attack the plastic...more like the paint started sliding off. Self etching my ass.


So I searched around and found the old Zinc Chromate primer that I though was banned years ago. I used to use the DuPont stuff on aircraft frames, aluminum components etc.


I recently bought a can of this Marpro etch primer. Came from a marina down in Florida. Available in yellow or green. The msds shows it has Lead Chromate pigment in it along with Zinc Chromate so figured I'd give it a try. I also have some brass etched grills to prime.


This stuff ain't cheap at $15 per can delivered.




Here's same tank primed with Marpro...I'm sold as this will be primer I use from now on! :Slightly_Smiling_Face_Emoji(24x24):



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